Medical problems which change intellect or personality – Are you still YOU?

death-risingOne of the questions I have seen asked by people; does a change of personality caused by an accident or illness also change who you are in the spirit world.

 For example, a person has a head injury during a car or bicycle accident and they experience severe brain damage, or a person has Alzheimer and no longer recognizes anyone, all types which irreparably alter the character of an individual.

The answer is no, because these are damages to the person’s physical brain and not to their spirit. The perispirit connects the spirit to the physical body.  The spirit itself is unharmed, the perispirit is unharmed, but the physical brain is now no longer capable of interpreting the information flow sent to it. Our brain is a temporary organ, with built-in limitations, meant to make our life on earth more conducive to modifying our behavior.

All of this is quite logical, after all, most of us are mature spirits in the spirit world before we incarnate on thishuman-chip-implant planet. During childhood, the immature brain is only capable of a small range of ratiocination compared to the adult brain. The spirit is the same, but the output is regulated by the design at the end of the connection. For example, put a cheap speaker on a high-definition output of music and you get a poor listening experience. Besides, during childhood, our brains are configured so we are more malleable and thus able to acquire experiences to change our character to the right path.

Another corollary to this is that we should not think of those who are disabled from birth as they seem to us here on earth. While, in their spirit form, they may be quite intelligent and engaging, due to the trials they have volunteered for or have been assigned, they suffer handicaps. In the book, Memoirs of a Suicide, by Explore-Small-front-coverYolanda Pereira, she put a foot note about this very subject. She asked all of us, that when we see a disabled person, say a small prayer to them, giving them encouragement for the trial they must suffer through.

If you wish to learn more about how the spirit world is organized and where you live when you are a spirit and how you still learn and advance, read my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.  


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