How to Live – Inner Peace through Spiritism – Now out in Paperback!

In the book Spiritual Wisdom: Missives of Hope, by J. Herculano Pires and Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, there is a poem dictated to Chico by the spirit Andre Luiz. It is revelatory.

The poem has twenty-four verses which pertain with how we should place ourselves in a mental state to achieve inner peace. Inner peace isn’t a condition to enjoy for a moment or two on the beach after a few drinks – it is a life quest … a multiple life quest.

In the spirit world thought is action. As a spirit, our mind creates the environment in which we live. Hence the more control we have over our own thoughts, the more calm, the more reasoning, the more loving we become … all contribute to a true paradise awaiting us when we are scheduled to pass back to the real world – the spirit realm.

The poem is essentially a list for advancement and serenity.

Each chapter will explore one aspect of attaining inner peace. I shall attempt to describe the end state of what was envisioned in the specific verse and why this state is vital for your spiritual growth.

Inner Peace is more than a poem or a list of spiritual conquests – it is what should be the result of full integration into the Spiritist Doctrine. Inner Peace is the result, the summit of attainment possible in our short earth lives. The climb is worth the effort and upon reaching the summit you shall view more mountains to scale and ever increasing rewards to attain in your quest.

Click here for the link to Amazon.

The book is now out out in paperback – Click here.

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