NDE Stories Interpreted by the Spiritist’s Doctrine

nde-1There are many NDE (near death experiences) stories around the internet. I thought it may be useful for people if I took some of the more interesting recollections and provided what they mean seen through the context of the Spiritist Doctrine. Please note, these are my interpretations, and other Spiritists may have different or even better explanations.

I truly believe that people who have had NDE experiences had them for a reason. The Higher Spirit Realm is attempting to deliver a message. This message may sound harsh or wonderful, but the message is always given with the aim of allowing the person receiving it to profit from it. The Higher Spirit world is actively guiding us to be better souls and that is their sole reason for their communications.

You have no doubt heard of other communications via mediums, foretelling fortunes, new spouses, etc., these are usually the work of lesser Spirits who enjoy either just participating, showing off, teasing us, or sometimes fooling the recipient. Yes, they are sometimes true, but the gravity of the NDE experience is owned by the part of the Spirit Realm that is of a pure nature and hence totally focused on our current and future behavior.

NDE-1-SmallfrontCoverI have created a book which collects NDE stories and puts them in a kindle format for you to read at your leisure. You can get the book at Amazon. In the book I document what is actually occurring on thePageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00061] other side of the curtain. I illustrate why people who have had NDEs translate their experiences and expose the mystery behind what they can’t explain.

I have also completed a second book covering more NDEs and explaining the fantastic sights and wonders seen by people who have been blessed with a chance to see Heaven (and some see not so great locations!). My latest book on NDEs is The Spirit World Talks to Us – 12 Near Death and Other Experiences.

If you wish to contribute your own NDE story for interpretation to be published on the Internet, please go to the NDE Contact form.

NDE Archive Page – Where older stories and interpretations are stored.

Top Stories (Newest First)

cross10/23/16 – A son wrote an account of what his father told him about his near death experience. He sent it to me. The father has since passed away. The NDE was not complicated and followed the theme of many other NDEs, but I record it here to demonstrate how there must have been more people who have had life-changing spiritual episodes; those who didn’t write about their near death experience, didn’t proselytize it to others, and generally didn’t share their journey to the other side, except within a small family circle. Read More.

guardian-239/29/16 – Daisy Dryden – A normal ten-year-old girl, never exhibiting a predilection for spiritual thought or actions, communicated with the dead, with the spirit world, in the last three days of her life. What her family heard and saw so amazed them, her mother wrote a book about the entire ordeal. What is all the more remarkable, is that her passing occurred in 1864, in San Jose, California, as the Civil War was coming to an end. Read More.

library19/11/16 – Lawrence, after reading about Jesus’ last night at the Garden of Gethsemane, spent hours trying to imagine how Jesus felt. The certainty of the upcoming crucifixion. His abandonment by all of his disciples. All of this pushed Lawrence to an emotional state, where one night the spirit realm took him on a journey that would change his outlook and life forever. A peek at the fundamental building blocks of the universe, a treasure trove of knowledge, and a lesson in humility – transformed him. And led him to try to explain exactly who and what we are. Read More.

Jesus-greatLord8/7/2016 – Yvonne – Some people have distressing encounters with other people in their life, that are soon forgotten, but Yvonne had several piled up one after another. She was devastated and exhausted. She called her sister and told her that she was going die; to just expire, fade away and allow her soul to leave her body. She had given up hope … she laid down, felt her body shutting off and landed immediately in heaven. Read More.

creationlord6/19/16 – Diego had an extremely varied near death experience. While many have an out-of-body episode, that seemed to only cover one aspect of their life, such as meeting past family, a life review, or speaking to a high spirit; Diego’s NDE was a tour-de-force, commencing with a life review, a glimpse at the process of spirits traveling back and forth to earth and the newly departed journeying upwards. He conversed with a high spirit and was shown personal future events … and what is most startling; allowed to retain memories of what was revealed. Read More.

death-rising4/29/2016 – Joanna has lived with chronic pain for many years, since her daughter was small. Disabilities so great, that constant agony precluded her ever holding a job. Only the need of raising her only child kept her alive. She planned to end her torturous existence as soon as her daughter was grown and out in the world on her own two feet … until at the age of thirty-seven she had a heart attack. Read More.

mobiusSphere4/15/2016 – A single mother, twenty-eight years old, was drinking heavily, lost in self-pity at her impoverished and solitary condition. Weighed down by the responsibilities of single parenthood she came home one day and collapsed on her bed. Rapidly, she was transported to another world. Read More.


hell 4/2/2016 – David was an angry young man. He was mad at God because he was gay and a multitude of other reasons. He had lived in Hawaii, but was now stateside in the East Bay area of California. He had travelled on his first skiing trip and came back with walking pneumonia. That night, all alone in the house he would experience purgatory and be rescued to glimpse a slice of heaven in an unusual NDE. Read More.

premonitions-on-death-and-dying-e13726999314123/10/16 – A young man had an asthma attack at 9:15 pm, at 9:23 pm the attack had passed, but only after he had spent 2,500 years in the spirit world. A not particularly spiritual person, rooted in the rational world, Anthony garnered an understanding of life that most of us never achieve. Read More.

1/24/16 –  guardian_angelA five-year-old child drifted off in a coma and journeyed to the spirit world. Years later the little girl grew up and wrote about her episode. What she brought back with her changed her and her family. Read More.




reincarnation312/30/15 – B had a NDE or a near NDE experience. He had been praying for guidance. He had a date to be baptized and he wanted to make sure he was making the correct decision. He went to sleep and was awoken by an Angel next to his bed. Read More.



vatican8/30/15 – Hannah Robinson experienced just the first few stages of a Near Death Experience (NDE), one of detachment from her body and a feeling of complete peace and love. Yet, this small episode embarked her on a self-discovery of her life and her relationship with her father. Read More.

mindwaves 2/8/15 – Romy was in a car, with her family, when their car went off the road and rolled down a mountain. Flipping over multiple times, the passengers were traveling at rapid speed down a ravine as if they were in a barrel. Then a voice spoke to Romy. Read More.

couple-hike 2/1/15 – Bronwen experienced two distinct near death experiences (NDE), separated by approximately three months. The first was the result of a head injury and the second was a spontaneous occurrence at a New Year’s Eve party. Her feeling of joy and love during those episodes was remarkable. Read More.

mother_nature__s_garden_by_jesus_at_art-d5givmh 1/25/15 – Amy was married and a mother of a four-year old at the time she experienced her NDE. She had chronic pain since she was seventeen, due to fibromyalgia. Amy had been taking low doses of the medicine prescribed to her and still had side effects. She knew, if she took more than what she had been using, the results would be unpredictable. Feeling that she had nothing to lose she followed her doctors exact prescription and took the full dose of medicine to lessen her pain. She quickly fell into a coma. Read More.

boy-sledding1/17/15 – Ronnie was a young boy when his NDE occurred. Ordinarily, his accident would barely receive two paragraphs in the local paper. All of his neighbors would know of the tragedy which either killed or maimed the boy for life. His entire extended family would spend years caring for him.

None of this happened. Ronnie walked away from being run over by a car. Not just a glancing blow that spun him out of harm’s way. A full-on encounter with the entire weight of an automobile driving over his body. Read More.

mind-reading21/2/15 – Sara A is an interesting case. She hit her head, after overdosing on different types of medications and woke up a changed woman. She remembered, via lucid dreams what she experienced while she was unconscious, but she didn’t have the usual all in NDE white light type of experience. Read More.

hell12/27/14 – Howard Storm was an atheist professor who had a NDE where he visited hell, was rescued by Jesus and came out a changed man.

Read my Article about Howard Storm.

12/21/14 – This is a most unusual story of a friend of a woman who was pregnant, had a baby boy and the recollections of the boy just before his birth. The child, years later remembers where he was as his mother was in labor and the specific events the friend experienced as she went to help the boy’s mother at the hospital. Read More.

angel112/14/2014 – After Anna’s child was born, her doctor was called back to discover major hemorrhaging which was imperiling Anna’s life. Anna was transported to a pool of light. Where her deceased family members were waiting for her. Read More


9/6/2014 – James had a full life review, with a council determining if he should stay or return. He also found out that indeed, he did have a life plan. Read More.

LadderToSky8/14/14 – William H had an NDE in 2003 and he found himself in surrounded by beings made of light, who could communicate by thought. What does this mean to us and how it should change your thinking is explained.

Read More.

8/9/14 – near-deathMichael Joseph had one of the most complete NDE’s that I have seen. He was able to retain many memories from his experience. His revelations of the spirit world are fascinating. He tells of glimpses of Heavens and a Hell. He reveals how we are all plugged into the universe. I take the reader through Michael’s experiences and relate what the Spirit world is actually doing. Read More.

8/1/14 afterdeath1David G. had an After Death Communication (ADC) experience which illustrates how the Spirit World communicates with us and the power they have to speak directly to our minds. I take the reader through David’s experiences and relate what the Spirit world is actually doing. Read More.



7/28/14 – Story from Reddit NDE ( link ) – I tried killing myself when I was 16 after I was brutally raped for a month and held against my will in a small boarded up house. After I escaped, I didn’t want to live any more so I stole a vehicle and drove off a cliff. Apparently it was so bad that they had to literally cut me out of the car.

I remember being in the air, hitting the top of trees and feeling calm. I had a sense that this is it, I am going to die now. All my problems gone. Then there was black, nothing. As if I was just gone and alone. My experience coming back to life was horrible. I had an out of body experience when I came back to my body. It was more like falling. Than my brain turned on and all memories flooded in, who I am came to this body. It made me feel sick as if I drank too much and was disoriented. Slowly I felt calm once again, after my being was back and comfortable. Just curious if anyone else has had this experience?

Response – For some reason there are those who mainly just had a vague feeling of uneasiness and did not retain any memories. I have an article of why memories of NDE are fuzzy – Why memories of NDE’s are Imprecise.

I truly believe that whatever experience you had, the Spirit Realm is trying to give you a message, and while that message may be harsh at times it is always for your own good. Please take their interest in you to heart and look for ways to become a better person. According to Spiritism, to ascend into heaven, you don’t need to be a member of any religion, but be an honorable, charitable, kind person, who controls their materialistic needs (in other words don’t be obsessed with material goods).

There are stories of people being pulled down to a lower region on the internet and they are also messages that the person should change or their future may hold a period of a not so nice spirit existence.

But remember, there is no such thing as eternal hell, spirits go to the places where they think they should go when they die, it may be like hell, but eventually you will receive help and grow out of that location.



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