5 Steps Toward a Planet of Higher Vibrations – Regeneration

To achieve a planet of Regeneration, there are five steps. We must do these, everyone. Earth will become a paradise. It is foretold. It is only a question of time. But to live on a planet without wars, less hate and jealousy and true justice.

There will be no loud trumpets calling out victory. No world devastating wars, no revolutions, no miracles … only the soft and silent evolution of our character.

The sky will not open up to the heavens and a parade of angels will not descend. The earth will not divide and swallow up evil. The truth will be almost imperceptible.

The straightforward path is for each of us to follow our conscience. Do no harm and follow the golden rule. This means no violence, no destruction of property, no yelling and deliberately shunning those who disagree with you.

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