Life in the World Unseen – free book by a Spirit

A viewer of my YouTube channel sent me book by a spirit about his time in the spirit realm. If you wish to find it yourself, look up Anthony Borgia, “Life in the World Unseen”. Click here for the link. Here is an excerpt:

“My earth life was not a hard one in the sense that I never underwent
physical privations, but it was certainly a life of hard mental work. In my early years I
was drawn towards the Church because the mysticism of the Church attracted my own
mystical sense. The mysteries of religion, through their outward expression of lights and
vestments and ceremonies, seemed to satisfy my spiritual appetite in a way that nothing
else could. There was much, of course, that I did not understand, and since coming into
spirit I have found that those things do not matter. They were religious problems raised
by the minds of men, and they have no significance whatever in the great scheme of life.
But at the time, like so many others, I believed in a wholesale fashion, without a
glimmering of understanding, or very little. I taught and preached according to the
orthodox text-books, and so I established a reputation for myself. When I contemplated a
future state of existence I thought—and that vaguely—of what the Church had taught me
on the subject, which was infinitesimally small and most incorrect. I did not realize the
closeness of the two worlds—ours and yours—although I had ample demonstration of it.
What occult experiences I had were brought about, so I thought, by some extension of
natural laws, and they were rather to be considered as incidental than of regular
occurrence, given to the few rather than to the many.”

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