Faith Must Be Rooted in Reason

HappyDays-screenshotPart of our trial, our struggle, here on this beautiful and cruel planet is to find God and the Divine Laws He has created, by a path of our own devising. We are not allowed a shortcut – we are allowed hints and signs and visions to move us along. Spiritist literature reveals the extent of the guidance and support we receive from the spirit realm. But, at the end, faith in God’s plan is a mountain we must climb alone. Read More.

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If spirits reincarnate why fathers and sons love is so strong? Why are similarities in behavior, looks and way of thinking passed from generation to generation? I feel like if your son was maybe at some point maybe your great grandfather, or someone else from the clan, why a father has such an unconditional love to his particular son, I dont find that logical.


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