Your Destiny is to be a Higher Spirit – What is it like?

By Brian Foster


guardianangel2What is our goal? In Spiritism, the Doctrine states that we live through multiple lives to become a higher or pure spirit. What does it mean to be a pure spirit? Leon Denis, who has communicated with the spirit world, tells us, as well, as hints into the realm of a pure spirit from other books psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier.

The Doctrine of Spiritism, the rules to live by, our actions we must take, the sufferings we must bear, the numerous existences to supply a firm foundation to our intelligence all are for one purpose; for us to become a higher or pure spirit. Andre Luiz, in his books, supplies us with stories of the first level of a celestial city, Nosso Lar. The souls who live at that level are not truly high spirits. Even though, they reside in wonderful heavenly cities spaced above many earthly locales, these spirits are still bound to earth. They must continue being reincarnated to climb the ladder of learning.

There are levels upon levels higher than Nosso Lar. As we improve ourselves, we graduate to places above. There is a passage in the book, Renunciation, inspired by the spirit Emmanuel and psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, which describes one such place;

futureCity“The splendorous sight of it exceeded anything that could ever characterize beauty in the human sense. The sacred vision of its entirety was far beyond the famous city of the saints as idealized by the thinkers of Christianity. Three blazing suns poured oceans of magnificent light onto the ermine ground in unique changes of color, like celestial lamps lighted for the paradisaical feast of immortal spirits. Exquisite buildings, surrounded with indescribable flowers, took the form of castles carved with golden filigree, radiating multi-color effects. Winged beings came and went in the pursuit of sanctified purposes, in an endeavor of a superior nature, inaccessible to the understanding of earthlings.”[1]

It is said that when the Indians in the New World, first saw Columbus’ ships, they noticed nothing different on the horizon, since in their limited universe, the concept of a large sailing ship never existed. Therefore, their eyes transmitted the shape to their brains, but the image didn’t translate to anything they knew, hence to them the ship was invisible, enveloped by the surrounding ocean. This is how I imagine I would “see” that high celestial city. It would be as a five-year-old trying to describe the inner workings of a watch. The detail would escape me.

There is also a description of the inside of one of the buildings;

“High above the radiant sanctuary rose a translucent tower made of a solid, transparent substance similar to crystal. Harmonious melodies poured forth from within it.”[2]

A building composed of an advanced material, with the structural elements of a metal beyond our best steel, but appearing as clear as glass. Living within are creatures with wings, images that are seared into our earliest history. Evidently, the wings allow the ease of transportation within the metropolis.

Wings for creatures with intellectual and moral abilities far beyond our own, but all who have tread the same path. They too have lived on primitive worlds, and then graduated to planets like our own, one of a place of atonement, where we suffer and learn in the same classroom. That is the beauty of high spirits; they empathize with us, for they have had similar vicissitudes to that which we are living through now.

Leon Denis, in Life and Destiny, talks about our possible future;

“Each spirit in space has its own vocation, and pursues it with facilities unknown on earth. Each one finds its place in this superb field of action in this vast universal laboratory. Everywhere subjects for study and travel, with means of education and participation in divine work, offer themselves to the industrious soul. Heaven is not the cold void of the place of inactive contemplation believed by some. It is a living universe, animated, luminous, filled with intelligent beings on the way to continual evolution. The higher these spiritual beings ascend, the more accentuated are their tasks, the more important become their missions. In time they take rank among the messenger souls who go and carry to the limits of time and space the will and force of the Infinite One; for the most inferior spirit, as for the most eminent, the domain of life is without limit. Whatever the height to which we attain, there is ever a superior plane to reach.”[3]

Therefore, as we gain a firm foundation and valuable experience, we are given more important work to perform. Tasks that could change the course of history on a world or serve to rescue suffering BookCover-Reincarnationsouls. Missions that at one time or another all of us have dreamed of performing.

We are able to ascend because of the trials and tribulations we have suffered via many lives. A more detailed explanation of the process of reincarnation and why its necessary, is in my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.

And not only do our jobs become more vital and visible; we also undergo a change.

“In the measure that a soul detaches itself from inferior spheres, it perceives that high manifestations of intelligence, justice and goodness: and its life become more beautiful and divine… The profound difference which exist between terrestrial life and life in space resides in the sentiment of deliverance and of absolute liberty enjoyed by purified spirits. The material cords are broken, and the pure soul takes its flight to high regions. In a life exempt from physical necessities, it feels its faculties grow, and acquires a penetration into the veiled splendors of the infinite realms.”[4]

Miraculously, we become beings of pure energy, with immense powers of deduction and command ofimmortal4 sight over space and time. By thought alone, we travel instantaneously, change shape, and communicate with others. Leon Denis emphasizes what we become;

“All is grand in the spiritual life; the etheric body becomes more and more transparent and diaphanous, and leaves a free passage for the radiations of the soul.

With a greater aptitude to enjoy and understand the infinite splendors, and a more extended memory of the past, an increasing familiarization with things and beings in superior planes, so the soul in it progression attains the supreme altitudes, Arrived at these heights, the spirit has conquered all passion, all evil tendencies; it is free forever from the material yoke and the law of re-birth.”[5]

We eventually leave behind the many physical trials. No longer requiring pain and suffering to modify our behavior. We have learned the lessons that Jesus set for us in the Bible, to love others, to be charitable, fraternal and all else that we read and try to attain, but fail in so many great and small ways. But, just remember one thing; you will attain the level of a high spirit. It may not be in this lifetime or a thousand, but it will come and the more we hold onto material pleasures in life the Explore-Small-front-coverlonger the journey.

I hope reading this causes you to realize that your life has meaning and different levels of complexities. To understand how your individual fate is determined, tracked, and evaluated please read my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.

Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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Is this information from one’s personal experience or just his imagination or from visions that he sees in a meditative state or what? !


    The information is from various mediums who are in contact with High Spirits. If you are interested, I referenced the books I used for each quote. The books by Francisco (Chico) Xavier are quite revealing.


Interesting !
but what happens after we reach the final stage ” purification” ? What are our tasks at this level ?
Are we gonna live in absolute happiness infinitely ? and the most important of all are we gonna unite we our loved ones if they reach the same stage ?
this idea troubles me a lot , I know it’s beyond our comprehension but it makes me feel afraid
Thank you


    All good questions. First, I will answer your last question – families tend to stay together and hep one another rise in the spirit realm – please see my article about it.

    High spirits have told us that there are many levels above even the 10th level of heaven when we start to really become a productive member of the spirit society. The higher one goes the more happiness and bliss one experiences.

    I am sure the tasks are so varied as to be beyond our comprehension, but as one example two spirits left the earth sphere to help guide the destiny of another race on a different planet.

    Don’t be afraid, no one will be promoted beyond their capabilities and each task will be selected for the best chance of learning and success.

    The more you learn, the better you will feel about your future in the spirit world. I suggest you may wish to read my series of 3 books about the spirit realm. The first is Heaven and Below. Here is the link to Amazon.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions. Also, you can contact me directly by using the Contact Me page.

    Blessings on your spiritual exploration!


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