The Future of Womanhood – A Message from the Spirit World

listenThe spirit Arnel, sent a message to the Rev. G Vale Owen in 1919 about the future of womanhood. In the early 1900’s the woman’s suffragette movement was in full stride; in England there were arrests and hunger strikes by women demanding the right to vote. The communication is remarkable because it foretells where the movement will be going, the phases, and the results. In summary, women will lead in the future, but not as men lead, but at a higher level of caring and kindness. Essentially, what we are told is that the world will be governed by love, not by force.

The message, dated Monday, March 24, 1919, starts thusly:

“Write what we give you and do not stay to question it. When the whole is written then read it whole and judge our message whole and not in part. I say this to you, my son, because we have that to give you which will not conform to the mind of many. Write it down notwithstanding, for we have to say what we say; and there you have it in brief.”[i]

In the entire collection of the four books that make up the compilation of the Life Beyond the Veil, I have not read a similar declaration. This message is almost at the end of Book Four – The Battalions of Heaven. The content of the message begins:

“Until the time of the coming of Christ in Jesus of Galilee evolution had proceeded on the lines of dominance of intellect and force of a man’s right arm. That was the masculine element in thespartans progress of the race of mankind. Where other notions prevailed these were exceptional to the general trend of evolution, like small runnels tributary to the main stream. We speak now of the general and not of the particular.

Jesus came and into the maelstrom of human activity He threw His flask of oil. He explained to those who would listen to Him that ultimate victory was not to the strong, either of arm or of intellect, but that the meek shall inherit the earth – inherit, not take it. You note that He spoke of the future.

Men took up His teaching and acknowledged it to be both beautiful and true, if practicable. For two millennia nigh they have been striving to blend the two together; to graft the meekness on to the dominance, to mix the two together in affairs national, international, social and other. The two have failed to blend together; so much so that some have said that Christianity is not possible in public affairs. They are wrong in their conclusion. The teaching of Christ is the only durable and perpetual element in the life of earth.

So men, therefore, have confessed that violence and force have been proven fallacious. Their remedy hereto has been to retain the fallacious element and to try to soften it with the softer element of meekness. They have endeavored to retain to the man in his dominance, while trying to soften that dominance with the feminine element of meekness. The resultant is failure. Do you see the inference, my son? The one course left is the abjuration of the fallacious element and the gradual emergence into the premier place in the world’s life of the element of meekness, which is feminine.”[ii]

Arnel, on behalf of the spirit world, speaks about all of the progressive movements that have ended in violence and bloodshed. From the mass purges of the old communist Soviet Union to the Fall of the Soviet Union, 1991concentration camps of North Korea and the prisons in Cuba, which house dissidents, who only wish a voice in running their country.

Even the lighter forms of socialism, turn into static regimes, incapable of providing sustainable employment in the face of mountains of rules and regulations, all directed by a hidden bureaucracy, which knows no master but its own endless quest to mandate even the smallest detail of daily life for millions of people.

Each form of government eventually evolves into a quest to sustain their dominance over an increasingly restive populace. When power has such great rewards, men will find a way to retain their advantages for as long as possible … no matter the consequences for their constituents or the nation.

Arnel next begins describes the future:

“The past of the world has been man’s past; the future of the world will be woman’s future. The woman has felt this stirring within her as a new thing to be brought forth for the salvation of her sex. That is an unworthy thought, because partial, and therefore inadequate. When a woman brought forth a Savior aforetime He came as a Savior not of a sex but of the whole human race. Such will be the outcome of woman’s present throes.”[iii]

The spirit world is speaking about women, who in their dedication to be free of any dominance, completely reject all men. We are being told that all of mankind needs the influence of women, not just other women.

Now comes the part, which I believe, describes the current state of the women’s movement … a period where women desire to be not only on par with men, but to take on their baser attributes as well.

“Feeling this new thing stirring within she has set herself about preparing for her offspring. She has been making his clothes. I say “his” clothes, for the garments she has been making are for a man-child. For them she has gone to the same mart where men buy and sell their wares and has challenged them in barter. ‘We can do your work,’ says she. But she does not understand that she is putting new wine into old wineskins thus. Well, they both shall perish together. MeantimeElisabeth_de_France_Spain7 woman must learn her lesson as man has had to do. Man has learned where failure lies, yet does not know where to turn for success. With one hand he holds fast to the past; the other he holds out to the future. But that hand is empty yet, and no one has taken hold, nor will do so until he let go of the past with the other.

The woman now is doing as he did; she is seeking to join with him in his dominance of affairs. Her future lies not that way. Woman shall not rule the race, neither solely nor with man conjointly. She shall guide the race hereafter, not rule it.”[iv]

No better description could be written of the current state of affairs in the beginnings of the 21st century, than that what was written almost one hundred years ago. In women’s quest for equality and justice they are pursuing absolute parity with men in all things … such as demanding outrageous pay as CEO’s, squeezing employees to increase the price of their stock, stabbing others in the back on their way to the top. All of the grosser attributes of an animal who only wishes to take and dominate others. This is what Arnel means when he says putting new wine into old wineskins.

If the equality of women means they will be just as corrupt, petty, and mean as the men at the top then all of this means is that we will have a greater pool of selfish and driven people to pick from. Whereas, respect and equal rights for all is a noble goal, the push for a different approach to regulating our organizations, running global and small businesses, and outreach to communities is of vital importance to altering our society to improve its moral quotient.

A great percentage of men and women realize the moral sacrifice to climb the organizational ladder. While, some accomplish it in an honorable manner, this is a rarity. One would hope that women would lead the way to retain one’s humanity while in possession of great responsibility, so decent and caring men and women could influence the levers of power for the good of all, not just the self-selected few.

The spirit realm is telling us to realize there is a better way and that is for women to retain their caring and kindness, that they demonstrate to their families and loved ones, to carry that forward to guiding organizations and society as a whole.

Arnel ends his message with these closing words:

“My son, it is very difficult, as I find it, to make in any way clear to you what this future leading of the woman shall be. For all such leading hereto among you has a dual content in the human Mary-mother-of-jesusmind, namely, the governing and the governed, the dominant and the subservient. This duality has no place in the future leading. Even this word ‘leading’ has a sense of one company going on before the other company following after, and that of compulsion. That is not the leading we have been shown as that which awaits the human race.

Let me put it in this wise. It is manifest in the Christ of Jesus. In Him you see all the excellences of the man without their accompaniment of traits unlovable and unlovely. And in Him also blended you see all the sweetness of the woman without the weakness. So in the future shall the two, the man and the woman become, not two sexes, however perfectly assimilated the one to the other, but two aspects merely of one sex sole.

Where force rules the word is ‘I lead; you follow.’ Where love rules there is no word needed, but heart beats out to heart the message, ‘We go on together, beloved.’”[v]

When will we reach this wonderful plateau? I am not sure, but of this I am certain; it will happen. At some time in the future the earth will become a fair and impartial sphere, where all men and women Spirit-101-Front-smallare respected. Where those in positions of authority, weld their baton lightly and only in the interest of love and justice.

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