YouTube Presentation – How the Spirit World Guides the Destiny of the Earth

YouTube-DestinyThere is now posted on YouTube the presentation on How the Spirit World Guides the Destiny of the Earth.

Beginning in the remotest ages with primitive tribes there has been a recurring theme of our destiny being guided by supreme powers. The Old and New Testaments actually tell of events being managed by God. Allan Kardec published the Spirits Book which for the first time started to reveal the extent the Hand of God plays into our past, present, and future activities. The books psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier expose some of the exact processes by which we are directed.

This presentation collects together and describes the tools by which the Spirit world pushes and pulls the levers and sets the dials to manipulate the human race to achieve their desired results.

See the presentation on YouTube.

Read the article.


myguideisworkingovertimewithme September 20, 2019 at 4:23 am

Hey Brian. Thank you for this video along with all the others you’ve made. I watched kardec about 2 or 3 weeks ago and my whole life has been changed in such an amazing way.

When I was a tiny child I knew I was reincarnated. I want time say I wasn’t even able to crawl yet and I was thinking about it. I remember finally being able to crawl and I was remembering the functions of a human. (Have you ever driven a car that you haven’t driven in a long time and the shifter is in a different spot and the blinker and windshield wiper switches are on opposite sides compared to your daily driver and you have to spend a few seconds remembering where everything is in that car?) well I was barely crawling and I remember saying to myself “I have 3 types of ways to talk. I can talk out loud where others can hear me. I can talk to myself in my mind. and i can have thoughts from deep in my consciousness”. (i guess the difference between the last two is like when you’re reading a book and you might actually say each word to yourself in your mind unlike a thought that’s deep down seems to come naturally without thinking about it). It felt like I was just relearning something that I hadn’t experienced in a while.

Growing up was strange because the subject of multiple lives was almost taboo in my family and it was not a belief that anyone else had but I did. Plus I was always scared at night and when I was alone because I sensed a “ghost” was following me.

I kinda remember someone showing me the way I’ll die in this life and I think I was a baby when he did or maybe that happened right before I was born when we went over my chart but idk. I want to say that I was showed many things that I’d go through. maybe it was just a memory of before I was born.

I was born on October 13 and when I was a kid it seemed like when I looked at the clock it was always 1013. I knew there was something important about it. I think I was about 15 when I quit seeing it. I started believing that I hurt someone really bad in a previous incarnation. I thought I might have tortured someone or several people but idk. well I looked 1013 up online last week and it says it’s a spirit number meaning I did some bad things and I have some karmic debt to pay so get ready for a rough ride. my life has been extremely difficult full of anxiety, stress, physical pain, suicide attempts, etc. It’s been a rough ride. Since 2006 , when was 23, I’ve been suffering severe pain in my back. it feels like my muscles are being twisted in a vice grip. I hid the pain the best I could with opiates and addiction but now after seeing the movie and getting a better understanding of everything I’m getting off the opiates so I can feel the pain because I think I’m supposed to feel it insted of hiding from it with opiates. I believe I’ve inflicted pain and I need to feel it or itll just drag over to my next life.

hey another quick story. when I was a kid I watched the Simpson’s a lot. sometimes out of nowhere a specific episode would pop into my mind and I’d think “I havent seen that episode in a while” The cool think is that the specific episode would be on that day or the next one. it’s so cool how our guides communicate with us. another thing is I would dream about a crazy scene that looked like it was from a movie or something. 10-15 years after one of those dreams I realized I dreamed about a video game that wasn’t even made at the time. it wasn’t even invented yet.

Isn’t this awesome? My guide is awesome and I’m so happy to have him.


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