Let Us Be at Peace – A Message from the Spirit Emmanuel

OurDailyBreadIn a book written by the spirit Emmanuel, and psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, he tells us how to achieve peace. And it starts with ourselves, educating ourselves to calmly approach every difficult trial:


Let Us Be at Peace

Live in peace with one another – Paul (1 Thess. 5:13)

If it is impossible to live in a climate of perfect peace due to the ignorance and hostility that dominate the human pathway, it is logical for disciples to seek inner serenity when faced with the conflicts that seek to envelop them at every moment.

Each incarnate mind is an extensive center of spiritual government, subordinate for the time being to appropriate limitations while served by various abilities expressed in the senses and perceptions.

Once all the individual power centers become self controlled and are geared toward the real good, then wars will be banished from the planet.

To achieve this, however, those of humankind’s brothers and sisters who are older in experience and knowledge must learn to live in peace with one another.

Educating the sight, hearing, taste and impulses represents the primordial foundation for constructive peacefulness.

We usually hear, see and feel according to our inclinations and not according to what is real. WeAngels-christ interpret certain pieces of information according to our inner disharmony rather tan the good intentions in which they were initially sent. We observe situation and events with the light or darkness that infuses our mind. We feel with the reflection or chaos we have instilled in our own understanding.

For this reason, serenity must envelop our steps as much as possible as we face the conflicts that surround us in our present circumstance.

Without calmness, it is impossible to discern and to work for the good.

Without peace inside of us, we will never reach the realms of true peace.

[Our Daily Bread, Francisco Candido Xavier, EDICEI, pp. 143-144]

Changing the planet earth takes one step at a time. Spiritism states that we are on a planet of atonement where we learn to become civilized beings through trials, some extremely hard and Explore-Small-front-coverpainful, to erase our spiritual blemishes. We all must accomplish this to reach the next stage, to become a planet of regeneration. Where there are no more wars, hate  and envy.

If your would like to learn about your and the planet’s destiny, I suggest you read Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined, to find out how we are guided by the spirit world to achieve that what has been assigned to us.




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