Unbridled Love Awaits Your Return to the Spirit Realm – But only after Successfully Completing Your Trials on Earth

Heaven – That narrow door. The late great medium from Brazil, Chico Xavier told us that only about 30% of people that die rise to heaven. Heaven is worth the effort. It is based upon and is ruled by love.

God is based upon Love. It is one of his Divine Laws.

Heaven reflects this. Visions from saints, people with near death experiences, and others have reported on heaven. There is no accurate description of the overpowering feeling of love that a person feels in Heaven. People, in their NDE accounts tell that spirits stop them from hugging other spirits, because once they totally felt love, they would not wish to return to earth to finish their planned life.

Therefore, work hard, study Spiritism; learn why you are here on Earth. Try to graduate with your honor and conscience intact and you shall be one of the chosen ones to rise to ecstasy.

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