The Amount of Assistance Given to You by the Spirit Realm is in Proportion to the Assistance You Give Others

charity2The spirit world loves us unconditionally, so why shouldn’t they help all of us equally, no matter what? There is a good answer to that question. Think of a friend that you loaned money to and they never paid it back, never even came around to be friendly, but now came wanting more? Would you help your own child after they spent all of the their money on something foolish and then wished to buy more worthless objects? No, you would give them the gift of learning a valuable lesson.

The spirit world puts us on this earth with the expectation that we improve, we learn to be more loving, charitable, fraternal, and honest with others. If we ignore any chance to demonstrate a generosity of spirit, then why should we be helped more than we help others.

This process is revealed in the book by the spirit Andre Luiz, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) sex+destinyC. Xavier.Sex and Destiny, in which he visits a family with problems. He is interested in their case and would like to help. He is told by a higher order spirit why the family would not formally receive assistance from above:

“The family stubbornly refused to engage in any religious or beneficent activity. No one was interested in cultivating the habit of praying or learning. Not one of the four family members had any interest in serving his or her neighbor.” [Sex and Destiny, 2013, p. 69]

The spirit world doesn’t even demand we believe in a higher power, only that we practice good. Anything to show an absence of selfishness or at the very least an interest in expanding their 7Tenets-Front-smallknowledge beyond the material world.

The spirit world desperately wants us all to improve. In fact they are more active in your daily life than you suppose. Learn how to recognize the signals and subtle hints from the other side in my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life.  Once  you understand that you are an immortal spirit, who is on the earth to acquire valuable lessons, all for the express purpose to allow you to advance to become a pure spirit, you shall withstand the trails of life from a new and higher vantage point. The lows won’t seem as low and the highs will be put in perspective.

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