Progress – How the World will Adopt and Follow the Doctrine of Spiritism

Application and Consequences

“The development of these ideas (Spiritism) present three distinct periods. The first is that of curiosity, excited by the strangeness of the phenomena produced; the second, that of reasoning and philosophy; the third, that of applications and consequences.” [The Spirits Book, Kardec, 2010, p. 531]

We are in the third period, that of Application and Consequences. Hence, the excitement has been worn off, the Doctrine has been discussed and further defined by the books of Chico Xavier and other mediums. Now it is the time to start applying the Doctrine, to not only our daily lives but to transform the world.

What should happen when more and more people believe in the Doctrine of Spiritism? Do we collectively continue on as before? A mass market for consumers, while the media feeds us moral relativism? No, as Spiritist, we must begin the transformation from a planet of atonement to a world of regeneration. A world of respect and justice, without martial conflicts.  Sounds easy, but extremely difficult to implement. And it must be a gradual and non-violent evolution. For the end does not justify the means. The means (love, charity, fraternity, respect, honor) justify the end, for that is the only path which adheres to what we have learned.

The purpose of this section is to lay out what are the principles of government we must follow in order to satisfy the known directives of the spirit realm. Next to explore the strategies and tactics to slowly evolve our culture and society to create a base upon which to build our new regenerative planet. The articles below and the future society of earth is explored more in depth in my book – 1000 Year March – Toward a Just Society.

1. Principles of Good Government as Implied by the Spirit World

Nossa-lar-topviewThe Spirit world is actively moving us to manage ourselves in a civilized manner. The book, On the Way to the Light, and other writings lay out the track for us to follow to improve the governments of whatever nations we reside.

Spiritism has existed over one hundred and fifty years, since Allan Kardec published The Spirits Book. It is time for application, time to apply the principles that a decent society must follow. These principles and why the Spirit world has guided us to them is the topic of this article.

Read more:

2. Organization of the Spirit World – As We Know It

City-heavenWhat is the organization of the Spirit World? Is it a chaotic group of good and bad spirits all competing for our attention? Or is there an overall structure, laying plans for our world and plans for the growth of each individual on earth. There are mentions and hints in numerous books published by Allan Kardec and psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier. This article surveys those writings and attempts to document the structure of the spirit world from those next to God down to the outposts on earth. Read More.

3. Governments on Earth – A just society is not possible at this stage

futureCityWe all desire to live in a perfect society, where people are treated with respect and justice is handed out equitably. A home in which we live securely, unafraid of crime or the government taking what is rightfully ours. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to happen on a planet of atonement. Read More.

4. The Spiritist Universe – More Layered and Complex than you Think

SpiritismThe Spiritist Universe is multidimensional. Not just our usual concept of three dimensions, plus time, but an entire other world, with intelligence that exists side by side with us. Watching and guiding all of our actions. Our science fiction and fantasy universes are nothing compared to the reality as presented in the Doctrine of Spiritism. Read More.

5. Why are people so cruel – And when will it end?


One of the great themes of literature over the centuries has been “man’s inhumanity to man”. Many believe it was first coined in Robert Burns’s poem. Read More.


6. The Future of Science

There is an interesting section of Book Two of The Highlands of Heaven on the topic of science. Zabdiel, the high spirit, discussed the cyclical nature of science.  Read More.


7. The Future of Womanhood


The spirit Arnel, sent a message to the Rev. G Vale Owen in 1919 about the future of womanhood. In the early 1900’s the woman’s suffragette movement was in full stride; in England there were arrests and hunger strikes by women demanding the right to vote. The communication is remarkable because it foretells where the movement will be going, the phases, and the results. In summary, women will lead in the future, but not as men lead, but at a higher level of caring and kindness. Essentially, what we are told is that the world will be governed by love, not by force. Read More.

8. What Type of Government Does the Spirit Realm Want?
acropolis In their quest to determine the optimal system of government which fits our human condition, the Spirit world deliberately set in motion competing forms of governing. Having had a long history of tribal and kingship ruling experience, they knew these types of organizations did not promote the correct atmosphere for individual and collective improvement that was required. They used ancient Greece to survey a range of regimes from totalitarianism to democracy. Emmanuel surveys the trials of various forms of governments in ancient Greece and compares the results to the regimes that existed in pre-World War II Europe; Read More.

9. Why Freedom of Religion is Important to the Spirit World
Angels-christJesus has sent many emissaries to assist our growth on earth. Not all were associated with the Christian religion. China was blessed with the ancient teachings of Confucius, who lived five hundred years before Christ came to our world. Confucius, as Emmanuel explains;

As a missionary of Christ, Confucius had to immerse himself in all the Chinese traditions and accept the imperious circumstances of the environment in order to benefit the country in its ability to fully comprehend (Xavier, 2011, p. 76). Read More.


Juan Pablo Gallardo June 28, 2021 at 9:09 am

Im wondering, how do we break the current conflict that I see on every day on TV Democrats vs Republicans, even the media mainstream vs Fox, how is this cycle broken? When will this weird rhetoric going to end???


    I believe the spirit world has events planned to expose the forces that are slowing down the progress of unity. Although events always seem to happen too slow for our human concept of time.


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