B’s NDE – The Trip Around the Universe


reincarnation3B had a NDE or a near NDE experience. He had been praying for guidance. He had a date to be baptized and he wanted to make sure he was making the correct decision. He went to sleep and was awoken by an Angel next to his bed.

B’s vision is derived from the NDERF.org (Near Death Experiences Research Foundation) website, which contains many accounts of NDEs experienced by people of every country, language and culture.

The Call

“The Angel told me that It was my Guardian Angel and the reason that it had come to me is because my prayers had been answered for asking for guidance about my Adult Baptism that I was going through the next week end. My Guardian Angel was the most awesome sight to me with its wings spread out.”[i]

B had asked for guidance and now it would be presented to him. In reading his account, he never said he had a Near Death Experience, no medical emergency or brush with death that could have triggered his vision he had that night.

Many could say he made all of this up. But when you examine what he was told, the details of the spirit universe, his relation to the spirit world, and many other salient points, they all correspond to what has been revealed by Spiritist literature. Whether by Allan Kardec, the codifier of Spiritism, or by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, who psychographed (written under the direction of a spirit) more than 450 books, all detailing information that we on earth need to know to live our lives as God intends us.

Not once does B mention the Doctrine of Spiritism, nor hint that he had any knowledge of it, but the Doctrine is there in every paragraph. And it starts with his perispirit hovering above the bed:

“I realized that I was in a corner of my room looking slightly down across the bottom end of my bed. I could hear a voice coming from behind me, but I could not see anyone around and remember feeling a bit taken back by the voice because I could not see who or where it was coming from.  The Voice told me that I was safe and in good company. I had a very strong,near-death soothing, magnetic feeling of love and compassion come over me.  A bright orb-shaped sphere came from behind me on my right side, and then moved in front of me.  The Spirit /Light changed its shape and appeared before me as a genderless Angel. I looked to my right, as I was at the foot of my bed, to see my body in bed sleeping and still breathing as normal. I was a little daunted by that.  I really took notice that I was floating about 1.5 meters off the ground. I noticed that the Angel was talking to me but without using its mouth to speak the words. At this point I knew we were conversing telepathically through consciousness.”[ii]

B saw his body, his physical self never woke, only his spirit. B didn’t notice a silvery cord attaching his spirit to his body. Keep in mind, as B roams the spirit universe, the cord will stretch for an infinite length.

We on earth are made up of three distinct parts. First is our spirit, that ball of energy, which contains all of the memories of our past lives, down to each microsecond, of what we saw, heard, felt, smelled, and thought. Even what others around us were thinking.

Next, is our physical body. That organic machine which is manufactured inside our mother’s body and while inside the womb, our spirit merges with the fetus. Our dense human form is a poor receptacle for our spirit. It is meant to be. For in human form we are destined to be exposed to a thousand distractions. All intended to train us for future trials.

espirito-perispirito-e-corpoThe perispirit is the connection from our spirit to our body. The perispirit invisibly surrounds our body and transmits our thoughts, and vital signs to our spirit. We receive data from our spirit, but given the primitive capabilities of our brain, we retain and understand a small percent.

The perispirit has a built-in timer. It connects our spirit to our body until the date when we are due to return to the spirit world. The date may move out, according to our deeds and actions, but we are not allowed to end our life early. If we do, the perispirit persists in connecting to the physical body, even as our spirit is free and our body decomposes. We are not free to ascend to heaven until our agreed upon expiration date. Until then, we must stay in the Lower Zone.

Short Trip to Hell

Next B states his angel took him to upper regions of hell, to demonstrate the contrast between the consequences of a life lived in the pursuit of attempting to improve yourself, by learning to love others, be fraternal, and honest with all, as opposed to taking what you can for your own selfishumbra-scene reasons.

B doesn’t describe hell in his account. Spiritism tells us what hell is. The area around the earth, just below the surface is the higher region of hell, the lower one travels the worse the conditions.

Hell is not a sentence for eternity, but one where people who have lived a dishonorable or wholly materialistic life, journey to after death. It is a place where a person lives amongst those similar to him or herself. What you have sown, you reap in hell.

Escaping hell is straightforward, but not easy for many. To flee the region where others treat you like you have treated others in your earthly life, you must transform your attitude. From selfishness to selflessness. From hate and anger to love and compassion. Once higher spirits detect your willingness and desire to change, you will be assisted and guided out of the abyss.

Traveling Beyond Earth

From the depths of the earth, B is taken to the higher atmosphere of earth. Then the Angel tells B the great revelation that concerns all of us:

“Once we were at the very upper atmosphere of earth, the Angel said to me ‘The reason humans come to earth; it’s to evolve their Spirit.’ The Angel told me that ‘IT IS ALL A LEARNING EXPERIENCE.’”[iii]

 “It is all a learning experience”, this, in a nutshell is the reason we suffer through life, with good and bad times. The reason why there is so much evil in the world. The reason why bad things happen to good people. The reason for injustice. The reason for poverty, inequality, corruption, and prejudice.

Imagine if you were forced to live in a school with mostly uncontrollable seventh and eighth graders. No staff or teachers present. It would degrade into a nightmare in a blink of an eye. Actually, you don’t have to imagine it, this is where you are living.

As we look upon that chaotic school full of unruly children, this is how the spirit world looks upon us. Through our own behavior we have made the earth what it is.

All is not lost, for we are not abandoned and left to fend for ourselves. Invisible to us, there is an army of spirits watching and guiding our every move. Examining how we are proceeding in our custom tailored lesson plans.

The Supreme Intelligence fully realizes we are not able to absorb the lesson of the light in just one life. To internalize the need for love and compassion for all takes many lives. Hence, after each life, our grades are compiled and deeds taken into account, to create the plan for the next life. Where we will have to live on the other side of whatever ignoble act we committed, so we may comprehend the BookCover-Reincarnationtrue pain we caused.

If you would like to learn more about reincarnation, how we are part of the planning for our next life and how we are assisted during our stay on earth, read my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.

The Lower Zone

B tells us that he saw lower spirits and his Angel told him they are unable to rise above a certain level above earth. The area between the crust of the earth and the lower level of heaven is called the Lower Zone:

“Just on the outside of our atmosphere, I noticed some evil or bad spirits looking down on earth. The Angel told me that these evil spirits cannot harm me because of my love for the Lord. I am protected. I remember one of the evil spirits looking over at us, but I knew it was too afraid to approach. The Angel said that this is the furthest the evil spirits can come out from earth because they were bound here.”[iv]

What is the Lower Zone? Andre Luiz, who woke up there after his death on the operating room table describes one small part of it;

“Actually, I felt like a prisoner trapped behind dark bars of horror. With my hair on end, my heart pounding, and scared stiff, I often cried out like a madman. I begged for mercy and clamoredumbra-nossaLar against the painful despondency that had taken hold of my spirit. But when the loud cries didn’t fall on an implacable silence, they were answered by lamenting voices even more pitiful than my own. At other times, sinister laughter rent the prevailing silence. I thought that some unknown companion out there was a prisoner of insanity. Diabolical forms, ghastly faces, animal-like countenances appeared from time to time, increasing my panic.”[v]

Doesn’t seem like a great place does it? The Lower Zone is composed of many areas. Not just a strange dark dimension that exists parallel to our own, but also right here, on the surface of the earth.

In the book, Memoirs of a Suicide, by Yvonne A. Pereira, the main protagonist of the book, Camilo Castelo Branco, who committed suicide when he was going blind because of syphilis, describes what it was like awaking in the graveyard where he was buried.

“Sobbing uncontrollably, I bent over the grave that held my wretched remains. Contorting myself in terrifying convulsions of pain and rage, wallowing in a crisis of diabolical fury, I understood that I had committed suicide, that I was in the grave, but that, nevertheless, I continued to live and suffer even more, so much more than before, superlatively, abysmally so much more than before my cowardly and thoughtless act!”[vi]

Hence, Camilo, while his body, six feet underground, was deteriorating, felt he was alive, with all of the loneliness, pain and suffering it entails. Walking on the face of the earth, while incarnate visitors to familial graves passed through him, oblivious to his sufferings.

Camilo then left the cemetery, trying to ascertain what was this world that he had died into?

“I continued to roam around aimlessly, feeling my way along the streets, unacknowledged by friends and admirers, a poor blind man humiliated in the afterlife thanks to the dishonor of having committed suicide; a beggar in the spirit world, famished in the darkness; a tortured, wandering ghost without a home, without shelter in the immense and infinite world of spirits; exposed to deplorable dangers; hounded by malefic entities, criminals of the spirit world, who love to use hateful traps to capture individuals going through tormenting situations like mine in order to enslave then and increase the obsessing hordes that destroy earth’s societies and ruin men and women, submitting them to the vilest temptations with their deadly influence.”[vii]

The Lower Zone is all around us, teeming with life, not of the benevolent kind. The type of life that we discarded as childish fears long ago. That our rational minds refused to consider, since we could neither see nor touch it. If there are multiple instances of unexplainable phenomena, unless we have positive proof, or see it on television or the internet, we are labeled fools to believe its existence.

Exists it does and it is there for a purpose. While we must go through trials in our physical life, in order to learn the valuable lessons assigned to us. Once we end our studies; does everyone pass? No matter how pitiful our performance was? We aren’t in a local kindergarten class where each participant gets a ribbon. God is love, and love can be tough love, the love that holds us to a high standard. A raised bar that ensures only those who meet the minimum criteria are allowed to enter the higher planes.

Thankfully, all who reside and wallow in criminality or mindless materialism with their sights set on earth are rescued in time. All spirits are given the required period and assistance to slowly modify their behavior and attitudes to begin to look upwards and work themselves out of the pit and into their rightful place in a celestial city.

The Planets are Full of Life

As B’s Angel took him higher and higher, beyond the atmosphere of earth and into the solar system, he could detect the waves of emotional feelings that came from the planets he passed:

“While we were out in our solar system, I could feel musical notes coming from all the planets as they spun on their axis. Earth gave off a very beautiful, high-pitch vibration and I could hear/feel Saturn right through the solar system. Saturn gave off the strongest notes. It was pulsing with a low base vibration that felt so soothing.”[viii]

The vibrations emanating from each planet is the result of the type of life which resides there. The Spiritismfirst question that would come into anyone’s rational mind is: How can there be life throughout the solar system? We have had satellites explore every planet and many moons from the sun to Pluto. No sign of intelligent life has presented itself.

Life is prevalent all around us, spirits, high and low are constantly within our midst. They exist on a new plane, a dimension we can’t detect. In the same manner, different physical life colonizes other planets in alternate dimensions. Neither our telescopes nor electronic exploration devices have the capacity to peer beyond our dimension.

In the book, Spiritist Review of 1858, which is a compilation of the Spiritist’s magazines, edited by Allan Kardec, we are told of the relative level of life on Saturn:

“Mercury and Saturn come after Earth. The numerical superiority of the good spirits gives them predominance over the inferior spirits, resulting in a more perfect social order, less selfish relationships and therefore happier living conditions.”[ix]

To understand the above, one must understand the progression of planets. In the book, TheExplore-Small-front-cover Gospel According to Spiritism, by Allan Kardec, in Chapter 3, there is an explanation of the different worlds that spirits will inhabit during their long trek toward purification. I will present just a quick summary here, in my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined, there is a fuller explanation of what has been revealed to us by the spirit realm.

  1. Primitive World – Intended for the first incarnations of the human soul. The beings that inhabit them are, to a certain extent, rudimentary. They have the human form but are devoid of any beauty. Their instincts are not tempered by any sentiment of refinement or benevolence, or by any notions of right or wrong. Brute force is the only law. With no industry or inventions, they spend life in conquest of food. The earth was once a primitive world.
  2. World of Trial and Expiation – You are living on this world. There is more evil present than good. Now you know why life is not easy, because it is not supposed to be while you are reincarnated on the planet Earth.
  3. Regenerative World – Where souls still have something to expiate (pay off the debt of a past sin) and may absorb new strength by resting from the fatigue of struggle. There is still evil, but much reduced, the good outweighs the evil, consequently there is no motive for hatred or discord.
  4. Happy Worlds – Where good outweighs evil. On Happy Worlds, we still retain our human form, although the senses are more acute.
  5. Heavenly or Divine Worlds – Where good reigns completely, all inhabitants are purified spirits. There is no evil.

Hence, Saturn, a world on a level above the earth, had a more pleasant vibration. Planets where there are a majority of mature spirits, who live selflessly and strive to be kind and considerate to all, contain people who are happier and more content. One day, as the human race grows and advances, the earth too, will become a better place to live.

The Grand Palace

After B was taken on a tour of the spectacular formations of our galaxy, he was taken to a magnificent building. He describes it thusly:

“From there the Angel took me to what I call THE GRAND BUILDING or Grand TEMPLE. I am not sure of the name of this place, but it was brilliant white like a Palace. The Angel took me inside this building, which was amazing to see from the front. It had a large beautiful garden in the front with beautiful pond-lakes.  The front veranda of the building was enormous and had many massive, white columns out the front of it.  Once I was inside the building, I noticed that the building was ALIVE with reactive light energy. ALL MATTER WAS ALIVE/ REACTIVE LIGHT ENERGY THERE. I cannot put into words how beautiful it was inside.  I looked up at the ceiling in one of the large rooms and noticed that the ceiling was clear, like glass. You could see all the stars and the universe above. Talk about magic! I was just in absolute awe of the place.”[x]

In the compilation of four books, The Life Beyond the Veil, in Book One – The Lowlands of Heaven. NossaLar-cityWritten by G. Vale Owen in 1920 during a sequence of sittings receiving messages from his mother and other spirits, he was able to document where his mother was living.

Vale Owen asked his mother to describe where she lived and worked while in the spirit world:

“It is beautifully appointed within and without. Within are baths and a music room and apparatus to aid us in registering our work. It is a very large place. I called it a house, but it is really a series of houses, each house allocated to a certain class of work, and progressive as a series. We pass from one to another as we learn all we can from any particular house.”[xi]

As revealed by the Doctrine of Spiritism, brought to us by Allan Kardec in the 1850’s, when we leave this life, it is not for an eternity of idleness. We continue to work, otherwise our boredom would really be hell.

Owen’s mother talks about an ‘apparatus’ to help in their work. According to Spiritist writings by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, the first level of heaven in the spirit world is fifty to hundred years advanced in technology than we are on earth. Hence, I surmise she is describing a type of computer terminal, since she certainly did not use the word typewriter in her prose. These devices are also mentioned in Chico’s book, dictated by the spirit of Andre Luiz, Nosso Lar, published in 1944. Along with ‘personal communication devices’ aka cell phones.

Next she writes about the outside:

“The grounds are very extensive, and all have a kind of relation to the buildings, a kind of responsiveness. For instance, the tress are true trees and grow much a trees do on earth, but they have a kind of responsiveness to the buildings, and different kinds of trees respond more to one house than to the others, and help the effect and work for which that particular house was raised. So it is with the grouping of tress in the groves, and the streams and falls which are found in different parts of the grounds. All these things have been thought out with marvelous wisdom, and the effect produced is very beautiful.”[xii]

Again the beauty of the grounds and the ability of foliage to glow is also recorded in much of Spiritist literature. Everything in the celestial levels of the spirit realm is a mirror of earth but more perfect, more complete and more in tune with the harmony and vibrations of those around it.

Next, Owen’s mother tells us of the power of the spirits. For we are told, numerous times, that while we live on earth, we must learn to control our emotions and attempt to live in a balance between spirituality and materialism. We must strive to maintain our love for all. The reason for the emphasis on our inner thoughts is the power of the will in the spirit world. Read her explanation of how the houses are built:

“The atmosphere also is naturally affected by vegetation and by buildings, for, let me repeat, those house have not been raised merely mechanically, but are the outcome – growth, if you will – of the action of the will of those high in rank in these realms, and so of very powerful creative wills.”[xiii]

Hence, it is not by the processing of raw materials coupled with the labor of workers that a house or a grand temple is constructed. But with the mind of a high spirit, who gathers, by the force of their resolve, using Divine Laws, to accumulate material from the ether of the universe, called Universal Fluid, to form the edifices.

Owen’s mother also goes on to recount how the color of their clothes is governed by the combination of the surrounding atmosphere and each individual’s spiritual quality. Therefore, as people walk around the gardens, their garments change color.

The main theme is that the spirit world is full of life, from floral to fauna all in astonishing harmony. Achieving a type of perfection that we can only dream of while encased in our physical bodies on earth.

Family Reunion

Similar to many other near death experiences, relatives who have pass over into the spirit world are present to greet those who have made the transition:

“The Angel took me into a large room and as I entered the room, there were a lot of people waiting for me. I was reunited with past family ancestors and friends that had passed over.  The feeling that I got from everyone was so overwhelming with love that projected from them into my soul and vice versa.  They could feel all of my emotion at the same time as well.  My great-grandparents from my mum’s side introduced themselves to me, as well as my grandfather who died when my mum was only 9 years of age.  I noticed that most of the spirits were in the form of Light sphere-shapes.  Although we could not see each other’s faces, we knew who each other was.  I remember one male person who wanted to talk to me who was at the back of the room. As soon as I thought and look at him, we came to each as instantaneously.  This person I am not ready to say who he is, but he was a family member to me in a past lifetime.  I am sure that I have come across him again here on earth.  The whole time I was in that room with my family and friends, the feeling of love and joy was so overwhelming that there are no words describe it. Being on earth feels so much heavier and clunky in our bodies. I know when we are released and take that love energy with us, the energy is allowed to spread out and expand.”[xiv]

The Supreme Intelligence has created a universe based on love. When one of us returns, our intimate loved ones are notified of our presence. They are there to meet us because they too have had to live through years encased in a dense body covering. They too, have had to fight through a myriad of lessons. They too, have had to look back at their life at the end of their trials and sum up the good and the bad.

extendedfamilyOur family in the spirit world fully realize the grief, the pain, the joy of our physical existence. They know, upon reentry, we are somewhat confused and lacking our full capabilities. When B mentions that he could not see his family’s faces, it is not because they are undefined balls of light. His coterie of friends saw each other not in their original human form, but in their idealized shape.

When we return to the real world, the spirit world, we determine our appearance and age by our thoughts. All of the spirits there could see B as he was. And they could see each other as each person thought of him or herself. But B couldn’t detect them, he was still attached to his material life and he didn’t yet have the capacity to detect their true form.

Heaven has many levels, as one proceeds upwards, your body becomes less matter and more energy. A soul on the first level of heaven would either see just light in a much higher level or nothing at all. They wouldn’t have the required spiritual development to fully comprehend the rarified air of a vastly superior level of heaven.

As this is the reason why we toil away on earth, so we may accumulate the wisdom, the prerequisite lessons, so we may ascend to higher and higher stages of heaven. Each step brings its own wonderments and associated supremacy. Angels are incredibly powerful beings. We are being trained, through difficult and harsh trials to become an angel one day.

When B returns permanently to heaven, after a period of recuperation, he will be able to see “in the flesh” what his family actually looks like.

Remembering Your Past Life

B also encounters a person he does not immediately recognize, but he “knows” him, he feels an instant affinity. This is because B’s instincts tell him that he has had previous experiences with this person before and they have been positive. He feels in his heart, this person is close to him and they share the same points of view.

All these thoughts and feelings are rushing around B’s mind because of what God has allowed to take with us when we incarnate on a planet. We have our conscience, which is the set of Divine Laws, so we know right from wrong, and we have our instincts. That feeling when something or someone radiates warning or welcoming signs. When you meet a person and feel an instant affinity, that usually means you have known that person from a past life or life in the spirit world.

When B returns to the spirit world and he is spiritually ready he will gradually find the memories of friends in the spirit world and of past lives coming back to him. Remembering you past life when you transition to the spirit realm may not be possible until your mind is free of guilt.

In the book, Action and Reaction, by Francisco C. Xavier, dictated by Andre Luiz a young spirit asks why he can’t recall previous existences:

“Dear Instructor, listening to your learned and ardent words left me wondering about the enigmas of memory … Why this forgetfulness after our physical death? If I had other existences before this last one, whose mistakes I’m now trying to correct, why can’t I remember them? Before I left for the physical realm on the pilgrimage where I was given my present name, I must have left good friends behind in the spirit world, just as those, who, traveling from one continent to another, often leave behind loved ones who don’t forget them … Why this amnesia that keeps me from remembering the friends I surely must have had?”

“Well,” the Instructor remarked wisely, “spirits who rightly attend to their duties in their physical life do, in fact, peacefully recover their memory after leaving the dense body. They reenter communion with the noble and worthy ties that wait for them in the Higher Life so that they can continue their respective work of spiritual growth and sublimation. On the other, for those of us with troubled consciences, the death of the corporeal vehicle does not mean liberation. We may lose the physiological instrument but we remain chained to the invisible prison of our guilt; and guilt my friend is always a black cloud of darkness eclipsing our sight. Regarding our moral failures, our mnemonic faculties are sort of like photographic plates, which, if not well protected, will be ruined.”[xv]

Hence, our wrongs persist in so many ways, not only must we come back and pay our debts, but even our capabilities are diminished in the spirit world. The penalty for rationalizing away what your conscience tells you is not pleasant.

If there is only one main idea a person derives from Spiritism, it should be that no short-term benefit is worth violating what you know is wrong, no matter how enticing the lure of luxury or the size of the treasure, they all are not comparable to the eventual price that must be paid.

Life Review

After B’s meeting with his family, he was escorted to a room where there were two high spirits. In B’s view, they had white hair and white beards. B was there for a reason, the spirit world desired that he understood how close the spirit world watches us on earth.

“One of the Wise Spirits asked me a question about an incident that happened to me when I was about 5 or 6 years old first grade at primary school. I felt uneasy about the answer because it was about a fight that I had with a classmate. The classmate punched me and went running away across the playground. The boy must have been say 30 meters away and running, when I threw a rock the size of a walnut at an elliptically high angle that hit the kid square on the top of his head when it came down.  When I didn’t answer, one of the Wise Males said, ‘The lesson to be learned right here is, GOD THE FATHER KNOWS ALL YOUR THOUGHTS AND INTENTIONS AT ALL TIMES.  You are a part of HIM and HE is a part of you.’  Just after that I was told that I will be shown my life review.  When it started, it was like a holographic image that came up in front of me from out of the surroundings and then I became completely immersed in the experience, connecting my soul as one with it.  I was shown of times when I had hurt peoples’ feelings but was completely unaware of it. I was literally in the other person’s shoes/body and felt what they went through. I also experienced it from side on profile as well to get the full experience. The experience was to teach me about empathy without judgment, to always put myself into the other person’s shoes to look through their eyes and emotions.”[xvi]

What is empathy without judgement in practice? It is the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. It’s that simple. You treat all with respect and kindness, even though yougoldenrule may think they don’t deserve it. We can’t know their inner demons or the trials they are having to travel through.

The major revelation is that the spirit world knows all, just not what we say or do, but our thoughts as well. As our parents told us and we tell our children, God is always watching. We grow out of that fear. We rationalize that our own insignificance makes us too small of a person to follow. How can we be important to the Divine in this vast 7Tenets-Front-smalluniverse? The answer is that we are, each one of us is vital. Each one of us is loved.

To learn just how closely the spirit realm watches over us and guides us, read the book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life. You will recognize what were, at the time, trivial events, that help shaped your life and propel you to the trials you are in the midst of now.


As fantastic as B’s journey was, he was gifted with even more. B writes that Jesus came to him. He could feel the power of Jesus. Then B describes what Jesus wore, a white robe, with a sash, a golden ribbon from his shoulder to his waist. B saw his bare feet, the color of golden brown.

This description corresponds to the image reported by G. Vale Owen in his communications from higher spirits. They paint a picture of a powerful spirit, who has compassion and love in every fiber of his body. They also tell of his simple dress with a sash and bare feet.

Jesus presented B with another vision, a look at the future. This is what he was told:

 “Jesus started to tell me of things to come and what to look out for in my life time. I received a totally immersed vision from him similar to the life review experience.  Jesus went into detail about the new currency bartering system that the governments with impose on every one on Earth.  DNA

    Stage 1: Micro-chipping for “personal security identification” will be used for healthcare andDNA eventually for currency/bartering.

     Stage 2: Nanotechnology injection into the blood system

     Stage 3: DNA resonance reading

Note: Jesus showed me these technologies will cause signs of cancerous lesions on people’s skin. They looked like small hematoma bleeds all over the body.  The Lord will intervene soon after that. But no man will know when.  I was shown what my future work/careers would be.”[xvii]

This all happened to B in 1993. The idea of planting a device in every person doesn’t sound farfetched today. Nanotechnology and interpreting DNA are both growing by leaps and bounds. Whereas, if you had heard this in the early nineties most of us would have been incredulous.

B wrote that everything he was told about his own career came true. I believe him, because I was told details about my future trajectory that I dismissed out of hand as being too improbable. They all came true. How else could this happen if it wasn’t for the spirit world planning out our trials on earth.

The earth is a learning experience and we are the students who have been sent here. Our life isn’t a series of happenstances, where life paths are determined by the roll of a dice. No, our life is planned The Problem is the Solutionand the major episodes of our life is predetermined. Don’t be discouraged by what you are experiencing, think of your troubles as difficult classes that you must summon up the effort to pass. Learn how to analyze your situation by reading, The Problem is the Solution – 7 Life Lessons Sent to Teach and Test You.

B was given a marvelous gift, the opportunity for him to truly understand why he is on earth and what is waiting for him when he returns to the real life, the spirit life. For most of us, we never are given that message so directly. We must examine the world around us and search for it ourselves, for that is part of the test in our lives. We must discover for ourselves that we are more than temporary souls, who decompose back to earth after our allotted time. We are immortal spirits who live on and on. We spend eternity gaining knowledge and helping others. We are blessed to be herePageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00061] on earth, so we may one day ascend to where we belong.

Learn more about what people discovered in the spirit realm and what has been revealed to us by Spiritism, how we are immortal souls, what heaven and the different levels are in my book, The Spirit World Talks to Us – 12 Accounts of Near Death and Other Experiences. you will have many of your questions answered!



Explore the spirit realm in depth, read the first book of a series of three about the numerous revelations spirits told the Rev. G. Vale Owen in England in the early 1900’s. What you will discover will change your outlook on life – Heaven and Below – Book 1 of Spiritism – The Spirit World Revealed to an Anglican Vicar.



Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at www.nwspiritism.com.

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