Eternity Travelers

Geraldo Goulart

By Geraldo Goulart

“Voyagers of Eternity in search of evolution”, this is how we could justify our presence on Earth.

The human soul, created simple and ignorant, as informed to Kardec in item 155 of THE BOOK OF SPIRITS, after transiting through the Mineral, Vegetal and Animal kingdoms over a period that cannot be measured, is characterized as worthy of wearing the physical covering in the Animal kingdom to test your ability to learn – disciplined or not – and to overcome. This evolutionary journey begins in worlds inferior to our planet and crosses other planets with the same conditions that we know in this blessed house called Earth and that is characterized in the list of worlds that offer that offer opportunities for evidence and expiation.

From there, using his free will and being sensitive to the orientations that come from the Most High, the merciful Spiritual Friends, his soul will follow his evolutionary journey towards the Angelic kingdom, where unforgettable adventures await him.

Nevertheless, heed the information that, as to intercede on his behalf, the Spiritual Friends can not interfere in the decisions assumed by the embodied soul. The merit or demerit of the choices about which path to take belongs to each individual in view of the free will that we all have .

The evolutionary journey brings the soul to the most varied landscapes and earthly situations. Wealth, poverty, health, diseases, beauty, ugliness, weddings, celibacy, are some of the tests that are necessary and to which the evolving spirit may have to undergo. The trials, are in fact, are conditioned to the failures or successes made in past lives in the exercise of free will.

Unquestionably, learning drives souls to progress, but it cannot be said that much knowledge – especially “scientific knowledge” – can be translated as spiritual evolution. That’s because, to gain Knowledge we sometimes lose Love. In fact, as several luminaries who have come to the planet with uplifting messages have taught us, the greatest virtue is Love. It follows that Knowledge without Love is nothing, while Love, even without Knowledge, is everything. And there is a simple and clear explanation for this: Knowledge contributes to the horizontal evolution of man. Love symbolizes its vertical evolution, upwards, upwards.

The auxiliary literature of the Spiritist Doctrine offers several case studies for those who wish to learn more about this topic. We read reports that affirm that souls of great knowledge are still immersed in libraries of the Beyond handling heavy, bulky textbooks, trying to know the “how” and the “why?” of items that were their concerns in the last earthly passage. While other souls, unconcerned with philosophical and / or chemical and mathematical constructions, take decisive steps on the evolutionary path simply because they have given themselves to Love and service.

Light and peace!

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