Mad at the World – A Trip to Hell and Back


hellDavid was an angry young man. He was mad at God because he was gay and a multitude of other reasons. He had lived in Hawaii, but was now stateside in the East Bay area of California. He had travelled on his first skiing trip and came back with walking pneumonia. That night, all alone in the house he would experience purgatory and be rescued to glimpse a slice of heaven.

His experience was posted on the (Near Death Experiences Research Foundation) website, which contains many accounts of NDEs experienced by people of every country, language and culture.

Prelude to Hell

“My cough had gotten much worse by then and I found it very difficult to take in and let out my breath without struggle. At that point I could vaguely remember someone’s personal account of her bout with walking pneumonia when I was eating lunch at the ski lodge in Squaw Valley. I was wrapped in very warm clothing to keep from getting colder. The wind was loud outside, and I kept hearing my father’s voice in my head saying, “Boy, what’s wrong with you, don’t you know there is no sick in this family?” his voice in my head made me feel strong again. So I stood up in attention and answered, “Yes, Dad I know.” I put on my mittens, my winter cap, my shoes, and headed for the door to walk this cold off. I failed in my walk less than a quarter of the ways down the neighborhood block and struggled quickly to stand up and look my best to make it back home hopping that the neighbors did not see my weakness.  I was dying, and I knew it. A little denial before death is always natural as it always seems that the experience is very surreal.”[1]

David tried to fight through his illness. He had a premonition that he was exposed to pneumonia, but he thought if he toughed it out, he could defeat the on-coming sickness. David returned home, very fragile and in a state where his body could fail at any moment:

“I was back on my couch, unable to move comfortably. I finally made it back to my room to lie down. It was a very small spare room in the house, much like a large walk in closet.  The room was decorated nicely with all of the things that I liked. The room aesthetics alone were a great comfort. In the middle of the night I had finally drifted into sleep and was awakened by the hard stabbing pain in my chest. My eyes were wide opened and looking up towards the ceiling in terror. My mouth was wide opened and was unable to draw in the next breath. I was choking and convulsing in my bed. The pain was beyond words. My vision was now leaving and I could only hear the sounds and feel the pain slowly subside from some kind of natural drug euphoria released from my brain.  Then there was no more physical pain, still I could hear the body and its last kicks against the bedside wall – and then there was nothing.”[2]

When David first left for his first skiing trip he was confused and irate at the same time. He wanted to blame anyone he could for his perceived problem. He let himself lose control of his emotions. He radiated the heat of anger from his mind. Spreading waves of discordant emotions in a full circle outward from his body.

Emotions flow from us and are picked up by others, spirits feel them immediately and incarnates process these passions in a sub-conscious level. Hence, we are beacons, lighthouses that can spread light or darkness on those around us.

The idea of the power of thought and our need to regulate that influence is a recurring theme in Spiritism. In the spirit world, and to an extent in the material world, we are our thoughts, but more importantly, our feelings affect the world around us. Our thoughts cause actions through the electrical vibrations generated by our mind. That power must be tightly controlled.

Between Heaven and Earth

Between Heaven and Earth

In the book Between Heaven and Earth, Andre Luiz, the spirit author, is listening to an intimate classroom discussion given by Clara on the subject of the voice. She discusses how a person’s voice can transmit via a focused energy or an undisciplined force. Our minds control how we deliver the message. The need for controlling our emotions is backed by a question from a student, “When we want to deal with a problem, is it crucial that we never become angry?”[3]


Clara provides the answer, “Yes it is. It’s a proven fact that anger never does anyone any good. Anger is nothing more than a dangerous short-circuit in our mental energies due to a defect in our emotive world, resulting in destructive rays being emitted all around us.”[4] Words to live by. How many of us fall into the trap of anger? I know I have lost control too many times to count. The quest for improving our inner emotional balance to create the required spiritual calmness to regulate our emotions is vital for us all.

And what exactly is the danger in being angry? Clara provides the details:

“On such occasions, if we aren’t with someone who possesses the insulating material of prayer or patience, the sudden imbalance in our energies causes great harm, because, when thoughts of anger become interiorized, they can cause temporary mental blindness, dragging the mind into sensations rooted in the remote past, sensations that in turn drag us down into unfortunate experiences of lower animality without even realizing it. According to what we know, anger cannot and must not be expressed in what we say. An angry person is an out of control dynamo, and coming into contact with him or her may cause the strangest disturbances.”[5]

 Hence, not only do we emanate corrupt vibrations, but we inadvertently reinforce emotions from a more primitive past that we should have strived to remove from our repertoire. Worse, anger becomes part of us and our outlook upon the world. We are a delicate machine and losing control of our emotions changes ourselves and the world around us. Our character is influenced by our emotional state.

The Effect of Anger

Spiritism tells us that when we pass over to the “other side”, as the Druids called the spirit realm, we still are who we were during our physical life. Therefore, if we were criminals we still are in the afterlife, if we were kind and considerate we still are in the afterlife. Our character and our thoughts dictate where we shall travel to when we shed our physical bodies.

In the book Our Daily Bread, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier and written by the spirit Emmanuel there is a chapter which explains that we shall experience what we believe. The chapter is titled “Look Farther Ahead”:

“For with the same measure with which you measure others, you yourself shall be measured.” – Jesus (Luke 6:38)

To Eskimos, the sky is a continent made of ice, supported by seals.

To primitive peoples in the forest, there is no paradise greater than abundant game.

To persons of sectarian religion, the glory beyond the grave belongs exclusively to them and those who are of the same mind.

To the erudite, this world and the heavenly spheres that surround it are but a small corner of the universe.

Transfer this observation to your own field of daily activities and do not forget that external situations will be registered in your inner realm according to the elements of reflection harbored in your conscience.

If you persevere in anger, all the energies around you will appear enraged.

If you prefer sadness, you will see discouragement on every step of the road.

If you doubt yourself, no one will have confidence in your efforts.

You will live either tormented or peaceful within a lower or higher realm, where you choose to place your mind. And within the atmosphere that suits you, you will live with the spirits you call upon. If you dwell on idleness, you will experience idleness in all its tones and hues; and if you involve yourself in work, you will find a thousand different ways of being useful.

The scenery that surrounds your steps will always be what you deem it to be, for with the same measure that you apply to Nature, the living work of God, Nature will measure you.”[6]

We determine where we journey at the end of our lives, we go exactly where we should, to the very place we have dwelt upon for years, decades, before our physical death. David was angry, mad at God, mad at himself, and all around him. David’s NDE took him to the very place he had in his mind: to hell.

David’s Purgatory

David laid on his bed, he felt life oozing out of him. He decided to get up. His room seemed different. He couldn’t see, but he sensed that his body was still on the bed. He could see an aura coming from each of his possessions. As he walked, his footprints left a glow.

Our thoughts attached themselves to inanimate objects; the correct term is psychometry. The definition of psychometry is:

“The alleged art or faculty of divining facts concerning an object or a person associated with it, by contact with or proximity to the object.”[7]

Gifted individuals can read the entire history of objects through the thoughts that have beenGeorge_Washington_French_Empire_mantel_clock embedded in body of the article. Spirits, who have been trained, are able to discerned the history of each element which were brought together to create the device. Thoughts from our mind flow through objects and leave their remnants as they fly out toward unlimited space.

David continued on, wishing to explore the strange new world about him:

“At first I tried for the bedroom door and reached out to open it. My arm went through up to my elbows.  I could sense the feel of others out there who wallowed in great sorrow like nothing else mattered. It was frightening, so I pulled my arm back in. I looked towards my window and saw that the branches of the tree kept hitting up against the window from the storm still going on outside. I considered returning to my body, but it seemed like it was no longer an option. The single light bulb that I left on above my head was starting to glow brighter and brighter. This was the entrance, I told myself, so I decided to reach out to the light and go. Go, I did – very very fast.  All of my life’s record played back from my birth till my death.” [8]

The storm outside and the presence of frightened and anguished spirits were caused by David going to the place where he fitted the best. To where there would be others just like him. To where the atmosphere suited him.

David, unlike so many others who had near death experiences who talked about their immediate feeling of being overwhelmed with love, had the opposite impression. Instead of a vortex of swirling warm and comforting light, all David saw was a bare light bulb that increased in luminosity. David felt fear and sadness, whereas those who had NDEs who attempted to balance their emotional state felt a wave of love, which flowed through them and sent them into a state of near ecstasy.

Next David had his life review. Alone, he had the scenes of his current existence played, with no commentary, not support, no coaching on lessons learned or areas of improvement to be noted.

NDE-1-SmallfrontCoverContrast David’s experience with that of James, who I wrote about in my first book about NDEs, What Really Happens During Near Death Experiences – According to Spiritism. When James’ heart stopped, a woman spirit approached him and led him out of our world to the spirit world. Where, as many others before him have noted, the flowers and trees shined as if lit from within. In the books psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, the spirits who communicate with us, also comment about the wondrous aspects of the light, how their senses are heighten and everything takes on a brilliant hue, with colors that we have never seen before.

James describes where his life would be reviewed:

“I was led by the lady through the forest. I asked where we were, what had happened to me, where were we going. I was told everything was fine and my questions would be answered soon. I didn’t feel concerned in fact I felt calm and Peaceful. I was led by the lady to a clearing in the forest in the middle of which was a large wooded oval table with 10 or 11 people seated around it and one chair empty which I was indicated to sit at. Then the lady left. The people at the table seemed very familiar, but in an ‘other’ worldly way and also had the same young but old looking qualities. I was warmly welcomed and told that I had left my physical body, and the purpose of the council was to decide if I should stay or return to it, and that a review would take place to determine this. The review consisted of a screen which appeared above the table in the center which began to play a ‘film’ of my life from the moment I was born. Members of the council paused the film at different parts and we looked at the circumstances surrounding specific events, sometimes from the different perspectives of the other people involved, but mostly they were interested in how the experiences had affected me, and my feelings about things.” [9]

The spirit world doesn’t wish us to be punished, they want us to learn. Each individual has their own method to absorb new lessons the most efficiently. Plus, during different times and within different moods we may require a novel approach to learn what we need to acquire. Hence, for some, a walk in the woods and a seat at a table with a group of sympathetic spirits. For David, this:

“I went to a very stormy place. This was, perhaps, the destination that I reached when having died in anger at a time when I could not remember having much peace in my heart.  I remember mentioning that at this place there was an after-echo in my “thought voice.” My voice would echo straight out towards the horizon before me and always return back into me from the horizon behind me.  This, I thought was very annoying.  This place I reached was not a comfortable environment at all. Storms like no other storm seen on earth would unfold before me in the sky and on the ground of this new and shaken planet.  There were various sizes of volcanic vents around me that would blow steam and heat at any given moment. Sometimes, ghost apparitions would appear in the steam blast and start to wander around; lost as if searching for something they cannot find.”[10]

David doesn’t speak about his life review, except that he had it. David certainly wasn’t in heaven, he was either in the Lower Zone or The Abyss, what most would call a type of purgatory.

The Lower Zone

God has created the Lower Zones, or a type of temporary hell, to function as a time out. A time out umbra-nossaLarwhere one can fully understand the logical extension of their behavior. Because, they will be sentenced to live with others who think and act just like they do. The time out ends when the unfortunate spirit comes to the conclusion that their previous set of values may be mistaken and they should make some changes.

The Reverend G. Vale Owen wrote a series of books, four of which are included in a compilation called, Life Beyond the Veil. In it are stories of heaven, different levels of heaven, how each higher stage has its own characteristics. Conversely, there are accounts of forays into the Lower Zones.

The Lower Zone is an area which begins at the boundary of the lowest level of heaven and reaches down, in successive stages to inside the Earth’s crust. Different sections are for spirits of varying degree of selfishness, materialism, and criminality. Where the guiding light of love and kindness is almost extinguished. But, in spite of the surroundings the outposts of angelic spirits exist to help poor lost souls who are ready and willing to modify their beliefs.

In a separate book, not part of the compilation, is the story of Paul. The title of the book is, Paul and Albert. The book was dictated by the spirit Kathleen and her spirit group to G. Vale Owen in 1919. It is a short book, sixty-eight pages.

Sixty-eight pages of some of the most powerful statements and visions I have ever read. Not because of the monsters or cruelty mentioned, but of the normal course of thinking and behavior of the denizens of the Lower Zones. Attitudes that would fit just fine within our current culture; although some may decry their lack of empathy and morals. Still, many of these poor souls were very successful in the physical world.

Consider the last memories of Paul before he died:

 “He had been figuring out what he had made in that day, as he motored home in his comfortable car with his chauffeur in front. He had been idly gazing at the chauffeur’s back and the quaint thought had come into his mind that, if the man had about, say, thirty shillings in his pocket, and his watch had cost three pounds, and his underclothes, say, two pounds – the uniform had cost about five pounds ten shillings complete – well, he had made just about one and three-eighths of what would buy the man as he sat there. And it had not been an extra good day, so far as remuneration went.”[11]

Paul was a doctor, a physician in London, who had a profitable practice. Enough to have a house in London, maid, butler, and a chauffeur. With a wife and children well taken care of by the gift of his material wealth. All accoutrements that a successful man in a capital city required to demonstrate his social status.

Paul Awakening After Death

The successful doctor, the man who was used to giving orders, woke up in a dingy room. He couldn’t understand why he was clothed in an old calico suit. His coat was too large and his pants were in tatters. What worried him the most was that he had actually shrunken in size. He was no longer slightly fat, but more skin and bones.

Still feeling groggy, he noticed three woman and one man in the room, all sitting on the floor saying nothing. His first thought that he had been drugged and kidnapped. The scene is described:

“The one-time doctor sat with his back against the angle and gazed on them in surprise and, presently, in horror. For the longer he looked at them the more hideous and malevolent did their faces, and even their attitudes, appear. There was, in some indefinable way, a sense, an atmosphere, of wickedness, hate and agony in the room; and this had become intensified as each had entered, so that it had now become intolerable. But the strange thing about this feeling was that the wickedness and malevolence seemed to be not so much theirs as his own, reflected back to him.”[12]

The dinginess and the fetid atmosphere that greeted Paul also welcomed David. There would be worse to come for both Paul and David. Waking up in a squalid location was trivial compared to what would happen next.

David’s Hell

“One of the ghosts blasted out of the vent nearest me, it was a woman. She frightened me. She was dressed in very ancient garb, torn in places, and appeared to be very dirty.  She had no feet below, so she sort of drifted on air. She was approaching my space very slowly. When she reached close enough for me to touch, I chose to communicate.      I asked her if she was able to tell me the name of this place.  She would not answer.  However, she slowly crept even closer toumbra-andreLuiz me as if she was going to take, steal, or hurt me.  I know all thoughts are heard here, so you can’t hide a plan for yourself. Instead you just have to come out and say it.   So I said very stern, “who are you!!”  She then tore off a part of the shroud that hid her face and showed me only bone and skull. Her jaw opened wide, as if dislocated, and she rose completely out of her robe and swooped down at me for a bite. It was my left shoulder, my spirit body. The pain was so great, it was worse than death.  At that very moment as she swooped around in mid-air to take on another bite of my spirit, I dropped down on to my knees and cried out for God.      The spirit women placed her hands on her head and disappeared back into the ground vent. I noticed the other approaching spirits did the same. Still I cried for God, and asked if he would forgive me for speaking so crude of him back on earth and if he would accept me back and take me home, away from this strange land.”[13]

The air, the environment, the heat and steam, then the hideous creature that attacked David all combined to give him a taste of his future home. The spirit realm deliberately allowed David to descend to that horrid location. They wished for him to see what would become of him if he choose to continue hating the world and God. He had to learn the lesson that seeking to wish or cause others harm is not the path to ascend, but to descend into the bowels of the earth.

David’s guardian angel knew all that would befall him. Unbeknownst to David his angelic mentor was beside him, listening to him cry out to be saved. Crying for the one he had been cursing a short time before.

Paul’s Torture

A similar, but more intense episode awaited Paul when he decided to leave that room in the Lower Zones. In his story, he was given the gift of talking to his guardian, who gave him advice. Unlike the other creatures around him, she was young and pretty, she appeared brighter than the others. She walked up to Paul and said:

“This man has called you doctor. That office is no longer yours; for you have not used it well. As to your medical skill, I will only say that it was not nearly so great as either you or your unfortunate patients considered it to be. For it was based on material science, and even the bodies of your patients are more than mere matter. You took no account of the fact that those bodies were permeated through and through with spirit; which being withdrawn animation ceased.”

“What made the affair so much worse – I still speak in a medical sense – was that your motive in chief was the making of money. The curing of your patient was not the aim, but only an aim; it was not the principal aim you had in view. It took a subordinate place. You would not have admitted this, even to yourself. You would have been shocked at the suggestion. That, however, is the first thing you have to recognize here, for until you have done so there is no hope of progress for you.”

“You do not accept my words now. They will come back to you in the midst of your agony and will be of help to you then. That is why I have spoken in this way to you.”[14]

Paul’s spirit guide, the only person who cared for him in that horrible place spoke the truth. She wished to give him the key, so he could change. She knew his current attitude wouldn’t budge. He was too proud, too sure of himself to listen to anyone.

Unlike David, who sensed the danger around him, then was attacked and quickly knew in his heart that he had to ask for help, Paul holding on to his obstinacy refused to heed the gracious warning he was given. Instead he wondered on.

Until he came to an area where two people, a man and a woman, were talking to a congregation on a stage. There was a crowd of about a thousand lost souls. Captivated by the dominate spirits speaking on the dais.

The two addressed Paul, and told him to come up on the stage. Paul hesitated, then the woman sternly commanded him, “Come hither and mount this platform. You have a public duty to perform for the benefit of the community into which you are to be initiated. Come and come quickly!”[15]

Paul had no choice but to obey, their will was stronger than his. The crowd roughly pushed him onto the stage. The narrative continues:

“Paul was informed that he was to play the part of model in an anatomical lecture. That had been his line of interest in his earth life, and he would now, no doubt, be not the least interested among those who should listen to the wisdom of these two very learned idealistic scientists. This was explained to him by three assistants as they stripped him of every rag which had clothed him, and bound him naked to a stake which was fixed into the rock a little to the rear of the center of the stage.”[16]

Notice the air of sarcasm, the use of his own past against him. Souls who have been in the Lower Zones for quite a long time are often quite intelligent and able to use their minds to read the thoughts of others and to control the actions of lesser spirits. The lecture begins:

“Then the lady proceeded to deliver her lecture, while the man illustrated her points, from time to time, on the body of Paul. In order to do this he used two tools. One was a sharply-pointed lancetExplore-Small-front-cover with a long handle. With this he indicated the precise spot in Paul’s anatomy of which the woman was speaking. He did this by plunging it deeply into the flesh.

When some internal organ was mentioned he used the other implement. This was an immense scalpel, with which he cut open the body and laid the flesh aside in order to exhibit the organ discoursed upon. In these operations the man and woman took turn and turn about.

But while the torture inflicted was terrible enough, the fact that, so far from his losing consciousness his intellect became more alert as his bodily suffering increased added agony to agony.”[17]

All through this ordeal, Paul was wide awake. What was more astonishing is that he did not bleed. Paul didn’t realize that in his spirit form, he could not die, no matter what they did to his body. But they didn’t only just torture his corpse, but his mind too.

“The like of it he had never heard before. Every sin in his life seemed to be known to them. One after another, they brought them forth and, with ribald words, couched in mock-scientific phrases, and with an assumed courtesy, laid bare his innermost thoughts, his secret deeds, sins long ago forgotten and, as he had thought, lost in the void of the past. These were now, with shameless relish, retailed in detail in his hearing before the public audience who cheered and howled.”[18]

Finally, after the fun was concluded, he was thrown into a cave and left to recover.

The Saving of David

When David cried out for God, the mere mention of God was not the cause of the other spirits to retreat and sink back into their holes. He was mistaken about that. No, the ignorant spirits, those who had resisted the call to change for the better, could sense the presence of a higher spirit. A spirit who brightness would blind the others, if they saw the full manifestation.

A spirit who resides in one of the levels of heaven is less dense and reflects the love of the Supreme Being, hence they appear bright from within. Whereas, a spirit who hasn’t accepted the love of God, doesn’t reflect much light, for no one is wholly bad. And a low spirit is denser, not as much as we on earth, but still more than a higher spirit. Hence, if a higher spirit wishes to make him or herself visible they must will themselves to become more solid.

This is what was occurring as David shouted for help. David’s guardian angel, his spirit mentor, was preparing to take him out of the Lower Zones.

     “It was at that moment that I also realized that my voice would no longer echo and return back into me.   Instead, I would roar out his name unto the summit of the horizon and his name alone would explode into light and sound.   The rest of the spirits around me would show fear as if God was not any comfort to them at all.  This was sad to me, but it was also a joy for me to know that God had accepted my apologies, as the light on the horizon would expand in my direction.      So beautiful was his light, words cannot express.  His light was like the rising sun. And like the sun he rose up from behind the mountains into the sky. Love poured into every part of my being and my soul was revitalized.   The planet was also changing under His light.  I saw parts of the mountains tear open and gush forth in the form of water falls.  The dark clouds above my head shrank backward at an amazingly swift pace.   God has come; His light is warm and welcoming.   I had then reached a high level of calm and peace.” [19]

David was being escorted up, into the higher spiritual spheres. David was embraced by another spirit, without assistance, David could not have journey up toward the light at such a rapid pace. In the spirit world, spirits can move by thought. There is no speed limit. The velocity of light poses no boundary to the imagination of a spirit.

But, there are fences around the different bands or levels of the spirit world. Those spirits in the Lower Zone, can’t journey up, since their soul is too dense and the glare of the light would be too much for their untrained eyes.

David, protected by his mentor was enabled to feel the start difference between the lower and upper zones. Once he rose, he lost the feeling of sadness and anger, he could see for miles instead of feet. David was only allowed a sneak peek of what he could obtain if he worked at improve himself:

“Slowly as His light would shed across the land you could see grass come up out of the ground.  Huge trees would tear out of the surface and stand tall before me. Birds of all kinds would fly about the sky. All of God’s creatures came out of the forest as if to greet me.  This was the mostcreationlord grand welcome back home.  Tears of joy and laughter are all of the words I can sum up from this experience. His light then grew extremely bright. I had been completely bathed in white light.  God held me lovingly in his embrace for a time.  His light grew brighter until I could barely see anything.      At this point, I could sense that it was time for me to go back to earth.  Looking at God, I said “Please Lord, can I stay?” Hush, He would say, your time on earth has not been completed. Now, go off and be a good lad for there is much more for you to learn.  I thanked God endlessly during my journey home to earth, then there.  WHAM!!! I am in my body again, enough, I don’t know if that is really a word but that’s what it feels like when you first get a body back, so “enough”  ok.”[20]

David’s near death experience was relatively quick. He was shown two extremes. Two choices, a stark unforgiving landscape with dangerous malevolent spirits roaming about or a paradise of light and love.

While David didn’t actually see God, he felt the rays of God’s love. Spirits tells us, that even they knowPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00061] about as much about God as we do. Only after spirits ascend level after level and come closer to becoming perfect or pure spirits will they begin to really understand the power and force of the Divine Being.

What David saw was a spirit, a high spirit, a spirit that radiated the love that came from within and the reflected love of God’s universe. The spirit that looked over and guided David was one day just like us. He or she too incarnated in life after life in a quest to achieve perfection. To erase all blemishes of baser emotions and to fill them with love, fraternity, charity, and honor.

It was all part of the plan specifically tailored for David’s benefit. The Spirituality knew precisely how to present the lesson plan. They knew what would motivate David to alter his mindset and to make a lasting impression to get him to change course.

David woke-up back in his body. He immediately questioned himself for being delusional. But, he couldn’t deny his lungs were now completely clear. The spirit world made sure he would be given positive evidence of his journey. Mentally checking that he had indeed had an out-of-body experience, he waiting for the dawn:

“This had to be one of the most beautiful mornings that I had ever seen. The sky was bright pink and the sun embraced the horizon.  Even now, when there are days when life gets too tense, that is when I know it is time to stop and watch the sunrise.  Many times I can still see Him smiling in the sun and shining on my face.  That is a comfort to me, and so is the knowledge that we have a home to go to when we have finished life’s lessons and labor.”[21]

David was blessed with a positive outcome, the spirit realm and all of his friends residing in the other side were pulling for his success.

Paul’s Outcome

Paul, who had lost his physical body, was a harder case than David. He spent years wandering in the Lower Zones, when he finally grew tired of living amongst his own kind and knew he desired a better life. A life filled with love instead of hate and derision.

Once he mentally adjusted himself and started to treat others with kindness, his angelic mentor led him upwards out of purgatory. When they ventured into the next sphere, Paul was amazed.

“Paul was lost in admiration of the scene before him. There were islands dotted about the river’s course on which were kiosks and summer-houses, and on one large island a music pavilion. Here was an orchestra which made music that floated over the lawns and flower-gardens and houses, City-heavenand bathed all in a flood of melody. It brought a sense of restful content to the two weary newcomers who stood there rapt in ecstasy. So great was the contrast, and so sudden had it been sprung upon Paul, that he forgot his companions and stood rapt in silent wonderment.

At last his lips moved, as to himself he murmured, ‘Yes, God lives.’

It was the first time that Name had been on his lips since he had left the earth life. He paused for a few moments, still in a deep rapture of solemn meditation; then added: ‘ – and loves.’”[22]

His guiding spirit told them, that this wasn’t even the beginning of heaven, but only a way station to rest and recuperate after a hard expedition. She then led him to a pavilion and asked him to wait.

When she returned she had Paul’s wife on her arm. She had waited for the betterment of her husband. Paul took his wife and gave her a long hug and felt warm in the arms of his long-awaited love.

We Have Support Above and Around Us

Paul and David didn’t just improve spontaneously, they were guided by a legion of spirit helpers and close friends who cheered them on during their struggle. The spirit world doesn’t want to lose one of their flock, they fervently wish for all beings, incarnates and discarnates, to discover the light.

In the book Our Daily Bread, Chapter 76, we are told by the spirit Emmanuel of how we are nurtured and watched:


“Therefore, since we too are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us leave behind everything that hinders. – Paul (Heb. 12:1)

This concept of Paul of Tarsus deserves special consideration by students of the Gospel.

Each human existence is always an invaluable day of struggle – a generous step toward an infinite ascension – and whatever their situation may be, people will always be surrounded by an enormous legion of witnesses. We are not only referring to those who are part of our own family circle, but above all, the friends and benefactors of each individual, who watch over him or her in different situations of life from the lofty realms of higher spirituality.

All over the world, disciples are surrounded by a large cloud of spirit witnesses, who follow their every step, taking note of their attitudes, for no one has come to the earthly experience by chance, without solid reasons based on love or justice.

Generous spirits endorsed the requests of the repentant soul prior to its reincarnation; judges took part in the processes related to it, and friends interceded in the service of assistance, contributing to organizing the particulars of the redemptive struggle… These friends and guides steadfastly watch over their ward throughout the new task and speak to him or her without words in the innermost reaches of the conscience. Parents and children, husbands and wives, siblings and blood relatives of the world are protagonists of the evolutionary drama, whereas these watchful observers usually remain on the other side of life.

This very day, do as much good as possible for your partners in the struggle, and do not forget those who, full of concern and love, watch over you in spirit.”[23]

Nothing could be plainer. We are supported by an army of loving spirits. All who have our best The Problem is the Solutioninterests at heart. While it may not seem so, in the middle of our daily dramas, we have the capacity to grow and make them proud of us by our actions every day.

Our daily struggles are there for a reason, find out why we must experience the trials assigned to us in my book The Problem is the Solution – 7 Life Complications Sent to Test and Teach You.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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