Message from a Spirit – We Won’t Have What We Don’t Give

Below is a message from the “Centro Espírita Semente Cristã” (Christian Seed Spiritist Center). It is from the medium Mario Lúcio de Sá Marinho, during a mediums meeting on Feb. 20th, 2020.

Link to message in Portuguese:

We won’t have what we don’t give

… That we are an example that through work, through understanding, through many times of anguished moments overcome with patience and understanding, we find God. And here we have been bringing this message so that no one is hopeless, that no one is disbelieving that this path opens up at all times in each person’s private life.

Son of God, our beloved Father, we can only respond to the call of this universe that asks us to work tirelessly to balance our feelings, our emotions, self-educating ourselves in the fulfillment of duties with responsibility to truly enjoy what we want to do. best. Because only by giving the best, only by providing the good, by expanding love, we cover ourselves with everything that we want for ourselves from the best and from the beneficial feelings of others.

We will not have what we do not give, it is a universal understanding within a line of physics that says: to every action a reaction. Perhaps if anyone here has any doubts, recap all that you have studied in this doctrine of light, of liberation of beings, so that there is no doubt of the obstacles that are within your rehabilitation process.

The problematic situations will be appearing so that you can prove that which is not yet solidified within you as testimonies within the realizations that must be built.

Each one is responsible for the kingdom of God that must be built out of the blue, without anyone being able to borrow, or buy, or transfer to anyone. It is an acquisition of its own.

Let us be faithful to the fulfillment of an insistent and persistent desire to continue seeking the best and doing the best so that we have what we really want in our lives to be happy.

A lot of peace!

Message received at the Meeting of Disobsession, 02/20/2020

Medium – Mario Lúcio de Sá Marinho

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