The NDE of Ronnie – The boy who was ran over by a car


boy-sleddingRonnie was a young boy when his NDE occurred. Ordinarily, his accident would barely receive two paragraphs in the local paper. All of his neighbors would know of the tragedy which either killed or maimed the boy for life. His entire extended family would spend years caring for him.

None of this happened. Ronnie walked away from being run over by a car. Not just a glancing blow that spun him out of harm’s way. A full-on encounter with the entire weight of an automobile driving over his body.

The Story

Ronnie’s NDE story was gathered from the website. A fountain of compelling accounts, from different countries, different languages and cultures, all tales of a momentary intersection with a universe that is not ours.

His story is located here. Amongst a multitude of sightings into a parallel dimension. A dimension we can’t perceive, but those who reside there can see us. We come from that other place, the “Other World” as the Druids called it. That is where we really live, not here, not in this dense domain, where our bodies grow and decay in a short span.

The Druids knew that we lived in temporary vessels. The Gauls would hurl themselves intoDruids-and-Oak-Tree battle, with their courage bolstered by their certainty that if they perished, they would return to fight another day in another body. Whereas, their undisciplined battle order fell time and time again to the well-trained and ordered Romans, their bravery was never in doubt.

Little wonder that not only did Caesar take their territory and freedom, but in order to finally subjugate the unruly Gauls, he had to pursue and wipe out the Druids. Similar to what the Romans subsequently attempted with the Christians. Another dangerous religion that preached about a life beyond earth.

The Accident

Ronnie describes the events before his accident;

“I was sled riding down an alleyway that intersected with an avenue at the bottom. I could not stop before entering the avenue. I went out into the street and struck the front bumper of the white Cadillac with my head.”[1]

A typical kid, seeking the thrill of sledding down a step road never realizing the danger which could await him below. As soon as Ronnie’s head hit the front bumper, he left his body and became a spectator.

“That very moment I left myself and was out on the sidewalk. I was not standing on the ground, I was hovering. There was a girl my age standing on the ground next to me holding her head and screaming. I could hear her and I looked at her, she was very afraid of what she was seeing so I turned and looked in the direction she was looking. It was “Me” and I was in the process of about to be run over by the car. At that time a knowledge came to me that if I wanted any chance to live, I needed to slow the car down so when the tire went over me, the body had to be on its back. I knew somehow that if the car ran me over on my stomach, it would not survive. I did, I slowed the car down and was directing the car when to go over the body. I did get it to run over the body facing up and now I had to have the same thing happen with the back tire. The car being so low to the ground was making the body (my body) to roll over and over. Once it got near the rear tire I slowed down the car again so it ran over me facing up. It did, it ran me over facing up. Now the body was stuck sledding_accidentbehind the rear tire and a big clump of snow that was stuck to the car. I watched the car drag my body down the road until the intersected the next road. When the car hit the dip in the road, the body fell out. I remember being glad that it was over but the girl was still screaming. She screamed all the way through this experience. Because she was screaming a man came out of his house at the back door, looked towards us and looked in the direction the girl or we were looking. He saw my body and he ran over to it. The body was crawling, using only the left arm. I think it was trying to go home. Not sure.”[2]

At the Hospital

Next, he was rushed to the hospital, He knew his entire body was full of blood from internal bleeding. When he reached the emergency room, the doctors told his mother that he had little chance to live. They could not operate because the internal bleeding was so profuse, that once he was opened he would immediately bleed to death. Ronnie was put on observation to determine if the flow of blood would diminish enough to allow the doctors inside to repair the damage.

A priest was called to give Ronnie his last rites and to make his mother and family comfortable in the knowledge that Ronnie would be taken care of in heaven.

“I remember things going on off and on. My whole family was there at the hospital. Six doctors were around me talking. My mother sent for a priest for my last rights. She did not know nor did any doctor know what I knew. I was going to be okay. When Father T arrived I hospital-childrens-Paviliontried to talk to him, but couldn’t. I could only move my left arm and my head side to side. So I kept reaching out to him over and over again. Father T looked into my eyes and I shook my head no. We did not talk but we did. He looked again in my eyes with a smile as saying you been there and your going to be okay. I shook my head yes. He then told my mother he is going to be fine, that I did not need last rights. She insisted that he did. As he began the last right, we kept smiling at each other, like in conversation that we know but they don’t.”[3]

Father T was correct, His faith enabled him to realize the small boy laying on the bed, surrounded by doctors was going to pull through. Spirits who were also in the room, caring for Ronnie, giving him magnetic passes so his body could heal quickly, let the Reverend Father know that he would not lose one of his flock.

The doctors wanted to let Ronnie stabilize so they could operate. They left for the night, not really expecting to see Ronnie alive the next morning. Then Ronnie has a second close call the next day.

“The hospital kept a 24-hour vigil over me, taking vitals at times. The doctors told my mother if we can stabilize him we will operate. I knew that there would be no operation. In the early morning hours I fell asleep. The nurse panicked and started giving me oxygen calling for help. Little did she know, that blowing up my lungs with oxygen was piercing my lungs from the broken ribs. I could not fight her off nor the others that had answered her call for help. I could only move my left arm. So again I left my body and watched as they tried to help. Finally a male nurse said take the oxygen off and they did. I was fine.”[4]

How did Ronnie know that supplying him with oxygen was the wrong procedure? He’s just a boy. He knew because his guardian spirit was there with him, assessing the situation. Most probably, it was his guardian who notified the male nurse, via a mental suggestion, to come to the room and rectify the situation.

Later, the doctors came to Ronnie’s bedside to assess the patient.

“In the morning the doctors began coming in one by one. They were discussing my condition and could not explain what happened to me with each other. But I knew. Finally the doctors went out and told my family, we can not explain it, but we can not find any blood in his cavity. He is stable and that they will continue watching me.”[5]

How could Ronnie be healed and the blood that had filled his entire body cavity be re-absorbed? It was the work of a dedicated team of spirits, who came at the request of Ronnie’s guardian spirit.

By utilizing magnetic passes, whereby Universal Fluid is directed at Ronnie’s body, and transformed into Vital Fluid which corresponds to his needs, the physical shell for Ronnie’s spirit, was able to amass the resources required to heal itself.

Your body utilizes Vital Fluids, which is a modification of the Universal Fluids that make up everything in the Universe, these are altered to fit your own spirit and body. Vital Fluid can be thought as an energy force that maintains the various Force centers, otherwise known as Chakras, which are responsible for keeping all of your bodily functions in harmony. The more Vital Fluids you have, the Explore-Small-front-coverhealthier and more vitality you possess.

There is more information about healing and your life’s destiny in my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.

Ronnie fully recovered. His ribs healed and his flesh mended. He had no discernible injuries after his horrendous accident.

A Miracle?

Ronnie account of being struck by the car and surviving with no lasting injuries would easily be considered a miracle in many people’s mind. The odds that a young child would escape free of future disabilities from front and back tires rolling over his body would be astronomical. Yes, with modern medicine many would survive, but to have no detectable bleeding in his body, even after the nurse gave him oxygen, is a true anomaly.

Therefore, was Ronnie’s escape a miracle? According to Spiritism, no. A miracle is an act of God that is contrary to the laws of nature. An unexplainable incident. Yet, Spiritism states there are no events which do not follow the Natural Laws of God. Hence, all manifestations, no matter how improbable or completely impossible adhere to the Divine Laws.

While it may be a miracle to our eyes, the actual episode followed step by step a set of Divine Laws which rule the universe. Whereas, we on earth are like the cargo cults of New Guinea.

During World War II, the aborigines of New Guinea saw planes crash and sometimes misdirected parachute supplies land within their tribal boundaries. Having no notion of twentieth century technology, they believed the material goods dropped on them were manna from the gods. They devised symbolic copies of airplanes made out of bamboo and other plants from the jungle to notify the gods they were ready for more.

Our culture rejects anything we can’t explain. Or, worse, we assign it a fancy name, to make it appear we comprehend a condition. But in reality, we are merely categorizing a mystery. One example of this hubris is the term “sleep paralysis”. What is the definition of this condition? According to Wikipedia it is;

“Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon in which a person, either falling asleep or awakening, temporarily experiences an inability to move, speak or react. It is a transitional state between wakefulness and sleep characterized by complete muscle atonia (muscle weakness). It is often accompanied by terrifying hallucinations (such as an intruder in the room) to which one is unable to react due to paralysis, and physical experiences (such as strong current running through the upper body). One hypothesis is that it results from disrupted REM sleep, which normally induces complete muscle atonia to prevent sleepers from acting out their dreams. Sleep paralysis has been linked to disorders such as narcolepsy, migraines, anxiety disorders, and obstructive sleep apnea; however, it can also occur in isolation.”[6]

No mention of possession by spirits, other death experiences, after death experiences, no spiritual connotations whatsoever. As if the roots of our very existence, when humans lived closer to God and his messengers were all mere fragments of our collective imagination. The definition fails in its inability to precisely account for the multitude of people who swear they have been visited or talked to spirits. Anything to do with a world beyond our control is summed up in one word; hallucinations.

I confess, I too thought the same. I too dismissed any account I read or heard as the musings of weak minds. How could they be so stupid! Until the time that I, the know it all, experienced a series of events that could not be dismissed as a hallucination. No I didn’t have a NDE or any type of conversation or sighting of a spirit, Jesus, or an all-knowing God. Mine was simply being told of an upcoming incident. A foretelling that took more than twenty years to unfold that shook me off my pedestal and taught me that I know nothing and am nothing.

Suffice to say, that my wife was told of her future life with uncanny accuracy, including events that I, her husband, would experience. There were many things my wife told me. I was oblivious to all of them, putting each down to coincidence, but finally after the accumulation of proof, I was told exactlyPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00061] how I would lose my job, what the ramifications would be and who I would work for next, set me off on a discovery. A journey that I am still on. A quest to determine how could the future be told with certainty, when I the rational being, had absolute faith that we on earth were just random bits of organic material, that grew and died for no particular purpose.

Now I understand we are part of a fantastic universe of love. Not of leisure, but one of caring and hard work. Work that we require to perfect ourselves. And within our universe is a set of laws that we are guided by. Laws that for the most part are beyond our current understanding, but are rational nevertheless. As part of the structure of the Divine Laws, there exists a spiritual world with immense capability.

Capability that was responsible for Ronnie to be ran over by a car and not lose his life or become paralyzed.

What Probably Did Happen?

My interpretation of how Ronnie survived his ordeal is a little different that his perspective. Whereas Ronnie believed he slowed down the car, the greatest probability is that a guiding spirit, his guardian angel, vastly increased his ability to think and react.

When a person throws a punch at us, or an object is hurled in our direction, if we had not anticipated it, we would take about three-quarters of a second to react.

The time it takes for a moving car to cross the same space from the front wheel to the back wheel is extremely fast. For an average car to stop at thirty-five miles per hour takes about 106 feet. A car traveling at 30 mph travels 44 feet every second. A 2015 Chevy Camaro is about 16 feet in length with a wheel base of 9 feet 4 inches. Therefore, at thirty miles per hour it would take approximately two tenths of a second to run over an object with the front and back tires.

Ronnie states that he maneuvered himself on his back, to protect his spine, before the firstsnow car crash wheel hit him. Next, by the force of the forward motion of the car and the rotating tire, he spun around and again managed to perfectly land on his back once more just before the rear tire ran over him. A maneuver that a trained athlete wouldn’t have a hope of performing.

What occurred was his guardian spirit fed his body the precise movements required. Aerial gymnastics in which Ronnie made a score of perfect 10’s. Ronnie’s perception was heightened to a degree of which we have no measure. He measured time in microseconds, seeing each one thousandth of a second as we perceive minutes. His guardian angel orchestrated his survival.

Not a miracle, but a demonstration of the power that surrounds us. A force of such immensity, that the time required to calculate the exact position for Ronnie’s body at each moment in time, was done in an imperceptible interval. Then to communicate directly to Ronnie’s conscious thoughts and have his body react according to plan is a task that our most powerful computers would surely fail.

Not a miracle, but a small gift to an innocent child and importantly to us a signpost. A marker, that points, thanks to Ronnie’s description, onward to discovering for ourselves the wondrous world around us. Leading us to conclude that our knowledge of universal laws are woefully inadequate. We must acknowledge our immaturity and seek comprehension about the spirit world from unconventional sources. Sometimes, most certainly, we may be mistaken, while at other junctions, we may stumble upon the right track. We must get off the paved road of stifling convention and onto the path of our own discovery.

Ronnie’s Experience in the Other World

When the ordeal of surviving the assault of the front and rear tires of the car was completed, Ronnie laid in the snow, watching the little girl crying and people rushing to his assistance, spirits talked to him;

“At that time and moment I was told to go back or come forward. I went over to my body, I did not walk I just floated like over. I was hovering over my body when again I was told itsLadderToSky getting late make up your mind what your going to do. As I was looking down I said I am not going in there, the body was bleeding out it mouth ears and nose. I could see the pain it was in so I said ” I am not going back in there.” That is when I left the site. It sounded like some kind of machine turned on and I was in this very dark tunnel with a very tiny spot of light way way far in front of me. I could feel myself going forward towards the light. As I got closer to the light I noticed the light was brighter than any other light I saw in my life, but it did not hurt my eyes. The FEELING I had as I was getting closer was a feeling of love. Kind of being in your mothers arms but much much more.”[7]

Ronnie made a logical decision. Why return to a banged up shell. Obviously damaged beyond repair. When your alternative is the home that you know you belong to. A place where you are lighter, healthier, smarter and faster. Where colors are more vivid and your senses are eight times stronger.

How do we know you are able to sense more? In the book, Workers of the Life Eternal, dictated by Andre Luiz and psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, a spirit comments on the capabilities of incarnates;

“Notwithstanding the progress of scientific investigation, ordinary humans can currently perceive only about one eight of the plane where they spend their existence. Sight and hearing, the two doors that could expand their intellectual research, continue to be greatly restricted. For instance, let us consider sunlight, which compress the basic colors that can be seen by corporeal eyes. We are only able to see colors that go from red to violet, and most people see nothing past the last five, which are blue, green, yellow, orange and red – they fail to detect indigo and violet. However, there are other colors in the spectrum that correspond to vibrations that the human eye is incapable of detecting. There are infrared and ultraviolet rays, which the human researcher is able to identify imperfectly but is unable to see visibly.”[8]

Ronnie started making the journey home, via a gold road. Then he saw the person he had been missing for so many years.

“I walked some more and came upon a pair of steps. The steps were solid gold. I remember thinking that if I could take some of these steps back to my mother, everything would be fine. My mom was a widow for a long time and we suffered hardships along the way. On the side of the steps was a plaque and it read “flight ###”, I can’t remember the number but it was a three digit number. That is when I heard or noticed someone coming down the stairs. I ran a short distance away from the steps and knelled down in the fog so I would not be seen. As this person began to come down the steps, I could see his feet and ankles, then his legs. I felt now that I knew this person but wasn’t sure who it was. As he came down the steps I could see his chest and his chest had a white corsage on it. I should of know at that point who he was but I didn’t. My dad had a white corsage on his chest lying in his casket before we buried him. When his face came into view I saw that it was my daddy. I was six years old when he died. I got up and started to run towards the stairs yelling ” Dad, Dad, oh Daddy I am sorry for what I have done.” He smiled at me, I could see his gold tooth, and he stopped coming down the steps. He then said to me “it doesn’t matter… as long as you are truly sorry for what you have done.” And I replied ” yes Dad I am really sorry.” Then he said “well then, that’s all you need. How about you coming to live with me for awhile?” I answered “yes, I would like that.” He stretched out his hand for me to come and I did. He took me by the hand and turned around and we started walking up the steps. We took a few steps and we stopped. He sighed and ask me “what’s wrong?” His head was down looking towards the ground, he never looked at me again, I answered, ” I can’t go with you, Mommy and Richie (my little brother) will cry.”[9]

Once again, our loved ones, the people we miss so much in our lives are in the other world waiting. Waiting in a much better place that we. Our sorrow should be replaced with joy, knowing they finished their trial and are preparing for the next. A new adventure, comprising new courses of study combined with new events to push them on in their quest to become a better soul.

Ronnie’s father knew his son had to go back, but he wanted Ronnie to know he was fine and to giveNDE-1-SmallCover Ronnie the faith required to finish his trials, his assigned classes.

If you like to read more about what the spirit world is telling us via NDE’s, please read my book, What Really Happens During Near Death Experiences.

The central reason we are here on this little planet in the middle of nowhere, is to better ourselves. Ronnie had just started his schooling in life, the spirit world wanted him to continue. His plan didn’t have him returning so soon. Hence, the spirit realm patched him up, petted him on the head on sent BookCover-Reincarnationhim back.

If you wish to learn more about reincarnation, how it works and how we are active participants in planning our successive lives please read my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.

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