When You Hurt Others – You are Really Harming Yourself

We are immortal souls, who travel through many lives, on a quest to become perfect. Each time you decide to perform a wrongful action, you slow down your progress. Karma is real, reincarnation is real – hence in your next life you may have to pay for your bad deeds. Your next life shall be less pleasant and fuller of dramatic episodes.

Think about this – whatever we do to that other person or persons, it was predetermined. They are following their own blueprint of life. They created that plan in their previous lives – by their actions. We are doing the same, we are creating our next life by the actions of our present life.

Whatever we do to others – even kill them – really has no long-term effect, since they will return to the spirit realm, and eventually come back to Earth again. The major affect is on us, we have just set up one more trial we must live through.

Hence, do good and your reward will be in heaven and in the next life.

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