Shock of Experiencing Mediumship the First time – Seeing Spirits can be Unsettling – vlog

Shock of Experiencing Mediumship the First time – Seeing Spirits can be Unsettling. When a person first discovers they have the ability to see spirits (ghosts), they may at first be frightened and extremely emotional. This is natural because they aren’t sure what is actually happening. The cure to become more relaxed with your talent is education. Learning about the spirit realm will enable you to calmly analyze what you are seeing, hearing, and feeling. Click here to watch my YouTube video.

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Spirits Influence Us -Spiritist Musings Video

Spirits Influence Us – Spirits, from all levels – from low to higher spirits, affect our behavior and decisions. Much more than you imagine. Learn how to filter their thoughts entering our minds, separating the good advice from the bad. Click here to watch my YouTube video.

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How Spirits Communicate with Us

mind-reading2On Monday, December 3rd, 1917 at 5:25 p.m. in England, the spirit Kathleen, speaking directly to the mind of a medium said:

“When we come to earth, friend, we say one to another by the way that we are going into the land of mist and twilight, that we may, in the interior world which we find there, shed abroad somewhat of our light and warmth, For, indeed, that these be much needed we are able to sense, even in those far spheres from which we come. You may wonder by what process of chemistry or dynamics this is made possible to us; and, in detail. But we are able to give you a somewhat epitomized account of this affair, and so we will, if it would be of interest to you, and those who shall come to read what we give you.”

Spirit Kathleen told this to the Rev G. Vale Owen in the book Life Beyond the Veil, in The Ministry of Heaven section. Read More.

Go Forth and Talk with Spirits

medium-crystalballZabdiel in his communication with the Rev. G Vale Owen, on December 1, 1913, states the primary reason Jesus was sentenced to death by the ruling Jewish religious order was because He told the people that life wasn’t just on earth; our dusty plane was only a lowly way station … and those in charge of humans on earth were poor reflections of the governance of high spirits.

Zabdiel explains further:

“Throughout His teaching this is the one great motive, and for this it was that His enemies put Him to death. Had His Kingdom been of this world alone He had not discounted their temporal aspirations, nor their manner of life as to its ease and grandeur. But He showed that the Kingdom was of those higher realms, and that the Church on Earth, was but the vestibule to the Presence Chamber. This being so, then the virtues by which nobility should be measured were those which governed rank in these brighter regions, and not the mixed conditions of the lower portion of that Kingdom, as interpreted by the world.”[1]

Being compared to decent, loving, caring, and honest souls residing in the spiritual realm was unacceptable to the rulers on earth. They knew that in comparison they would constantly fail. And this is still true today. The vast majority of regimes are built on corrupt edifices, who are mainly concerned with command and control of the population; not their welfare.

Zabdiel exhorts us to seek out higher spirits and learn about their loving presence. He tells us:

“Also, it is on our part a marvel that men should be found who hesitate on the way, and fear that to speak to us is a wrong, and displeasing to Him Who Himself came into the world for this same reason; that He might show how both spiritual and material were but two phases of one great Kingdom, and the unity of both together.”[2]

Most religions today, the Catholic Church being one of them, attempt to dissuade their followers from direct contact with benevolent spirits. They seek to control knowledge and access. Religions which preach that talking to spirits are really talking to demons, have a point. There are many low and malevolent spirits wandering the earth which may fool the unwary.

The remedy is education on how to detect spirits with our best interests at heart to those that use usGrapevine for amusement or worse. Spiritism was revealed to us to supplement our knowledge and take it out of the hands of secretive orders.

Allan Kardec wrote about how to discern the quality of spirits in one of the 1858 editions of his magazine, Spiritist Review. He wrote about a young medium who was fooled by a lessor spirit into performing nonsensical acts.

The United States Spiritist Council, published the entire editions of Kardec’s magazine for the year 1858 and it makes fascinating reading. The title of the book is, Spiritist Review – Journal of Psychological Studies – 1858, published in 2015. The link to the book on Amazon is here.

In the article about a young medium and how he was tricked, Allan Kardec lays out eight main points to remember when dealing with spirits. Each one is worth keeping in mind when dealing with the “Other World”.

“1. The spirits are not all equal nor in power, nor in knowledge or wisdom. As they are no more than human souls detached from their corporeal body, they present a variety even greater than that of people on Earth, because they come from all worlds and, among the globes. Earth is neither the most basic nor the most advanced. Thus, there are very superior spirits as there are very inferior ones; very good and bad; very wise and very ignorant; there are those of levity, malevolence, liars, astute, hypocrites, polished, sharp, jokers, etc.

2. We are incessantly surrounded by a cloud of spirits that occupy the space around us, despite the fact that we cannot see them, watching our acts, reading our thoughts, some to do us good, others to do us harm, whether good or bad spirits, accordingly.

3. From the physical and moral inferiority of our globe in the hierarchy of the worlds, the inferior spirits are more numerous here than the superior ones.

4. Among those spirits that surround us there are those that attach to us; that act more particularly over our thoughts, giving us advice, and whose influence we follow unnoticeably. Good for us if we hear the voice of good spirits only.

5. The inferior spirits only bond to those that listen to them, that give them access and to whom they connect. If successful on dominating someone, they identify with their own spirit, fascinating then, obsessing them, subjugating them, and leading then as one does to a child.

6. Obsession can never happen but by inferior spirits. The good spirits don’t produce any kind of coercion, combat the influence of the bad spirits and stay away when they are not listened to.

7. The degree of coercion and the nature of the effects it produces determine the difference between obsession, subjugation and fascination.

Obsession is the almost permanent action of a strange spirit that leads the person to be solicited by an incessant need to act by this way or the other and to do this or that.

Subjugation is a moral bond that paralyzes the free will of the one that suffers it, pushing the person to the most reckless attitudes, frequently most contrary to their own interest.

Fascination is a kind of illusion produced by the direct action of a strange spirit or by his cunning thoughts. Such as illusion produces an alteration in the comprehension of moral things, leading to misjudgment and to mistake evil for good.

8. Human beings can always disengage from the oppression of the imperfect spirits by their will power, by the choice between good and bad. If the coercion achieved the point of paralyzing the will and if the fascination is such that it obliterates reason, then the will of a third person may replace it.”[3]

Therefore, for those in the process or just curious about communicating with the spirit world, one must be on guard and weary to whom you let into your house and mind. I recommend you find Spiritist centers where conditions are tightly controlled to communicate with spirits approved by higher spirits. There are never any charges for this service.

Zabdiel lets us know that until we gain a better communion with the spirit world, our progress remains difficult:

“For that they killed Him; and today there is remaining too much, as we see it, of their sentiment, both in the Church and in the world outside. And until men do realize us our presence, and our right of consideration as fellow-members of this same Kingdom of the Father, and not until this come to pass, shall men make much advance in the discerning between light and darkness.”[4]

During the nineteenth, twentieth, and now the twenty-first centuries, there has been an increased activity in the spirit realm on our behalf. With the advent of Spiritism, in the 1850’s the seeds for the Spirit-of-Truth_200pxcomplete transformation of the earth have been planted. Zabdiel defines it as, “light being directed into the darkness.”[5]

A plethora of new knowledge about the realm that put us here and guides our daily life is at our doorstep. It is up to each individual to determine whether it will be7Tenets-small3D picked up and acted upon or not. All according to our free will.

The first place is to learn what the basic tenets of Spiritism are and how your life is planned so you can improve. You can begin by reading The Spirits Book, by Allan Kardec, or you can read my book, based upon how Spiritism has affected my life, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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Results of an Experiment to Detect the Presence of Spirits

Gary_PhotoI first noticed Dr. Schwartz when I came across a YouTube video, where he gave a presentation to the 7th Annual Spiritist Society in Dallas, Texas. The lecture was on his research into the existence of spirits. Using equipment to detect photons, he invited spirits to go into dark chambers. He showed pre, during, and post measurements. The data clearly illustrated a dramatic rise of photons during the time spirits were inside the dark chamber.[i]

He arranged with a medium to set up a fixed hour for the spirit to enter the chamber. He showed the absence of any photons until the time appointed, then photons were detected. To disprove his colleagues’ suggestions that his positive thinking or the thoughts of his assistants influenced the test, he arranged to have the medium determine the hour of the visitation. He demonstrated that even in this manner the instrument would detect the presence of photons at the time determined by the medium, who did not know the location of the chamber.

Here is a graph of his results: Photo-test-resutls1.emf

What is shows is that only when a spirit is requested to enter the chamber at a specific time, does the instrument detect a large amount of photons as opposed to when the spirit has agreed to not enter the chamber.

The experiment was accomplished by asking two spirits to enter the chamber as separate times, and this is the result:


Again, one can see, when the spirits Sophia and Harry were requested to enter the chamber the instrument detected a greater number of photons than when the chamber was purportedly empty.

Below is a link to the pdf for the experiment. Please read it for yourself.


Does this prove the existence of spirits, no, but it does raise questions of how could a photon detector measure different levels of photons in a chamber that is kept dark, while allowing for leakage into the chamber, the level still rises considerably when spirits are requested to enter at specific times and periods.

This is one more step in revealing the possibility that we are indeed in a world filled with phenomena 7Tenets-Front-smallwe can’t explain. That we live in a world which intersects with spirits, spirits who are able to communicate with a portion of humans with mediumistic ability. Learn how to travel through life swimming in an atmosphere of spirits by reading my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life and discover for yourself the magnificent world we really live in. Find out that you are an immortal spirit and that you too have roamed the earth in spirit form, while between lives.

[[i]] Schwartz, Dr. Gary, 7th U.S. Spiritist Symposium – The Truth About Medium by Gary Schwartz, PhD, YouTube,, (accessed Aug. 2, 2015)


A Peak into How an Inspirational Medium Operates

guardian_angelAllan Kardec, in his The Mediums Book, surveys different types of mediums. Not all of us, in fact a tiny percentage of us, has the ability to communicate with the spirit world. But, he does say that we are all inspirational mediums. Meaning, that unbeknownst to us, spirits send their thoughts to us and we believe they are our own creations, or inspirations.

A good example of an inspirational medium is Allan Kardec, himself. He never professed that he had any mediumistic ability other than being inspired. Spiritist literature tells us that we are unconscious receivers of thoughts, some more powerful than others. Spirits who desire to influence our actions,

The Mediums Book

The Mediums Book

speak directly to us, giving us ideas. Higher level spirits send us edifying messages to help us onto the path of performing a service to society, such as charitable acts or help us create new inventions to benefit the human race. We are also sent moral guidance to reinforce what our conscience tells us.

On the other side of the coin, we continually swim in a sea of neutral or ill-intentioned spirits, who spur us on to counter-productive acts. This is why we need to learn to listen to our conscience, so we can filter out harmful suggestions.

There is an article in the book, The Spiritist Review, Journal of Psychological Studies of 1859, which contains the entire contents of that year’s magazines, edited and partially written by Allan Kardec. The article is about an errant spirit who is on the cusp of determining he wishes to pursue a better path. A medium talks to him about Allan Kardec and Spiritism.

The spirit decides to visit Allan Kardec to see for himself what type of person he is. In the second session the spirit reports back what he saw.

The medium wrote out the transcripts and sent them to Allan Kardec, which he read and confirmed as accurate. I start at Question 47:

47. Let us return to Mr. Allan Kardec.

  • I went to his house yesterday. He was busy, writing in his office… He was working on a new book… Ah! He takes good care of us, poor spirits. If we are not known it is not his fault.

48. Was he alone?

  • Yes alone – that is, there was no other person with him. However, there were about twenty spirits around him, whispering above his head.

49. Has he heard them?

  • He heard them so well that he looked around to try to establish the origin of the noises, trying to see if they were not coming from thousands of flies. Then he opened the window to see if that was not coming from the wind or rain.
    • NOTE – Allan Kardec wrote  – The fact is absolutely correct

50. Do you recognize any of those spirits?

  • No. They are not those in which company I pleased myself. I had the impression that I was an intruder. I remained in a corner of the room, observing.

51. Have the spirits given the impression that they were observing what he was writing?

  • I believe so. Two or three in particular whispered what he was writing, giving the impression that they heard the opinion of the others. However, he strongly believed that the ideas were his and seemed happy with that.

I particularly love the last sentence, since we have all been at the place where we are pleased with ourselves after we had thought of something quite brilliant. I wonder how many times that was our own thinking versus thoughts whispered into our heads.

At first, it is a bit discomforting to contemplate that many of our brighter ideas are not our own. But, on second thought, we should feel gratified that our mentors are involved in our lives trying to gently move us in the right direction.

7Tenets-Front-smallI explore the world we live in and the fact that we are continuously surrounded by guides and notified by signals from the spirit world in our daily lives. Read the, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life, to discover the true extent of support we receive while we are on earth. A place where we have been sent to learn and to rectify our past mistakes.


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