William H’s NDE – Interpreted by Spiritism


LadderToSkyWilliam H had an NDE in 2003 and he found himself in surrounded by beings made of light, who could communicate by thought. What does this mean to us and how it should change your thinking is explained.



William H had a heart attack in 2003 and soon found himself out of his body and taken to another place. The link to his full story is William H NDE on the NDERF.org website, which contains many interesting NDE stories.

He describes what occurred;

“My whole life, it turned out, had been practice for the moment of dying: my higher soul stepped forward, speaking reassuringly about how it had been through this so many times before. While my lower soul, this lifetime’s personality, went mute in the face of the vast Unknown, my higher soul catapulted into It with one last sigh of joy and gratitude: What a glorious Creation!”

 Almost immediately William realizes that we all travel through multiple lives. Upon his near death experience he finally learns the truth, that we are all immortal souls, who are reborn on earth to learn to be better. Although, he calls it “my higher soul”, what actually occurred is his spirit detached from his physical body. The perispirit connects the spirit to the physical body. His spirit contains all of his memories of his previous lives. We are our spirit, we only temporarily inhabit our physical bodies and rely on our organic brain for the time we are here on earth.

William then describes what he felt in his body made of energy;

“I was fully awake when I realized I was myself a sphere of communion. A sphere of aware light. Surrounded by an infinite number of other spheres of aware light.

As I experienced it, then, the Sphere of Universal Communion is an infinite space of aware lighttelepathy that is occupied by all the individual spheres of aware light that ever have or ever will exist. As if it were One Mind, occupied by all the individual Ideas it ever has or ever will conceive. Or a timeless, limitless, Oversoul, occupied by all the individual souls that ever have or ever will enter the realm of time, space, and personality. As I said, I do not pretend to know what it’s true name is, but the relation between the Whole and its parts — and between parts and parts — this I can still see with diamond clarity.”

All of us have a unique signature that radiates from our minds. Our thoughts are constantly transmitting, like a radio tower, out to all around us, which travels to the end of the universe. Conversely, we receive others wavelengths, which contains thoughts from intelligences that surround us. Hence, as William sees it, we do live in a “sphere of universal communion”, in continuous communication and we live in that state thanks to the benevolence of God, the Oversoul, who created all and set the natural laws that we must follow.

Next William writes;

“Each of us, as an individual sphere of communion seems the embodiment of two complementary halves: Understanding and Memory. While Understanding seems the principal characteristic of the higher soul, Memory seems to be the principal characteristic of the lower soul. As I experienced it, Understanding is our individual portion of the limitless Knowledge of the One Soul, the evolving insight we possess into the Way of the One, our individual spark of immortality. Memory, on the other hand, is the accumulated impressions of all the lifetimes we recall, the sum of all the personalities we have yoked to our soul, our enduring storehouse of mortal treasures.”

William is a just a bit off in his interpretation. Your perispirit, which is connected to your body, retains the memories you create while in your physical body. Yes, William is correct that it is your organic mind which first stores the memory, but all of them are uploaded into your perispirit, where if you wish, you could recall in life like detail every second of your favorite recollections or every millisecond of your life. You may ask, why can’t we recall memories from our past lives? Some young children do, when the ties between the perispirit and the brain is forming, but most grow out of it.

What we do retain, is our conscience and instinct. Therefore, listen to your conscience, it contains countless years of experience and attempts to direct us on the right path. Heed your instincts, again, our accumulation of lives should make us better aware of when our decisions are in question.

Lastly, when you do pass from your current life, your memories of past lives do not returnBookCover-Reincarnation immediately, rather, they come back slowly and you accustom yourself back to your “real” life as a spirit. A more detailed explanation of the process of reincarnation is in my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.

William also perceives the love of the beings around him;

afterdeath2Other individual spheres of aware light, many of great depth of Understanding with the Memory of thousands of lifetimes, generously taught me lessons to bring back and make use of in this lifetime. Such, it seems, is the loving-kindness of our collective ancestors, who care so deeply that this era of transformation is one of metamorphosis and not one of atrophy.

Love is what God wants us to radiate. This is why we must journey through lives filled with strife, to absorb the lessons required to allow us to love all in every circumstance. To feel what others have felt and to reach out to help whenever it is needed. William doesn’t yet realize that this is God’s plan and that in our solar system, Jesus is our loving Governor. He is the one who directs the destiny of the earth.

William takes what he has felt and found that it carries over to our world;

immortal4“Although it is much more difficult to perceive here than in the Sphere of Universal Communion, we are no less individual spheres of communion here than we are there. Once I had experienced what it feels like to recognize myself as a sphere of aware light in the bodiless state, I found I had become sensitive enough to perceive myself as that same sphere of communion here with a body. And sensitive enough to recognize that everyone else is a similar sphere of aware light, as well.”

While we reside in our cumbersome bodies, our abilities to truly identify with others, to share thoughts, emotions, and love is diminished, we all should recognize that all humans are spirits, in many different levels of perfection. It is our duty to assist others in their quest to become better. Explore-Small-front-coverSometimes that means helping and other times it could mean some tough love, so they will be able to understand the lesson they need to internalize here on earth.

To understand how your individual fate is determined, tracked, and evaluated please read my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.

You can read about more NDEs and what the spirit world is trying to tell us in my book, What Really Happens During Near Death Experiences. And read my latest book about near death experiences – The Spirit World Talks to Us.NDE-1-SmallCover

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