James’ NDE – Interpreted by Spiritism

By Brian Foster


James had a full life review, with a council determining if he should stay or return. He also found out that indeed, he did have a life plan.


James had major surgery. During his operation his heart stopped and he was guided to the spirit world. There, he was brought in front of a tribunal, to determine if he should return or not to his physical life. You can read his whole story at the NHNE Near Death website. The direct link to James’ story is http://nhneneardeath.ning.com/profiles/blogs/my-nde-2.

When James’ heart stopped, a woman spirit approached him and led him out of our world to the spirit world. Where, as many others before him have noted, the flowers and trees shined as if lit from within. In the many books psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, the spirits who communicate with us, also comment of the wondrous aspects of the light, how their senses are heighten and everything takes on a brilliant hue, with colors that we have never seen before.

James then describes where his life would be reviewed;

“I was led by the lady through the forest. I asked where we were, what had happened to me, where were we going. I was told everything was fine and my questions would be answered soon. I didn’t feel concerned in fact I felt calm and Peaceful. I was led by the lady to a clearing in the forest in the middle of which was a large wooded oval table with 10 or 11 people seated around it and one chair empty which I was indicated to sit at. Then the lady left. The people at the table seemed very familiar, but in an ‘other’ worldly way and also had the same young but old looking qualities. I was warmly welcomed and told that I had left my physical body, and the purpose of the council was to decide if I should stay or return to it, and that a review would take place to determine this. The review consisted of a screen which appeared above the table in the center which began to play a ‘film’ of my life from the moment I was born. Members of the council paused the film at different parts and we looked at the circumstances surrounding specific events, sometimes from the different perspectives of the other people involved, but mostly they were interested in how the experiences had affected me, and my feelings about things.”[1]

As on earth, in the spirit world we all have our group of friends. Friends who have been with us since we were in school and who have always been concerned with our welfare; constantly checking on our progress, with the noble aim of assisting us in our major life challenges. We have our friends in the spirit world, who are all the more special because sometimes they watch over us and other times they reincarnate to share our trials together. Additionally, we all have mentors, older and wiser people who we look for advice and guidance. Again, the same concept applies to our spiritual mentors. The group that worked with James is most probably made up of friends and mentors, souls that he has intimately known before, but due to his recent separation from his body, his memory before the commencement of his current physical life is hazy. Hence, he seems to know them and feels comfortable in their presence.

Next, James’ life is reviewed. And not just his actions, but the emotional affect he had upon others and the motivations that caused his actions are analyzed. This is one of the central tenets of Spiritism, our thoughts are actions, for with thoughts all begins and actions are merely the completion of a plan. It gets more complex, for our very thoughts influence events and others around us. We are all like radio towers, beaming our innermost musings and emotional highs and lows to all around us. The spirit world tells us we have a responsibility to control the waves emanating from our brains.

This all sounds extremely difficult to perform, but think about why this must be so for a moment. As we progress and become higher and pure spirits, the power of our minds also increase in force. Therefore, to ascend in the ranks of the spirits, we must learn to control that which shall, in the future, possess great power.

James then tells us about the analysis of his life to date;

“The experience was uncomfortable at times, I had to see myself warts and all, I saw the best and the worst in myself. But never at any time did I feel I was being judged by anyone present. We reached my present circumstances and I saw that my lung condition had been created by myself to give me an exit opportunity. We had a long debate after the film about my life blueprint and whether or not I had fulfilled my chosen experiences which were mostly linked to previous lifetimes and spiritual ‘baggage’ that needed to be cleared and healed. I felt that I needed more time on earth and this was agreed by the council, who also told me that I would need to go back more spiritually awake to accomplish this.”[2]

James understands completely the reason for his life on earth when he writes the words, “life blueprint”. First, this proves that James is an advanced spirit, for spirits that exist on the lower planes, who aren’t interested in improving themselves, are arbitrarily assigned their station, appearance and trials in life. While those who are actively attempting to overcome the deficiencies they detected in their being, focus on repairing those holes in their next life and participate in laying out the plan for their time on earth in great detail.

There are many instances of this in Spiritist literature. One example is of a man who committed suicide in a previous life, abandoning his wife and children to destitution, and is planning his next life. In the book, Memoirs of a Suicide, he tells of his “blueprint”;

“I won’t be able to have children! By not looking after my family; by rejecting, half way through, the honorable responsibility of being head of the household in order to help me ascend in merit. I put myself in the wretched position of not being granted the chance of building a family and being a father again in my next existence!”[3]

Hence, James is but one example of a person planning to overcome what they failed in their previous life. Therefore, the trials that we select, or to put it in a different manner, the classes in the school of BookCover-Reincarnationearth that we register for, are all required prerequisites in our quest to become higher spirits. At some point in the future, we will attain that goal and no longer need to wear our earthly clothes. A more detailed explanation of the process of reincarnation is in my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.

Another fascinating comment made by James is his mentioning that his lung condition was preplanned. How can that be? Well, again, this is not uncommon in the spiritual world. Not only do we determine the complete diagram of our bodies, but we also plan in advance afflictions that await us. In the book, Missionaries of the Light, by Francisco C. Xavier, inspired by the spirit Andre Luiz, Andre talks to a spirit who works in the Reincarnation Planning Center in the heavenly city Nosso Lar. He points out the extent of our future planning;

“Here is the plan for the future reincarnation of a friend of mine. Do you see some dark spots from the descending colon to the sigmoid loop? This indicates that he will suffer from a large ulcer in this area as soon as he becomes an adult. Nevertheless, he has chosen it.”[4]

The extent of the details that are invested in planning for our corporeal experiences is trulyExplore-Small-front-cover astonishing. Therefore, no one should take their life lightly, for countless hours of dedication were devoted to preparing our entry into our campus called Earth. To understand how your individual fate is determined, tracked, and evaluated please read my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.

James recovered from his operation and returned to the land of the living. But he was a changed man. He trained as a Hypnotherapist and became a Past Life Therapist, focusing on the time spans between physical existences. As was determined by the council that judged him, he was given increased spiritual powers, which enabled him to begin assisting others in their own spiritual awakening.

James talks about his increased sensitivity;

“After my NDE, and once I was working with myself spiritually I started having out of body experiences. At first I would ‘awake’ from sleep to find myself watching myself sleep! then I began to leave my body and go to the spirit realms where I met my spirit guides and also people I have known who have passed from the earth; my grandparents, people who I had cared for in my work. My spirit guides began to ‘educate’ me about the different states of existence that a soul passes through in its great journey through creation, and also to show me things that would come to pass on the earth, how the earth would change and become less dense than it is now.”[5]

All of James’ NDE is explained and given context by the Doctrine of Spiritism. Spiritism reveals to us that we are all immortal spirits, striving to improve; that we must control our selfish and materialistic tendencies to be more loving, fraternal and spiritual. We are on earth to help others also ascend.

The spirit world is the real world, where our family resides. Families that have been reincarnated in different permutations through multiple generations. Always at our sides and constantly reaching out to be of assistance.

Spiritism is guiding the entire human race to a better place. As written in the books by Allan Kardec, the codifier of Spiritism; the earth will change. Currently, the earth is a planet of atonement, where immature spirits live to learn and to pay for their past mistakes. In the future, the earth will be a planet of regeneration, where there will live more good souls than bad and selfishness, jealousy, and wars are a thing of the past. Our bodies will become lighter, for as our spirits advance our ties to the physical world become less dense, hence our temporary human casings no longer need the brute NDE-1-SmallfrontCoverforce to survive in a savage world.

If you wish to read more stories about how the spirit world uses NDEs to communicate with us, please read my book, What Really Happens During Near Death Experiences – According to Spiritism: 12 NDE’s are Explained and Explored (NDEs Explained by Spiritism).

Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at http://www.nwspiritism.com.

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