Amy – A Young Woman who May Have Attempted Suicide


mother_nature__s_garden_by_jesus_at_art-d5givmhAmy was married and a mother of a four-year old at the time she experienced her NDE. She had chronic pain since she was seventeen, due to fibromyalgia. Amy had been taking low doses of the medicine prescribed to her and still had side effects. She knew, if she took more than what she had been using, the results would be unpredictable. Feeling that she had nothing to lose she followed her doctors exact prescription and took the full dose of medicine to lessen her pain. She quickly fell into a coma.

Amy’s NDE was found on the website and her full account of her story is here.

The Cause of Amy’s NDE

Amy had good reason to try to lessen her discomfit. Fibromyalgia is a very debilitating disease. According to Wikipedia, fibromyalgia is;

“Fibromyalgia (FM or FMS) is characterized by chronic widespread pain and allodynia (a heightened and painful response to pressure). Fibromyalgia symptoms are not restricted to pain, leading to the use of the alternative term fibromyalgia syndrome for the condition. Other symptoms include debilitating fatigue, sleep disturbance, and joint stiffness. Some people also report difficulty with swallowing, bowel and bladder abnormalities, numbness and tingling, and cognitive dysfunction Fibromyalgia is frequently associated with psychiatric conditions such as depression and anxiety and stress-related disorders such as posttraumatic stress disorder. Not all people with fibromyalgia experience all associated symptoms.”[1]

The day to day struggle for Amy must have been immense. One can well understand the despair and the search for an ultimate solution to her difficult trial. Amy describes the fast effects of the medicine she swallowed;

“I went to bed after taking all three and within minutes felt myself begin to go numb. Then the inside of my nasal passages swelled up and I couldn’t breathe at all. I couldn’t even open my mouth I was struggling to get air, but could not. My entire body felt like it was mummified. I couldn’t call out for help, and it only took a couple of minutes before, the struggle was over.”[2]

She felt, as others before her, an urge to rise and a sense of leaving it all behind, even her pain.

In the Room

Next, and this is where her story diverges from any others I have seen, she enters a portal where others are also present. Sensing other souls who have been released from their bodies isn’t the difference; what happens next is;

“The next thing I remember is pulling through some kind of a portal along with many others. It felt like I was in a waiting room. There were many others coming through and I began to watch them move in. I watched a group of about three teenage boys come through who had an energy and way about them that was very obnoxious. They were big and seemed stupid and even a little threatening. As I was looking at them, it came to me that they had died in a car accident where they had all been drunk. Another woman came through who looked to be in her fifties or so. She was quite the chatterbox and was talking on and on. I listened to her for a minute and she told me how proud she was of her “sexy body” and how well she had taken care of herself in her life. How “good” she’d “looked.” She proceeded to try and show me her body. I noticed that she had a fake color of skin, like she’d either been goingtoo-much-tan to tanning booths or laying out under the sun for way too long. Her hair looked to be a fake color of blonde and even her breasts looked like she’d had implants, which I seemed to just know without having to ask. It came to me that she’d died of skin cancer. She seemed to want to talk about herself a lot and I became bored and moved on. A lot of others came through. This room or area did not feel very bright to me, and despite the fact that I was receiving somehow, information that these people were dead, I hadn’t accepted that, because everything felt so real and natural. So seemingly, alive. Nothing felt shocking or strange. I was simply very curious about what it was all about.”[3]

The people in the room were all dead. Yet, they acted the same as they behaved in life. This is the realization that may be the most difficult for people. We are not turned into loving angelic beings as our spirits leave our bodies. Unfortunately, we are what we are in life and death. If a deceptive conniving unscrupulous person suddenly dies, they are the same after passing over. As is the pious gentle soul who cared for many.

Yet, slowly after we pass over to the real world, those who realize the love and caring surrounding us and the part we must play in our path to perfection, our mental facilities increase. We begin to regain memories of our past lives. We see our life and world from a new perspective.

Amy saw a hint of this when she reported later in her account;

“I’ve lost my temper in horrible ways and I have had great trouble with forgiveness, and yet, I felt only Love and understanding through the entire life review. What it felt like to me was that I was being given the opportunity and Gift of being able to stand back and more fully understand and love myself. I was able to feel exactly what others around me had felt during my life. I understood how everything I did and said and even thought had touched others around me in one way or another. I was able to even enter the minds and emotional centers of many who had been around me, and understand where they were coming from in their own thinking, how their own personal views and lives’ experiences had brought them to the places each stood. I felt their own struggling and their own fears… their own desperate need for love and approval, and more than anything, I could feel how child-like everyone was. With every person I viewed, including myself, I was able to See and Feel with a Higher Mind and Eye. And the feeling I had toward everyone was nothing less than what a loving mother would feel for her own children at toddler age.”[4]

I believe how Amy discovers her feeling for all of us on earth is how the higher level spirits who determine our path and guide us appreciate the human race. Chico Xavier told the world, that we have no idea how much love God and Jesus has for all. This should be no mystery, after all why else would Jesus send his messengers to earth to proclaim, time after time, how we should behave and believe. The latest herald being Allan Kardec, who not only brought the Doctrine of Spiritism, but revealed the entire spirit world to us. How we arrived here on this planet, why we must reincarnate, and what is life like in the spirit world.

Next Amy met another woman in the room.

“There was a young woman who came up to me. She had beautiful, almost greenish eyes, and the most lovely shade of red hair. She began to tell me about herself. She told me that she had died with the feeling that was similar to drowning.. slowly blacking out with no way to breathe. And yet, I wasn’t sure if she actually had drowned. While she told me of her green-eyes-red-hairdeath telepathically, I actually experienced at a certain level, what she felt. I was able to physically parallel her own memory. She started to give me orders, “Tell them this…. etc.” “Tell them that, etc..” She was giving me personal information about herself. I had no idea why. But I politely listened. One thing she said was that she wanted me to “Tell them that I loved to sing.” She gave a quick/impromptu singing performance for those immediately around us, and I thought her voice was beautiful. I was also awed by how she was free during her performance to actually elevate herself and move through the space around her without touching the ground. It was like watching an underwater dance without the water. I don’t know why I wasn’t more shocked, or why I accepted this so well. I also noticed how at a certain part of her song, her beautiful red hair seemed to grow LONGER! I thought it was interesting that she could choose to have longer hair at will. This young woman (maybe close to age 19 or 20) also told me how she had regretted not “hanging in there.” How it “would have been better to stay” and work out her issues. But she also told me to “Tell them how free I feel now.”[5]

Remember the red head woman who sang, she comes in again later in the story. And in your mind, put this thought, coincidences aren’t necessarily by chance, many are manufactured by the spirit world. For us here, in our cocoon, safe in our little world, what appears to be random events often are not.

Another interesting facet is Amy’s observation of the young woman’s hair growing longer. In the spirit realm, our minds shape our bodies. Our thoughts make us appear as we believe we should look. Hence, the woman was changing into her true “self”.

In the books, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, there are numerous instances of spirits changing shape and features to correspond to their mind’s eye of themselves. In one book, by a different medium, a spirit presents himself to another group of spirits as his appearance in one life, then changes into another person from his life before.

PSYCHIC-readingsThe power of our mind is greater than you think. This is why we are shackled to this planet until we reach the required maturity to handle this immense gift. After all, do you let your fourteen year old drive? No, they must wait until they have been trained, demonstrate responsibility and pass a test.

We are here on this earth, because we haven’t yet verified our capacity to handle the great responsibility of our potential strength. No one in their right minds would let an immature kid drive a vehicle which could harm others and correspondingly God doesn’t let us off this closed campus until we behave correctly.

Then Amy notice how people started to find each other and form cliques, just like the cliques in High School.

“I remember that we had congregated into a much bigger and brighter room or area where there were many, many others present. Everyone was so busy talking and getting to know each other. It felt similar to the scene in a High School cafeteria. People even seemed to want to quickly find others they related to or felt at ease with, and there were even little “groups” that began to form.”[6]

What is different about the after death experience, and this again is a revelation, is not that we are separated into two groups. Most religions throughout history have preached the good rises and the bad descend. But that we are separated into many groups, we land where we are attuned to others like us. The pious and caring rise up to souls like themselves, the unscrupulous gather together. Murders and hardened criminals are herded to another area, where they can enjoy each others Explore-Small-front-covercompany until one by one a decision is made to change their behavior and beliefs.

Next, Amy discovers what each in the room had in common.

“At a certain interval, I noticed a man move into the room. I sensed something about him. He felt safe and balanced to me. I just knew that I could trust him to tell me what was going on. It STILL had not occurred to me that I might be dead. And I wasn’t sure I’d accepted the fact that these people were deceased, either. So, I moved toward this man (and another note. moving didn’t really involve walking, just intent of desire to GO) and approached him with the question, “Who are you?” He looked at me and I realized he was a kind of teacher or Guide for this group. He explained that he had died in a truck accident. He had been aOsel Tenzin with HHDL truck driver by profession. He was a Latino man. He told me that he was not a perfect man, but that he had Mastered Humility. I know that sounds ironic, but when I was with him, I could feel truly, that he hadn’t a shred of self-regard or as we’d say, “pride,” about him. He explained, that he had come to help teach them importance of humility to this group of people, because they had been so self-absorbed in their lives, they hadn’t been able to learn vital lessons and had aborted their own lives. He seemed to be telling me that in one way or another, these people had “Committed Suicide.”[7]

The young boys who died in a drunken car crash, the woman who died of skin cancer as a result of too many trips to the tanning booths, these aren’t considered suicides in our culture. They are deemed to be unlucky or made bad choices or a host of other excuses that ignore our personal responsibility to maintain our bodies.

When we reincarnate, we are given a form to use for the full term of our plan. For the same reason students are expected to take care of their books until the class is finished, we are tasked with the same obligation.

Not only had the group neglected their assigned physical bodies, but they chose to skip class. Instead of learning to be free of the material world, to engage in love and charity for their fellow humans, they turned inward and concentrated their energies solely upon themselves. Missing an opportunity to take that next step in personal responsibility toward becoming a pure spirit. A spirit who loves unconditionally and knows that to serve is the greatest calling of all.

In the spirit realm, the type of behavior that cuts short your life is called “unconscious suicide”. You didn’t take an open and deliberate step to end your life, but a series of decisions, that you knew, deep inside you, may lead you to an untimely end. You rationalized each phase as being inconsequential and wanted the pleasure to much to measure the possible long-term risk. We see this type of behavior every day, on the streets and in the TV shows which bombard us with false choices, between one mistake or another. The only choice is how much of our hard-earned money should we sacrifice for a momentary inclination.

Their curriculum was abandoned early. These poor souls will learn that the penalty is to stay on earth, in a not so pleasant location, until their normal time would have been up. Then, they will be assisted by spiritual workers who will lead them to spiritual centers where they shall acquire their responsibilities and prepare themselves for their next reincarnation. Hopefully, the lesson will be so ingrained, so in their next life, they won’t even think of escaping their duty again.

Amy understood this to be the case when she discovered;

“He explained how he needed to teach this group of people how vital it is to let go of themselves. How to lose their obsession with themselves. How they will be stagnant in all Mary-mother-of-jesusprogress if they cannot unchain themselves from their own self-obsessions. He had to teach them the importance of humility. And yet, he shook his head, smiling slightly, and he implied that there was still very little he could help them with, without their bodies. His hope was to instill more of a passion for what he had to teach, strong enough that it would leave a seed of Light that might stay with them through their sojourns.”[8]

The “Seed of Light”, will be all they possess when they wander in the Lower Zones, neither in one of the celestial cities or the dark abyss, for their allotted period of time. When the spiritual guides come to gather members of the group, they will think back on the advice given to them when they first passed from their life.

The process of reincarnation will help this group of people. Slowly over the course of centuries, they shall grow in wisdom and caring. Each one destined, someday, to become a pure spirit.

reincarnation2Reincarnation is the vehicle to transform each of us. Each blemish and imperfection is removed as we travel through varied life events. Every trial demonstrates what we should or shouldn’t do in our next existence.

The concept of reincarnation is present in many religions. This should be of no surprise since the messages all originated from the spirit realm. Here are three examples, from Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism, of what we have been told regarding the need to be careful in what deeds we commit, for in the next life we shall have to atone for our wrongs.

“Jesus: Be merciful that you may obtain mercy. Forgive, so that you may be forgiven. As you judge, so you will be judged. As you serve, so will service be done to you. And whatever you measure out, that is what will be returned to you. [The Gospel According to Matthew]

Krishna: Everyone creates their own fate. Even life in the womb is affected by the karma from a previous life. [The Garuda Purana]

Buddha: From a sound, an echo returns. A body creates a shadow. So, too, will misery come toBookCover-Reincarnation him who does evil works. [Three Sermons]”[9]

To understand precisely why we must reincarnate and grow as individuals, please read my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.

Amy Leaves the Room

In her conversation with the guide, she finally realizes that she too is dead. She asks the guide;

“I asked him point blank, “If these people are dead, what am I?!” I don’t know why it took me so long to grasp the fact of this reality. He explained gently, “They are dead. You are in between. You are as if in a coma. You are not the same.”[10]

At this point she realizes she must leave. She walks through the room toward an exit and has an unpleasant experience.

“As I moved toward the corner of the room to leave, at least a couple of the drunken, stupid boys suddenly lunged at me with words like, “She’s alive, touch her!!” It was very creepy. They were actually grabbing at me and trying to yank me back toward them. They even tried to make sexual advances. I was horrified.

So, I now believe that some of the dead if not all, still have many earthly or worldly desires.

Looking back at that part of my experience, I was astounded by how earthy, how even animal-like people can be on the Other Side. One might expect that upon entering through Death’s Door, there would be sudden enlightenment; that maybe everyone would realize absolute goodness and choose Light and a fresh start, possibly becoming more angelic and purified, but in that place, everyone came in exactly as they’d been before.”[11]

As stated earlier, there is no magical transformation upon death. Louts are still the same. People who are rude and disrespectful do not change. This is why we must suffer through our time on earth. For only by experiencing that which we should not do, can we internalize the lesson so that in our next life, we don’t commit the error again.

Amy started to wander into new territory;

“When I left that initial place, I began to move quickly, and I felt that I was safe and comfortable. I felt enveloped in Love. There was someone tending to me, and I seemed to be at absolute peace with this person. There was so much light coming from this person’s face, I could scarcely see any features in detail, but faintly remember slightly wavy, dark hair. And I believe this Guide was male. But even so, I felt a very maternal sense towardreincarnation3 him. It was as if he were like a mother to me. So, I hesitate to label him with a gender. I’m not too concerned with that matter, though. I will refer to this Guide as male though, to make things easier for writing purposes. If I knew his name while with him, then it was taken from me upon return to my body because I no longer remember it. (I wouldn’t be shocked to discover that much memory was pulled from me in regard to personal details of my Guide, because even my faint memories have been proved painful for me and have made me ache to return. I can’t imagine remembering more. It would make being here so much harder.)”[12]

Amy felt what others have, immersed in an ocean of love. A feeling which is almost impossible to describe to we here on earth. Our lives are bombarded with a multitude of emotions during our waking hours. Socrates told us of the difficultly to learn and to know the truth while alive.

“While we have our body, and as long as our soul is immersed in this corruption, we will never possess the object of our desire: the truth. In fact the body brings forth in us a thousand obstacles due to our need to care for it. Moreover, it fills us with desire, appetites, fears, a thousand chimeras and a thousand follies, so that, while in it, it is impossible to be wise, even for an instant. However, since it is not possible to know anything purely while the soul is united with the body, one of two things will happen: either we will never know the truth, or we will only come to know it after death. Freed from the insanity of the body, we then will converse – hopefully – with individuals likewise freed, and we will know for ourselves the essence of things. That is why true philosophers prepare themselves to die, and why death is no way seems fearsome to them.”[13]

“Freed from the insanity of the body”, is the core truth of what Socrates is telling us. Our ability to concentrate, to give ourselves to love, think fraternally are all restricted due to our encapsulation in our body. Of course, this is the plan all along, we are in our physical forms precisely to be affected by waves of emotions. Only by surviving being suffocated by the rushing waters of materialism, jealousy, envy, selfishness and other negative thoughts can we begin to comprehend how to resist these temptations.

Amy also finds out another truth; we aren’t allowed to retain perfect memories of our time in the spirit world. Why? Because, our memories would be so strong as to make us long to return to the spirit realm as quickly as possible.

Between Heaven and Earth

Between Heaven and Earth

In the book Between Heaven and Earth, dictated to Francisco C. Xavier, by the spirit Andre Luiz, a woman, named Antonina, is given a chance to meet her deceased child (Marcos) in the Spirit world. She finds the child is happy with his life in heaven. She feels wonderful about the experience. When her spirit is put back into her body, the team leader (Clarencio), with whom Andre and Hilario are assisting, tells them;

“Our friend cannot hold on to the memory of what occurred,” stated Clarencio.

“Why not?” asked Hilario.

“Very few spirits are capable of living on earth with the visions of life eternal. They need the environment of inner twilight. A full memory of what occurred would result in a fatal longing.”

But the Minister patiently explained: “Each stage in life is characterized by special purposes. Honey may be tasty nectar for the child, but it mustn’t be given indiscriminately – too much and it becomes a laxative. While we are in the earthly envelope, we cannot stay in contact with the spirit realm too long or our soul will lose interest in struggling worthily till the end of the body. Antonina will recall our trip but only vaguely, like someone who brings a beautiful but blurry picture to the living arena of her soul. But she will remember her son more vividly, enough for her to feel reassured and convinced that Marcos is waiting for her in the Greater Life. Such certainty will be sweet nourishment for her heart.”[14]

The message we are hearing is that contact with the spirit realm is too enjoyable, a feeling of peacefulness and love that we would constantly long for, if we remembered its existence. One of the recurring themes of NDEs is the person who is in contact with the spirits, tell them that they wish to stay and not return to their life on earth, but are in the end told, “You must go back. It is not your time yet.”

Amy Learns About the Universe

Next, Amy was given the great gift to be able to sense the universe as a spirit does;

“We were traveling upward, I suppose. My own vibration was changing. There was a big change in frequency. Like I was tuning into a different radio station on a grand scale. I was out in the Universe, and I was being given a kind of show. Like having an astronomy teacher speak on the beauty of the Universe while lying under the stars at night. But I was out there amidst them. And this part seems to have been made foggy for me since my Doctrine-Spiritismreturn, but I remember vaguely that during this scene, I saw something like holographic words and numbers move in front of me past the stars… and it felt like I was being downloaded with information. I felt at that time that I understood EVERYTHING. That I felt the full truth of Laws and Order in the Universe. One thing that I held onto was the beautiful MATH of the Universe. I remember coming to understand that there was a supreme and perfect kind of MATH that was in and of ALL things that existed. I remember being told something about Einstein! I was so excited. It was such a pleasant experience. I was also shown how there is a kind of clock-work in the sky. How the stars themselves actually hold a sort of map or mathematical Key to everything that is! “You are written in the stars,” I was told! EVERYTHING is! I recall how THRILLING this part of my NDE was for me.”[15]

Amy didn’t realize it, but she was shedding her dense spirit, which had been trapped on earth with her, and transforming it into a lighter and higher spirit. A spirit who had the ability to immediately know the universe, to comprehend the completeness of God’s design.

When Amy said she felt like information was being download, what was actually occurring is that she had access to information that had always been in her spirit. She discovered that she already had the set of Divine Laws inside her. We all do. We only need to follow the good advice of our conscience and Explore-Small-front-coverlearn not to rationalize away reasons to perform good deeds.

To understand more about the universe we live in and where are the places we go to after we pass over, please read my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined. The complete Doctrine of Spiritism and how we can achieve a more calm and loving life is explained.

Amy Learns About the True Extent of Our Lives

With all of the new found information, Amy is able to finally grasp why we are here;

“I’d been taught in my life that we had ONE life to live (I’d never even considered reincarnation), and that some people get to have the most incredible luxury and wonders that anyone could imagine, and others are “tested” because of their “valiant spirits” and have to deal with terrible miseries to “prove their strength”, while still others.. like small children all over the world, are born to suffer through starvation and disease, rape, mutilation, even years and years of torture, only to die and then “get their just reward.” This didn’t seem like much of a “test” to me. It just seemed insane. I couldn’t make logic of it. When I begged religious leaders for answers, I was told that “sometimes God let’s wicked people torture good people so that He can punish the wicked for their deeds… otherwise, He couldn’t punish them for anything.” The whole system just seemed sick to me. I couldn’t completely respect this notion.

In my NDE though, I came to understand that most of us have lived much, MUCH longer than we could even fathom. That our lives that feel so very long are infinitesimal when spiritplaced in the Whole picture… which for that matter, cannot even be framed. I was shown how every single individual through their own free will chooses paths that MATHEMATICALLY take them to the circumstances of their next existence or life. That NOTHING at all sits in accident or chaos. That every single aspect of our lives are ruled by NATURAL Laws that we placed ourSELVES in! That in a sense, we create our own worlds. I was shown how one can never assume either, that if someone lives a life of suffering that this is because of “evil” deeds. Many may CHOOSE a life of suffering because of what it Awakens in them or to help another, etc. We can NEVER EVER assume that we can be accurate in guessing why each Being lives the life they live. I cannot describe the relief… the refreshing, peaceful balm this Knowledge was for me. To finally gather this Truth that I’d yearned for all of my life… That all IS Good! That there IS sense and beauty all around. That no one is just “free-falling” as it had seemed before! That God doesn’t just get to toy with us as He pleases with random ideas of tests, including rewards and punishments that just depend upon His current mood or mindset. While in this experience, out in the vast expanse of stars and planets, moons, and Knowledge, I Knew complete Trust for what felt like the first time. This was bliss for me. I had lived in fear and distrust and panic for 30 consecutive years.”[16]

Amy just put the kernel of the Doctrine of Spiritism into two paragraphs. We travel throughDestiny multiple lives, each life is a series of planned events. Like an undergraduate list of classes required to graduate. You, the student, is shuttled from class to class, where hopefully, you pick up something valuable from the lecture. And if you don’t, well, then you retake the class.

What you think are your life changing decisions are set up for you. Coincidences didn’t led you to your present situation. The spirit world in partnership with you, laid out a blueprint. Random encounters, weren’t random. The people who were raised with, your parents weren’t by chance.

In one sense this is a bit frightening, the foreknowledge that our life on earth will contain suffering at times. On the other hand, it is extremely exciting. You are being trained. Your destiny is to be a higher spirit. To live forever in the bliss described by Amy.

Amy Learns About Herself

Next Amy is blessed with the opportunity to review her life. A practice so few of us perform with complete honestly and self-awareness.

“My Guide stood by at a certain time (It is very difficult for me to place any of this in chronological order, as time felt so different there. It was almost as if many things happened at once, and yet separately. So there are parts of this experience, I can’t honestly place in inspirationany order) and he lovingly stayed as my support while I had a kind of life review. I never felt chastised at all, even though I know I’ve been very cruel at times and have hurt many people. I’ve lost my temper in horrible ways and I have had great trouble with forgiveness, and yet, I felt only Love and understanding through the entire life review. What it felt like to me was that I was being given the opportunity and Gift of being able to stand back and more fully understand and love myself. I was able to feel exactly what others around me had felt during my life. I understood how everything I did and said and even thought had touched others around me in one way or another. I was able to even enter the minds and emotional centers of many who had been around me, and understand where they were coming from in their own thinking, how their own personal views and lives’ experiences had brought them to the places each stood. I felt their own struggling and their own fears… their own desperate need for love and approval, and more than anything, I could feel how child-like everyone was. With every person I viewed, including myself, I was able to See and Feel with a Higher Mind and Eye. And the feeling I had toward everyone was nothing less than what a loving mother would feel for her own children at toddler age.

It was actually comical at moments. I could feel how the “Elders” as I will call them (these are those who are Helpers on the Other Side, who have Mastered themselves in many or all ways, and help work with us.) see us and find so much humor in the way we do things. It might seem brutally annoying to consider when we are in the midst of a great argument or drama that is playing out in our lives, that the Elders view these things very much like when a mother sees her two year old scream and cry and bop another child on the head with a stuffed animal. The mother doesn’t want her child to “fall apart” and become hysterical and cry. She feels for her child, but at the same time, she sees a little bit of comedy in how seriously the child takes what is usually a trivial drama. She continues to love her child and thinks the world of it, hoping it will go on enjoying the day, living and learning.”[17]

Amy presents us with two vital facts about ourselves and the spirit world. First, she illustrates how we should love and look at ourselves from the point of view of the other person. Love entails forgiveness and understanding.

Like any of us, at times we feel wronged and we blame the transgressor. We attribute a litany of ill will against the person who is the target of our scorn. We fail to sit back and place ourselves in the shoes of others. Yes, sometimes, there may be a true desire to inflict harm and even for this we must forgive. Since that desire usually comes from some tragedy in the person’s past. We should understand the difficult trial they are in and pray for their eventual success.

But for most of the time, a transgression is an innocent oversight. We should realize how all of us are constantly distracted by the vicissitudes of life and often lack the resolve to fully examine our actions upon others.

Secondly, Amy echoes the sentiments of the spirit world that I have read in other Spiritist books. We are looked upon as children. Barely able to decipher between right and wrong. When we reincarnate the hopes are high, but the expectations are low.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of us fail to fully utilize the opportunities presented to us. We waste the effort on surviving the trial by feeling sorry for ourselves and turning inwards, instead of using the opportunity to help others more, since we required assistance and we now realize what people really need. A helping hand, a kind gesture or a shoulder to cry on.

Whatever occurs, positive thoughts are continually sent our way. Cheering us on and gently guiding our movements toward the next lesson.

Amy Returns

With her new found knowledge, Amy felt comfortable and at home. It was a sharp jolt when she was told it was time to return. She shook and resisted the idea of leaving what was so wonderful. A place of respite, away from the confines of a dense body.

The spirit world showed Amy the future for her loved ones without her. Again this is a recurring theme in NDE’s, not only is our future determined, but when one variable is altered, the new path of everyone we could have come in contact with is calculated.

“He came closer to me and I was comforted and he calmly encouraged me to be strong. He told me to look to my left. As I did, I saw a school bus pull up in the distance. A small child was escorted out and brought to me. I recognized that it was my own daughter, who at the time was only four years old. She had been asked in her sleep to come in spirit to help me. She walked up to me, tugged at me a little and sweetly said in an encouraging voice, “But Mommy? Who will take care of us?”

Love on the Other Side, at least in my experience is so much bigger, so much more full than here. And you are more honest with your Love. You cannot turn others away who are in need. At least that was my experience. And there was no way I could have turned down my own daughter’s plea. Without hesitation, I answered, “Oh honey. I will, of course.” My daughter was then escorted back to the bus.

My Guide smiled knowingly and reminded me that he was not forcing me to go back. I looked at him and back at the planet Earth, feeling so frightened, still not wanting to depart and separate from him. The pain of division still seared through me. I cried and told him that I wasn’t sure I could do it.

He said, “Look to your right.” I looked to my right and saw a holographic figure. It was my own mother. It was a view of her in the future, and she seemed tired and in need of help. I will not go into detail here, because I want to respect her privacy, but I felt myself lean toward this futuristic hologram with the desire to touch or help it somehow, even though it wasn’t presently occurring. It felt alive to me, and I noted that it seemed as I leaned toward her that I was a Gardener, wanting to prune some foliage.

The hologram faded out and my Guide said, “You see? It is time. You want to go.”[18]

The other revelation that Amy tells in her account, is our ability to detach our spirits from our body when we sleep and talk to other spirits. Amy’s daughter was escorted from her sleeping body and allowed to meet her mother in the spirit world.

extendedfamilyAmy understood that one of her most vital missions on earth is to raise her daughter. Parenthood is a sacred duty, for we are preparing other souls for their destinies. Fortifying them with good intentions so they may improve themselves in their life.

Amy returned to her body. Her guide asked her to point herself toward earth and return. She came back, her spirit, connected via her perispirit for her whole journey, joined once again to her body.

Feeling her entire body fill with electrical energy, she fully regain the ability to breathe and feel. Her husband woke up and saw her adjusting to life once again, asked if she needed an ambulance. She replied that she would be fine.

Amy tells us the results of her sojourn in the spirit realm.

“Since that time, everything has changed for me. My health has returned. I get stronger and stronger each year. To my own surprise, I found the day after this event that I felt well, except that I could not eat any meat at all. Nor did I have any desire to. I’ve been a vegetarian since then. I eat a lot of raw organic foods. I don’t eat anything with chemical ingredients, and keep my food very pure. My children and husband eat mostly this way too now, and we are all feeling great.

I could no longer continue with the religion I grew up in. This was not easy for me to walk away from, but I couldn’t stay and maintain my own personal Truth and integrity. And yet, I have gratitude for having grown up in that religion and trust that it served its purpose for me. I am also at peace with the religious choices and needs of others.

I found I desired much less. Within the first week after my NDE, I was cleaning out my house, wanting to get rid of many things, a lot of decor, music CDs that I didn’t find in harmony with the vibration I desired, etc. I lost my desire to want to shop as much as I had, previously.”[19]

Amy, who felt pain every day due to her condition found a new lease on life. Her mental afterdeath2condition, her love and compassion, has influenced her body and allowed it to heal. While, many illnesses are naturally occurring, we can always maintain our positive attitude, pray and meditate to strengthen our resolve and heal ourselves.

Amy let go of her overwhelming material desires. Knowing that all matter is transitory. Only our spiritual self is eternal. Our knowledge, love and compassion stay with us, all other baggage is discarded.

Whereas, we use shopping to fill a void, find temporary enjoyment, for whatever exact purpose, the root cause is the same; we place our inner peace in a connection to the earth. Tethering ourselves to the planet is counterproductive. We should concentrate our energies on freeing up all ties, all restraints that aren’t useful in our everyday lives.

One More Coincidence

The spirit world is wise. They realized that Amy could have awakened from her near death experience thinking this could have all been a dream. Even if she believed, others may have broken her resolve by questioning her visit to the other side.

The other shoe to her NDE dropped on her soon after she recovered.

“Within a couple of days, coming back from my NDE, I stumbled upon a woman who was being consoled by many others. When everyone had dispersed, I asked her what was the matter, and she told me that she’d just found out that her daughter had died. She’d been found in Southern California and she didn’t know why or how she’d died. I asked to see a picture of her daughter, having the strong intuitive sense that I’d met her daughter on the Other Side.
The next day, she met me at my house. She had a black and white picture of her daughter, but I recognized her, right away. I said, “Did she have a pretty reddish color to her hair, and the most unusual green eyes?” She answered, “Yes, she did.” I told her about my NDE and how I’d had this beautiful girl come and speak to me and ask me to give information to her family. I told her all that I could remember her daughter telling me, and it all made perfect sense to the mother. She told me that shortly before the death, she’d heard from others (she and her daughter had been estranged) that her daughter had begun to sing and had loved it, passionately. There was private information I was able to offer that gave this woman much comfort. I told her of her daughter’s regrets in not having learned more while here. We learned a week later or so, through the coroner, how she’d died, which confirmed for me, what the young woman on the Other Side had said to me about her death and what it was like.”[20]

Amy’s experience is one more point of light for the rest of us. The spirit world, fully conscious of the immense power of the internet, is betting on the proliferation of real stories by real people from all corners of the world.

It is popular in our culture today to question the existence of God. After all, there is no concrete proof. Well, there is evidence all around us. Like children who can’t find what they are looking for when it is starting them right in the face, millions of us are doing the same.

The spirit world isn’t going to give us the answers to the test. It is our responsibility to discover the NDE-1-SmallfrontCovertruth. The truth is laying about all over, we just have to open our minds and our hearts to see it.

If you would like to read more stories about what the spirit realm is trying to tell us through the NDE of other cases, please read my book, What Really Happens During Neath Death Experiences – According to Spiritism.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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I, too, suffer from fibromyalgia. I’m just learning about spiritism and searching for more understanding. I have a dark past that I’m recovering from. I’m lost in the understanding of what I’m looking for. I’m pulled towards this path more and more each day. Why do I suffer from fibro, and can I heal myself?


    My deepest condolences for your condition. You have been given a difficult trial in your life. I believe one of your first steps should be to learn more about Spiritism. Explore why you are here and what is your goal while on earth.

    Try to change your thoughts and remain positive, not only for yourself but for others. Attempt to be loving, fraternal and honorable toward all. Pray for those in need around you and for guidance on how to survive and prosper during your trial.

    I understand that constant pain makes this effort almost superhuman, but try to keep your attitude and feelings on the good path and know in your heart the Spirit world wishes you to be successful. Our time on earth is short, although for us in our situations it seems like an eternity.

    I just read where a high spirit said, “Do well and you will fare well; and if yo be strong, then out of your strength shall sweetness come.”

    To answer your question, “Why do I suffer from fibro, and can I heal myself?”, of that I am not sure. I have written of a woman who suffered through a harsh childhood, you can see the article here: Sarah Sheridan’s Book – My NDE and My Father/
    There may be some reason in a past life, that you chose this as a trial and there may be a method to overcome your affliction.

    You can always e-mail me direct at and we can discuss your situation at greater length. Please don’t give up hope, we are told that there is always a method to emerge from your trial triumphant. Bless you.


A World Beyond untold


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