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vaticanHannah Robinson experienced just the first few stages of a Near Death Experience (NDE), one of detachment from her body and a feeling of complete peace and love. Yet, this small episode embarked her on a self-discovery of her life and her relationship with her father.

The Book – My NDE and My Father

I received an e-mail asking me to write a few sentences to put on a back cover of a book in preparation for publication. The title intrigued me, since I am interested in interpreting near death experiences by analyzing how the Doctrine of Spiritism applies to each case. I attempt to decipher what the spirit realm is trying to tell each individual.

I believe that a NDE doesn’t happen by mere chance. The spirit world, who has a vested interest in the future of all of us, selects those who would most profit with a time out from school and a bit of one-on-one counseling.

A soul is allowed to fully leave the body and engage in a scenario that is tailored to be the most pertinent to the individual. Some are led on a discovery of the universe and its marvels, others are shown the lower zones and the wasteland that could be in their future. Many sit in an office or at a table and discuss their success or failures in their curriculum they have lived through so far.

Earth is a campus and we are all students who are obliged to take the lessons assigned to us to heart. To fully absorb what has been determined by the Supreme Intelligence to be critical for our intended spiritual growth. Our collective destinies while on this planet is composed of a series of edifying experiences, all designed to enable us to pay our past debts and to accumulate knowledge to eventually graduate to be a high spirit.

Reading the manuscript of Dying to be Free (now a book available on Amazon). I was struck by the subtle manipulation of the spirit world to guide Hannah onto her spiritual path. Here is what I wrote, in three paragraphs, about her book:

“Hannah Robinson has written a truly moving narrative which encompasses the arc of her lifeDyingtobeFree and her search for answers. From her birth to a mother who was rejected by her Catholic Priest-to-be lover, to Hannah’s search to meet her father, who wished the whole episode swept away to her near death experience. Which set her on a quest to explore what this unexpected brief visit to the spirit realm should mean to her.

Hannah guides us from her initial rejection of organized religion to her realization of a higher spiritual directive which, unbeknownst to many of us, intersects all of our lives. Hannah illustrates that by examining the trials we suffer through and researching the experiences of others we can come to a rational comprehension of a Divine Spirituality.

Only by understanding the goals of the spirit world, which sets us in situations to heal our past wrongs and learn the importance of love and fraternity can the intricate threads of people’s short stay on earth be put in perspective. Hannah’s experience is the epitome of the saying that truth can set you free.”

My impression is that Hannah’s life is a sterling example of the part karma plays in our life and how the spirit world sets the required signals to push us along the path to the truth of our past actions.


The problem is the solution, which I have postulated before, is illuminated by the example of Hannah’s life which has revolved around a father who not only abandoned her, wished to forget about her very existence, but he was also a religious figure. A priest who should have stood for love and caring but instead demonstrated the exact opposite of what the Catholic Church should stand for.

Hannah experienced not only disappointment with her father, but was repeatedly failed by other Catholic officials concerned with her case. It was as if the world had conspired against her. Causing extreme distress and emotional suffering.

All for a purpose, every detail was arranged in advance to present Hannah an opportunity to work through what had happened in a previous life.

Hannah’s Story

Hannah was the result of a love affair between two college students, her mother pursuing a theology degree and her father in a seminary with the aim of becoming a priest. When the discovery that Hannah’s mother was pregnant occurred, he father wanted the problem to disappear.

Hannah’s mother and father went to seek guidance from a senior member of the Catholic Church andcatholic-priest her mother was encouraged to leave the vicinity and go to a place where she could have the baby and then give it up for adoption.

Instead Hannah’s mother insisted on keeping the child and fought with the church to make sure the father contributed toward the upkeep of his daughter.

In Hannah’s book she recounts the letters and discussions her mother had with the Catholic administrators who at all times seemed focus on keeping Hannah and her mother as remote as possible from the newly minted priest.

Given the hardship of raising a child be herself, Hannah and her mother lived in modest circumstances. As Hannah grew up she wish to make contact with her father. Only at the age of fourteen was she able, through the permission of the Church to meet him.

Hannah painfully exposes her daydreams as a fourteen-year-old and tells us of the reality of the actual meeting. The tone is told in one sentence, full of meaning, “There was no warmth, there was a calm civility.”[1]

Hannah and her mother experienced the full power of a bureaucratic organization, which expended maximum energy in defending themselves, while presenting to the world the face of a loving and caring institution under the divine influence of Jesus Christ.

Detecting the absolute absence of interest from her father, who could deny Hannah’s impression of religion in general. She rebelled against society and all that it stood for, if it didn’t love her, she wouldn’t love it.

In the revelations of Spiritism, we are told again and again, how disappointed the spirit realm was with the Catholic Church. In the book, On the Way to the Light, by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, dictated to him by the spirit Emmanuel, the spirit world had one of Jesus’ apostles come back to earth as St. Francis of Assisi. His mission was to attempt to remind the church that they existed to serve and not to be served.

As Hannah’s feeling of abandonment increased, her life descended into excessive drinking and partying. Until one day, she and a girlfriend flew to Tenerife, whereupon after nights of drinking she had an accident.

Hannah’s NDE

Hannah found herself feeling better than she ever had. She felt like a new person, full of life and joy. Then she discovered she wasn’t actually inside her body, but above it. Hannah experienced the ocean of warmth and love that flows over and throughout their entire being that so many others tell us about after their NDE episodes.

premonitions-on-death-and-dying-e1372699931412While bathed in the shining light of love, Hannah made the connection with her spirit consciousness, she discovered herself. She knew who she was, more than just Hannah of one life, but Hannah complete. Hannah of the spirit world. Hannah wrote that, “Everything just felt so right, so perfect. I could think with a clarity I couldn’t remember experiencing before, but there was no need to plan and over think. Everything was absolutely fine just as it was.”[2]

I believe at that precise moment, Hannah realized her life had been going in the direction that was planned for her. She was at the right place at the right time in the frame of mind expected for her development in her present life.

Trials Preordained

What exact events in a previous life did Hannah commit to set the stage for her current existence? We will not know, until Hannah returns to the other side and tells us, if she is so inclined. There are several different methods to determine our less than stellar performance in previous lives.

One process, is to examine the trials we are given. That which we must live through is a mirror of what we parceled out. Therefore, was Hannah a member of a very powerful organization that stood for goodness, yet manifested itself simply as a device to enrich its inner core? For Hannah to have been caught in the middle of a storm, from an innocent child to a grown woman, to be constantly thwarted from acquiring justice is either a classic case of random events harming unlucky people or a well thought out plan to teach her a valuable life lesson.

Who could live through what Hannah experienced and not bring to the bottom of his or her heart, the massive amount of injustice done by men who professed to be our conduit to salvation and God? I have no doubt that going forward, Hannah would ever allow such a travesty to occur to anyone if it was in her power to stop it.

Hannah’s unseen problem entering into her life was probably her disregard for others in her pursuit of a comfortable position within a large institution. The solution, engineered by the spirit world, with her cooperation, was carefully diagramed. She was to be on the receiving end. Only in that manner could bad habits be burned out of her being.

To us, all of this sounds like a cruel lesson indeed. Why couldn’t we all just sit down and discuss it? Sometimes that works, but keep in mind, we are spirits, who by our free will, chose the path of our lives on earth and select the curriculum we live our short existences passing from one class to another until completion. Most likely, a pattern had been detected, that required stronger action. As a surgeon, must cut away the cancer from a body to save the patient, certain behaviors were removed to insure future lives dedicated to helping others. Instead of amassing wealth and position, Sarah would concentrate on dispensing love and forgiveness.

The second method is to analyze what we have not been allowed to have. Either limitations in our mental and physical selves or basic human needs, such as a loving wife or husband, or children. It could also mean that we may be born in extreme poverty. All signs that at one time or another we have used or misused such capabilities and situations badly in the past. To determine the ramifications of her planned life we have to find out what happened after her NDE.

Hannah’s Life After Her NDE

After her revelation, Hannah started to get serious with her life. She began college and was determined to make a life for herself. One thing she hadn’t done was to think carefully about the spiritual aspect of her NDE.

The spirit world knew this and presented her with proof that the other side was real and we are more than physical bodies who are born, grow, and die. Merely, a mass composed of different molecules who are destined to be fertilizer.

When Hannah was at a Bed and Breakfast on the English seaside, she was awoken in the middle of the night by a blue light. She was told to go and take her mother to the hospital. When Hannah arrived home she found her mother in dire straits.

Her mother was diagnosed with cancer and was operated on immediately. Throughout the ordeal of caring for her mother, Sarah would find white feathers, placed just for her in the most unusual places. Each feather gave her hope.

This set her off on a journey to understand the spiritual world. Along the way she finished her Master’s degree and became a counselor. She married and had children. Hannah even wrote a successful children’s book.

Her life after her NDE, suggests that Hannah was to be allowed to live a full life, one with a loving family, husband and children. Hannah was obviously intelligent and capable. The spirit world didn’t block her innate abilities. They gave her intelligence, grace, and creativity.

This suggests that the spirit world, with the permission from the Supreme Intelligence, saw in her wonderful attributes. Characteristics which only needed to be encouraged to blossom.

Hannah was put through a rough obstacle course, she fully saw the corruption of an institution, butobstacle-courses-image then she was led to see the beauty of the idea behind the organization. She was encouraged to see God and the spirit world not through the eyes of the Catholic Church, but with her own vision.

She was led down a path to acknowledge an alternate dimension, where love rules and we all return to. Hopefully better after each life.

Imagine Hannah’s life without her trials. Would she be resolute in dedicating herself to help others find answers? Would she fully understand how large organizations can evolve into self-serving entities? Would she find comfort in knowing that a benign Spirituality is watching over us and guiding each individual to a better place?

The trials presented may have seemed to be the biggest problems of her life at the time, but in fact they were the solutions. They were the catalyst to remove the shell of selfishness of past lives and to NDE-1-SmallfrontCoverbring forth her inner qualities.

Learn more about the spirit world and why they interact with us by reading my book, What Really Happens During Near Death Experiences – According to Spiritism. I take the reader through twelve NDEs and analyze the meaning and the processes each soul encountered.

There is more than most of us realize out there. Our world isn’t the simple one presented to us by our current culture. The meaning of life is one of ever ascending accumulation of knowledge. Not just intellectual but emotional capabilities. All of us are required to learn to love, be charitable, and honorable in every situation with every fellow human soul. It is a long trek, but one with unimaginable rewards at the end of it.

Understand more what the spirit realm is attempting to teach us, read more stories about near death experiences and what people heard, in my book The Spirit World Talks to Us.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at www.nwspiritism.com.

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