The Probable NDE of Sara A

By Brian Foster

mind-reading2Sara A is an interesting case. She hit her head, after overdosing on different types of medications and woke up a changed woman. She remembered, via lucid dreams what she experienced while she was unconscious, but she didn’t have the usual all in NDE white light type of experience. Her story is on the website, at this location.

This case illustrates how our encounter can not only modify our attitude toward life, but also our entire physical body and alter how we process our sensory input and thoughts. Sarah begins by relating how she fell to the depths of despair.

“I had officially hit rock bottom in my life. My prosperous career had ended abruptly due to an accident that caused a debilitating back injury and I was wallowing in the depths of fear and victimhood. The doctor told me that my back would require surgery if I ever wanted to have a normal life again but I had no means to pay for it. Angry bouts of pre-cancerous skin tumors had begun to pop up all over my body. I lived through my days lying in bed in and out of consciousness with the drapes drawn, with daytime reality TV playing in the background. I existed in a debilitating mental state with my emotions fluctuating between depression, anxiety sadness, anger and futility. Thoughts of ending it all began to enter into my mind. I over-medicated daily with a cocktail combination of pain meds, antidepressants, anti-anxiety pills, and alcohol in an attempt to try to numb out all the physical and emotional pain I was feeling.”[1]

Here is one of the common themes of many NDEs, suffering. Why is this? Why must we suffer here on earth? Why must we suffer at all? Unfortunately, there is a good answer.

Being trapped in a material body affords us the opportunity to learn what is not possible to apprehend in the spirit world. While certainly, one can gather intellectual knowledge, the building of our emotions, of faith, charity, honor and love are rooted in the pain and suffering we are exposed to in the physical world. The Spirits Book backs up this thesis, in the secondary question to question 175;

Would it not be happier to remain as a spirit?

“No, no! For we should remain stationary; and we want to advance towards God.”[2]

Hence, there is no shortcut. No easy path for redemption. We can’t lie our way out, we can’t hire someone else to take the punishment and there is no one to bribe to let us off the hook. We must pay the bill with our own time and labor.

In the book, Memoirs of a Suicide, Camino Blanco, the spirit who inspired the book, visits the wards of a heavenly campus, where suicides are recovering, after a period of time in the Lower Zones. At the end of the long tour through the wards of the truly pitiful spirits, Camino is told that all will recover eventually. The method is described by those whose love and compassion will direct the care of the mournful spirits.

“Pain the Teacher will correct their anomalies and reconcile them with the Law! God isanger Infinite Mercy, my friends! He wants his people to live in harmony with the eternal beauty of his laws! And since we know that these laws are incorruptible, it is up to us to obey and respect them so that we don’t wind up having to drink the bitter gall of the consequences that we created for ourselves with our freewill when we left the natural and luminous pathway.”[3]

“Pain the Teacher” is exactly what Sara was experiencing. Her suffering focused her thoughts. Sara’s mind was honed in on her life like a laser. She thought of ending her life because of what she had reviewed; her mental and physical life had been totally deteriorated. Sara had reached the end of her rope. Only then did she determine to try once more to ask God for help.

“I became so lost one day that I knew I had reached the brink to utter darkness. I cried out in agony from my heart asking for God to save me. I was mad at God during this time and blamed him for my predicament. Previous to my accident I had prayed for help in finding happiness in my life and had been in the accident instead. Things had become much worse instead of getting better. At the time of my first prayer I remember feeling guilty and ashamed because even though I had all the material comfort I needed and the perfect husband, I still didn’t feel happy inside and that something was missing.”[4]

This passage reveals so much about our life on earth and how we are led by the spirit world. Sara tells us that before her accident she had prayed for help in finding happiness. Even though she had the money to buy what she desired and a wonderful husband, she still felt lost inside.

God had given her enough luxuries that any third world person would have traded their left hand for. While, millions of people exist in a loveless marriage, Sara knew her husband was worthy of her and loved her. Yet, like many of us, she still felt a lacking, a hole in her being. Ask yourself, what could have God supplied to her that would have made any difference?

Winning the lottery would have supplied a few moments of exhilaration, then the same longing would have returned. Any material gain could only provide a temporary relief from her despair. The void that she felt is only fillable by her own mind. God knew this. Her spirit guide knew this. Hence, they really did answer her prayer. Events were set to enable her to realize the solution to her problem.

By the way, be careful for what you pray for, you might get it. As in the stories of Aladdin, where the genie grants the wishes in ways you did not consider, the spirit world may also deliver you what you need. Not what you want.

Sara’s Accident

The very evening after she fervently prayed a second time for God’s help, she felt mentally refreshed. She and her husband went to a restaurant and as she approached she felt immense energy all about her. A large presence loomed that heightened her senses and caused her to look in every direction.

At the restaurant, she drank excessively. Her husband managed to get her to the car, she threw-up on the drive home, next attempted to walk to the house after they arrived Whereupon she fell down and hit her head on the sidewalk. Her worried husband took her to the hospital.

Sara reports what happened at the hospital;

“That first night in the hospital, I could feel all the inner emotional pain of all the people, and even the doctors and nurses. I noticed that there was a very calm peacefulness that was radiating and generating love from my heart center and that it was having a soothing effect on everyone around me, calming them and healing away stuff they had taken on. Strangers at the hospital befriended me, and hospital staff went out of their way to converse with me, much to the curiosity of my husband. I knew why but felt the need to say nothing but just share a state of higher consciousness with everyone who came near.”[5]

Sara started to feel the thoughts and feelings radiating from others. Her mind, which for Sara and all of us is a beacon of energy, sending thoughts and receiving them, became more in tune to the stream of feelings from others.

Andre Luiz, the spirit who spent time in the Lower Zone before ascending to the celestial city of Nosso Lar, wrote in his book, In the Domains of Mediumship, about the time when he was told how our minds are like the amount of energy transmitted to a light bulb and how it affects the amount of light displayed. Andre was interested in the analogy of our thoughts and the light bulb. He wished to know how the energy of the light bulb is related to our mental forces. His instructor quickly perceived his thoughts and explained the relationship;

“The bulb, in whose interior the light is produced, disperses the photons which are elements of nature that vibrate in physical movements particular to them. Our soul, in whose intimate ambient the radiating idea is processed, projects the condensed spiritual elements into various mental forces. The world acts one upon the other through the radiation they emit, and the souls influence one another via the mental agents they produce.”[6]

Hence, our mind does send out energy, not photons, but another form, of which our science has not yet explained. The normal functioning of our body supplies the power, derived from our food intake, to allow our brains the electrical and chemical power for our neurons to trigger to internally form and emanate our thoughts. Andre takes this logic and extrapolates to its logical conclusion.

“Just as we on Earth have an understanding of the chemistry of dense matter by cataloguing its atomic units, we can also study the make-up of the mind. Cruel thoughts, rebellion, sadness, love, comprehension, hope and happiness have individual weights and make the soul more dense or subtle, In addition, we can define it magnetic qualities. Each mental wavelength possesses its specific coefficients of energy expressed in silent concentration, speech or written word.”[7]

If this statement is true, then by analyzing the wavelengths radiating from our minds, we are able to ascertain the general thoughts of a person, this explains how spirits are able to mentally read our minds. Sara begins to display the same talent.

The Transformation

Sara felt her body completely morph into a sensing organism. She writes;

“I now felt completely conscious and awake in every cell of my body for the first time in my life and I was very aware that I was seeing the world through entirely new enlightening eyes. I knew everything was going to be okay in my life and I had no fear, only anticipation and an excited feeling to hurry up and get started with whatever was about to happen.”[8]

The spirit world not only healed her body, but enable Sara to use her full potential. There is an infidelity2example of the spirit realm assisting a woman in the book, Missionaries of the Light, where the spirit Andre Luiz watches another spirit, Anacleto, manage the healing process. Andre asks if he could see a demonstration of the benefits of the procedure, and Anacleto points to a woman and tells him;

“This morning she had a bad argument with her husband and entered a serious state of inner disharmony. The small cloud surrounding her vital organ represents fulminating mental matter. The permanence of such residues in her heart could cause a dangerous illness. Let’s help her.”[9]

Andre then saw that Anacleto, with the help of an incarnate Spiritist, directed the energy of the Vital Fluids, in the form of a ray of light, toward the woman’s heart. Andre describes the healing that he witness;

“Besieged by these magnetic principles, the small amount of black matter enveloping the mitral valve slowly moved away, and as if attracted by Anacleto’s strong will, it reached thePasses upper tissues, scattering under the radiating hand along the epidermis. Then the spirit magnetizer began the more active phase of the passes, discarding the evil influence. He made a double pass over the epigastric area by lifting both hands and immediately bringing them down very slowly past the hips down to the knees, repeating the same pass and operation over the area several times. In just a few moments the infirm woman’s body returned to normal.”[10]

Andre was amazed at the speed and completeness of the healing. Next he was curious to know, what would have happened to the woman, if she didn’t visit a Spiritist Center. Would she be able to heal herself? Andre is told anyone who is living a religion that follows the path of the good, will receive spiritual assistance, as long as they ask for help in prayer and trust in God.

Therefore, Sara’s plea to God, wasn’t just answered by the Divine Entity, but most probably a team of spirits sent by God. They had given Sara a new gift. A power to be used for the good of all. She describes her new ability;

“From that moment on I was able to feel the pure vibration of a person and all the fear and insecurity floating around them just like bad computer viruses that could easily be swept away. Something alive inside of me was able to speak to others energy and reassure them that everything was really okay and it was all just debris that was swirling around. I knew inside myself without a shadow of a doubt that everything was and always had been okay and would continue to be so always. I knew there was a plan. I was able to sense fear energy as dense and weak and crying loudly. This never went away and I help clients today sharing this gift, among others that I received.”[11]

Along with her new ability, her head and body ceased hurting and she recovered her ability to move her torso without pain or stiffness. For the first time in years she was pain free and able to discard all of her medications.

As others reported in their NDEs, Sara talks of a plan. She doesn’t know the details, but she knows there is one. Like other spirits, before she came to earth, she created a plan for her life, part BookCover-Reincarnationatonement for past wrongs and part labor for the good of others.

There is a plan for each one of us. To fully comprehend the process and planning of your reincarnations, read my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.

In her plan, she divided her life into two sections. The first half of her life was one of a normal self-possessed person. She describes her intellectual growth;

“There was so much still to download and understand that what I came back with was so immense and it would take some quite a bit of linear time to accumulate in my body mind so I began to meditate to speed up the process. I suddenly felt the craving to do this and discovered that I was instantly really good at meditating, even though I had never done it before. Previously, my ability to focus even for a moment was impossible because my mind was a lot like a 5 year old on a sugar high. Before this experience I was extremely impatient and incapable of sitting still or listening or focusing for longer than a few seconds.”[12]

Her description of a short attention span could fit almost all of us. Our culture does not promote introspection or contemplation of any sort. We are trained to move from one channel to the next, in search of any available stimuli, except our own thoughts. Now, given the ability to use her cranial capacity as she should, her learning accelerated, her intellectual boundaries have greatly expanded. Even into areas where she shied away from in the past.

“My new understanding of numbers, math, and physics was both interesting and ironic because all my life I had struggled with even the simplest arithmetic. I still don’t possess the knowledge to solve math problems, but I know I don’t need to. I just have to apply the energy itself now and not try to figure the math part out. But I love numbers and equations and everything science related just the same.”[13]

The instant understanding of complex equations is indicative of how spirits communicate. By wavelengths, numbers, ratios, transforming thoughts into math equivalents, are aspects of communication between higher spirits. While lower spirits still converse in words, using languages known to us on earth, there is a universal idiom to those who roam the universe and live on higher planes. Sara’s spirit knows this, although unable to completely connect with her spirit and full memories, she is acquainted with the practice.

The Result

The combination of the gifts bestowed and Sara’s own dedication made her a new person. Ready for the second phase of her life. First she healed herself;

“I had battled with my angry pre-cancerous skin tumors during my mentally ill state of existence, which I now completely understood were simply a numerological equation of energy that resulted in matter that was out of alignment to the harmonious balance of nature (no other way of describe it). In human terms my cancer and back injury were the direct result of my mental and emotional state and were manifesting into physical dis-ease. I had no fear toward death or illness anymore so I simply started directing or harnessing or aiming mathematical equations of harmonious love toward my ailments without really trying but allowing, and it manifested a harmonious physical result. Everything that was out of alignment in my life, both emotionally and physically healed quickly and efficiently.”[14]

There are examples of healing in Spiritist literature. In the book, Missionaries of the Light, Andre Luiz again supplies us with his view from the spirit realm, there is a section that deals with a young woman who is being obsessed by spirits who wish revenge on actions she had taken in a previous life. Alexandre, Andre’s mentor, tells him why the young woman is able to successfully resist the barrage of bad thoughts that errant spirits are aiming in her direction;

“Only patients who have willingly made themselves their own physician achieve a positive healing; the principle is the same in the dolorous field of obsession. If victims capitulate unconditionally to their adversaries, they will surrender completely and become possessed guardianangel2after becoming an automaton at the mercy of the persecutor. If they have a weak and indecisive will, they will become accustomed to the persistent actions of their persecutor and will become accustomed to the circle of irregularities, a situation very difficult to correct, because little by little, it will become a pole of strong mental attraction to the persecutors themselves. In such cases our activities are nearly limited to simple tasks of assistance aimed at results far into the future. However, when we find patients who are interested in their healing, taking advantage of our resources in order to apply them to their spiritual evolution, then we can foresee immediate gains.”[15]

Hence, as in Sara’s case, you too, whether you have a physical or mental illness, if you emphasize your spiritual strength and willpower, reject bad thoughts and maintain your positive energy, you shall be actively assisted in your recovery by your friends in the spirit world.

Along with her increased mental powers and refreshed body, Sara has a new philosophy of life.

“I can sense now the most efficient way back to the love of source is to just trust in the flow of nature and to love ourselves and others selflessly. We have the ability in this lifetime toSpirit-of-Truth_200px gain mastery over our human thoughts and to become conscious observers of our continuous states of being humans and so we can learn in a more efficient, and non-judgmental way. I know now that the beauty is in the journey and not the destination. The more I allow myself to sift through my life experiences, I’m able to truly see all sides of the coin and learn traits like compassion, patience, and selfless love. Then I can become spiritual and fluid again and move back into the more spiritual states of awareness and into the light.”[16]

Sara intuitively found the Doctrine of Spiritism. That we are all immortal spirits, who reincarnate to Explore-Small-front-coverimprove our souls. Our need is to practice love, charity, fraternity and live honestly. Selflessness is the key. Help others, encourage all, be kind to everyone should be a daily ritual. To understand more about Spiritism and what it means to you please read my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.

It is not surprising that Sara comes to the conclusion that she did, for Spiritism reveals that the Natural Laws of God are implanted in us. They are part of every spirit. We have the right to ignore them, but they are always there and our conscience provides detailed interpretations for each code, each regulation in the pantheon of laws.

Therefore, we don’t need books like the ones I have written, we have no requirement for dogmas or rituals. The Bible is superfluous and all of the literature written by saints and others telling us how to behave and think aren’t necessary. For we contain the complete code within us. We just don’t listen.

This is why the Bible and other teachings are important. Not to expose a new set of divine laws, but to convince our minds, our emotions, our passions to reflect for a moment and listen to our conscience.

Our path to ascend spirituality is tattooed inside us. A mark we can never erase. The map to happiness and bliss is clearly defined. Each road sign is unambiguous. We only have to heed the directions supplied us. How many times have you read in the Bible, where Jesus said, “If anyone has ears to hear, let them hear.” This is precisely what was meant. If you would just listen to what you are saying to yourself, you will know!

Sara is tapped into dimensions beyond our comprehension. She sees, senses and feels the energy that we walk in every day.

“Now as a practicing spiritual medium, I experience daily validation from clients that our souls really do live on eternally. I also know from the spirit world that this plane or dimension is just a tangible, shapeable, learning matrix that has no emotion, except for what we as humans attach to it (like the wave-particle thing). And there are other worlds besides this one. I can even see the energetic grid in the sky now; and I also see millions of tiny light beings or energies that look just like fireflies buzzing around everywhere. I’m able to see an energetic force field around all things.”[17]

Again, Sara is speaking from the Spiritist playbook. The universe is full of life. Spirits transport themselves from place to place at the speed of thought, hence the fireflies buzzing around. Sara was blessed to see more of the world than we can.

I know of a person in Rio de Janeiro who can see spirits. He says they move in rapid motion, like robots, each movement precise. They are beings less dense than we are and composed of more energy. Their thoughts transmit into action.

The spirit world has revealed to us that we can only determine a silver of what is around us. In the book, Workers of the Life Eternal, dictated by Andre Luiz and psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, a spirit comments on the capabilities of incarnates;

“Notwithstanding the progress of scientific investigation, ordinary humans can currently perceive only about one eight of the plane where they spend their existence. Sight and hearing, the two doors that could expand their intellectual research, continue to be greatly restricted. For instance, let us consider sunlight, which compress the basic colors that can be seen by corporeal eyes. We are only able to see colors that go from red to violet, and most people see nothing past the last five, which are blue, green, yellow, orange and red – they fail to detect indigo and violet. However, there are other colors in the spectrum that correspond to vibrations that the human eye is incapable of detecting. There are infrared and ultraviolet rays, which the human researcher is able to identify imperfectly but is unable to see visibly.”[18]

All that Sara has experienced, all that people who have had NDEs since humans populated our planet is real and explained by Spiritism. Why was Spiritism not sent to us earlier and the Doctrine only exposed in the 1850’s? Because, we the human race wasn’t culturally and technically advanced enough to profit from the teachings until now.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00061]Yes, we are traveling through a relentless materialistic stage at the moment. This shall pass when more souls seek to balance between their side thatNDE-1-SmallfrontCover wants to accumulate goods and their side that comprehends the importance of their spirituality.

If you enjoyed this story, read more stories about NDEs in my book, What Really Happens During Near Death Experiences – According to Spiritism.

Read my latest book on near death and other experiences, learn what the spirit world is trying to tell us and understand the context in which we live our lives here on earth. Read my book – The Spirit World Talks to Us.


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Wow this was really interesting, especially “The Result” of how her pre-cancerous cells dissolved!


I had a similar nde experience. I always call it my near nde. I had more of an out of body external conversation while I was away. I too began to have a complete physical and spiritual rapid transformation too. I’m so glad to read this.


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