Prophecy of the 2016 and 2020 Elections – Does this Prove We Can Communicate with the Spirit Realm – Part 2 – after the inauguration – January 25th.

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By Brian Foster

Thoughts after the Inauguration of Biden on January 20th, 2021. Date written January 25th, 2021

General disclaimer and my point of view:

This is my opinion on the Christian Prophets in their prophecies in the elections of 2016 and 2020 for the United States. I am doing this to examine the data points to how close are we on Earth to the spirit realm. If these people actually have been told of future events.

Spiritism has told us that Earth is a planet of Atonement, where we pay for our past wrongs, that we are commencing the path to become a planet of regeneration, where our lives will be much improved. As part of this transition, more people on Earth will have mediumistic ability and will communicate with the spirit realm.

Again, this is my opinion, and I am not taking any sides in the political spectrum. This is because I have already made known my political philosophy in my book, The 1000 Year March – Toward a Just Society, and for the reason that all events on Earth are relatively unimportant, since we are immortal spirits, who will outlive the sun.

Now for some background, I am a Spiritist and I am convinced that future events are entirely foreseeable. In my own life and in communication with spirits during Spiritist medium meetings, my wife and I have received messages concerning our personal future, which have come to pass. Spiritism tells us that our lives are a set of predetermine experiences, meant to edify us in our quest to become a pure spirit one day. Even though we must live through certain trials and tribulations, we always have our free will to make decisions during or how to analyze the results of those occurrences. Nevertheless, here on our planet of atonement, where we must pay for the wrongs in our past lives, we all must travel through a pre-planned curriculum to lead us in the path to the light.  This also goes for whole nations.

Concerning the future of the United States, according to Spiritism, the US is destined to be the mind of Spiritism, while Brazil is destined to be the heart. Meaning, the passion, the philosophy, and the core messages from the spirit world will travel via Brazil, while the ability to transmit the messages and to actively set up Spiritist centers throughout the world will fall upon the wealth and organization of people in the US.

In messages to my wife and I, spirits have told us that America, who once stood for life, liberty, and justice for all, will return to these roots and cast off the corporate consumerist dictatorship that have shown itself within the last decades. America is meant to facilitate conversation and friendship, not to stifle debate and shut down independent avenues of thought.  After all, the road to believe in Spiritism, is within us, not to be imposed by outside forces.


The Prophecies – Status after the Inauguration of Biden on January 20th

The prophecies stating that Trump would continue to be president did not seem to come to pass after the official inauguration of Biden on January 20th. The collective sense of the required timing, stopping the swearing in of one president for the next, apparently, for many, ended the possibility of a second consecutive Trump presidency.

One may have thought that each prophet would have hanged their head in shame and slowly walked away from the public platform for a while. But this did not occur. Instead, many, not all, still believe that a change will happen, and Biden will be removed from office soon.

They explained that our perception of what is possible “in the natural” is not a limit for God. And in this they are perfectly correct. One prophet, Chris Yoon, analyzed his delivery of what he reported, he was told by God, and he came to the conclusion that he was imposing his own perceptions onto the prophecy. He was trying to make the words fit the environment of the time as perceived by humans. What appears to be absolute cut-offs and legal distinctions to us are irrelevant to the spirit realm.

Many other prophets came to the same conclusion or explained that others imposed a certain time limit, but they did not. Unfortunately, many people expressed great anger of not having events roll out according to their perceptions.

It should be remembered that the spirit world is utterly precise, but in their communication to us, they are limited by the mediums mind and what he or she comprehends. A word may have two or more meanings, in different context. Thus, it is a difficult task to accurately deliver to the public at large, the exact meaning of the message – when the prophet themselves is not perfectly certain. It is of no mystery that the prophet sub-consciously or consciously tries to fit the message into a physical world context.

Interestingly, reading the comments is also a source of great information. Many comments were by people affirming what the prophets saw (because they too have had similar visions) and they still believe a transition event shall occur. This illustrates what Spiritism has told us, that as we approach our next step of evolution from a planet of atonement to a planet of regeneration, that more humans would begin to communicate with the spirit world. We are now experiencing this phenomenon. Could the entire COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent election fraud be catalyst, foreseen by the spirit world to stimulate a deeper connection with the spirit realm and Jesus? I believe the answer is yes.

Another prophet, Wanda Alger, who continues to have faith that a change will occur (as of January 24th – link to her YouTube video –, stated that she is constantly looking for the signs and signals from the spirit world, but she seeks affirmation from others, who she trusts to guide her. She is very logical in her approach. In her video she relates how see notices certain numbers and connections which lead her to specific verses in the Bible or to other realizations. Her method to attempt to fully vet and cross reference is an example to everyone.  I have found that I often think I understand a sign from the spirit world, but I soon learn that I misinterpreted it. Therefore, seeking confirmation via other sources is a very good principle.

Hence, there are a good number of Christian Prophets who are holding to their vision of an eventual President Trump restoration. In general, they are citing examples from the Bible concerning the timing of Divine intercession. And they are examining deeper prophecies recorded by past prophets.

Additionally, there has been references to other prophecies that there would be two presidents at the same time in America.

One in particular is Kim Clement, who passed away shortly after President Trump was elected for the first time in 2016. Here is a link that Wanda Alger provided to a transcription of Kim’s prophecies – Kim Clement – Prophetic Alert February 22, 2014 – Prophetic Alert (Posted over 5 years ago.) – Love For His People.

One pertinent section: And the Spirit of God made me look at him, and He said, this man will throttle the enemies of Israel.  This man will throttle the enemies of the West, and there are highly embarrassing moments that are about to occur for many, many politicians in this nation. 

There will be a shaking amongst the Democrats in the upcoming elections, but unsettling for the Republicans.

The key phrase is “highly embarrassing moments”, this has not occurred yet, although certain politicians should have been embarrassed long ago, but they carried on with their obvious corruption and schemes.

Therefore, Kim’s vision of the future has not yet been completed. The implication is there must be more to come. And of course, there is always more to come – for that is the way we are led by the spirit world. Lessons come at us at a constant pace. It is up for us to sit up and pay attention or not. We have a free willed choice to learn about the purpose of our life on this planet or to merely sit in place, waste a life and hope we learn something in the next.

In summary, I am not dismissing these prophets. They are most probably communicating with good spirits. They are receiving their messages for a reason. It may be to demonstrate the foreknowledge and control the spirit world does have over us. Therefore, all they say could indeed happen. As I has said before, I have never seen such a constellation of mediums (for that is what a prophet is – a connection to the spirit world) adhere to a major message from the spirit realm. We shall see how this rolls out.

I shall create another status video after the next event occurs.  For it shall happen, there is always something around the corner to provide us food for thought.

If you are interested in Spiritism, please read my book “Spiritism 101 – The 3rd Revelation”, it is available in paperback, kindle, and in audio format. You can also download it in PDF for free on my blog at

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