The Organization of the Spirit Realm – as we know it

By Brian Foster


City-heavenWhat is the organization of the Spirit World? Is it a chaotic group of good and bad spirits all competing for our attention? Or is there an overall structure, laying plans for our world and plans for the growth of each individual on earth. There are mentions and hints in numerous books published by Allan Kardec and psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier. This article surveys those writings and attempts to document the structure of the spirit world from those next to God down to the outposts on earth.

The Other World

As Spiritists, we believe in the basic doctrine presented by Allan Kardec. We believe in the

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The Spirits Book

innate goodness of the search for spiritual growth and the practice of fraternity. But, do you ever wonder about the immense organization behind the spirits? How are they commanded by the word of God? Is each spirit an independent voice and able to drive events in our world at their whim? Or are they somehow combined and led in a unifying vision to help us in our goals of self-enlightenment?

Whereas, we on earth believe we are exceptional when our countries or corporations make five-year plans, the plans of the spirit world span hundreds if not thousands of years. The spirit world sets general and broad objectives and constantly monitors progress and results. The outcomes of each attempt to guide us are measured and modifications to the overall design are made to maintain the forward progress to the pertinent goals. Most probably, as in any successful organization, the progress and intermediate results of a significant project are reviewed by a select committee of seasoned individuals. This review by a set of eyes not involved in the day to day workings of the plan ensures the aims of the project are kept on track and that progress is actually being made as opposed to the team self-reinforcing a series of small incorrect course adjustments that lead them off of the path to success.

Another aspect of a large organization is the evaluation and periodic setting of the next major strategic goals or modifications thereof, by a governance group above the daily supervisory tasks, such as a board of directors. According to Emmanuel, Jesus is a member of the board, the board is called “The Community of Pure Spirits”, who report directly to God.

emmanuel-spirit-guideWho is Emmanuel? He is the spirit guide of Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier. He also dictated many books to Chico. One of the books used for reference is Emmanuel’s On the Way to the Light, psychographed by Chico and originally published in 1939 in Brazil. In it he surveys the history of the world and how it has been guided from inception by the spirit world.

Emmanuel talks of one such planned meeting that will be taking place sometime in the 20th century;

“Selfless, enlightened spirits have told us about a new meeting of the community of angelic powers of the solar system, of which Jesus is one of the divine members. This heavenly society will meet again in the atmosphere of the earth for the third time, the first since Christ received the sacred mission of embracing and redeeming our humanity, once more deciding the fate of our world”[1]

Hence, there is an organization, with the required full set of processes and procedures, meetings and memos, managers and workers.

What little we know will be discussed here. Some of what I will relate is documented in Spiritist books, some from my own theories, other from what I have heard from speakers and mediums from Brazil. Please don’t assume what I write is the absolute truth, I can’t commit to that, but I am attempting to paint as accurate picture as possible.

Why? Because above all else, we on this planet are a poor reflection of what is in the spirit realm, and by analyzing their structure, one day we may be able to mirror just a little bit better and brighter that which we should strive to attain.

Jesus our Founder

Let’s go back to the beginning of the Earth and the Community of Pure Spirits. Emmanuel states;

“The first meeting took place when the terrestrial orb detached from the solar nebula so that the demarcations of our cosmogonic system and the prototypes of life in the fiery matter of the planet could be set in space and time. The second occurred when the Lord’s coming to the earth was determined in order to bring the immortal lesson of his Gospel of love and redemption to the human family.”[2]

portrait-of-jesusWe are being told that Jesus was at the birth of our planet. Not only present, but an active participant, who managed the very formation of earth and our moon. He made possible the series of events that led to life on the planet, for example, he enabled the process to create the ozone layer to shield us from the sun’s radiation.

It says in the Bible, that God created all of the animals and man, which could imply an omnipotent power to bring complex organisms into being immediately, a more fair reading, armed with the knowledge that man, bounded by the culture and technology at the time, explained the complex process as best they could in the Holy Book. What really occurred is more nuanced, in essence, the spirit world uses the Laws of Nature, and then has the ability to make subtle changes to guide the evolution of life.

This is not to say, that when the Committee of Pure Spirits are together, they are not capable of great collective power. Emmanuel implies this with his description when the earth was ready for life, after the cooling period, from a mass of hot elements, had completed and a crust was formed;

“And when the elements of the newborn world settled down, when the light of the sun silently kissed the melancholy beauty of the primitive continents and seas, Jesus met in the Highest Realms with the divine interpreters of his thoughts. Then, a cloud of cosmic forces from the vastness of unlimited space descended upon the earth to envelop the immense planetary laboratory lying in repose.

Sometime later, in the planet’s solidified crust as well as in the ocean depths, a viscous substance could be seen covering the whole earth.

The first steps were being taken on the road to organized life. With this gelatinous mass, protoplasm appeared, and with it Jesus placed the sacred prototype of the first human being o the surface of the world.”[3]

Darwinism is partially correct, evolution is the great engine for change, allowing life to prosper in ever developing circumstances. But, an important aspect is missing, the spirit world has the ability to alter evolution, by various methods. One method is to modify DNA to affect the desired change in whatever organism they are targeting.

We humans are where we are because of two factors, evolution and the hand of Jesus. From the very beginning of the earth, from the appearance of bacteria to complex life, we have been watched, manipulated, and analyzed. Emmanuel tells us of the process used;

“Forms for all the kingdoms of nature were studied and foreseen. The fluids of life were manipulated so that they could be adapted to the physical conditions of the planet; thus, the cellular constructions were fashioned according to the capabilities of the earth’s environment. Everything obeyed a plan pre-established by the merciful wisdom of the Christ in accordance with the laws of the beginning and of the overall development.”[4]

Hence, Jesus is more that the Christ we know. He is the Governor of Earth. We are his creation, through the guidance and the hand of God.

Who exactly is Jesus? Well, what I have heard said is that he is billions of years old. A spirit who started out exactly as we did, a primitive soul who had to travel through multiple lives to attain perfection. To put things in perspective, in comparison of lifetimes, we are the first sight of the crown of the baby’s head coming out of the womb compared to the life of Jesus.

The Governor’s Organization

I wish I knew more. What I have to tell you is based on hearing lectures given in Portuguese by Brazilian Spiritist. I am sure there is better and more complete information in books written in Portuguese, but I am not very proficient in reading Portuguese. I miss the details and often misunderstand the true meaning of a sentence. I do a little better with spoken, but then I have my wife to fall back on when we hear and then discuss what was said. Plus, thank heavens for YouTube, I can replay whenever I feel the need to make sure I comprehend an important point.

Here is what I have heard and read. Like any governor, Jesus doesn’t work in a one man office, he has ministers, and most probably his ministers have functionaries. I do not know all of the various titles and responsibilities of the ministers. There are hints when we get down to the level of a celestial city, which is presented later.

One could well imagine the multitudes of departments and sub-departments required to manage the progress of the earth and all of its inhabitants, in spirit and in physical bodies.

As with any very important person an entourage of assistants and gofers must be ever present. An example of this can be found in the book, Workers of the Life Eternal, inspired by the spirit Andre Luiz and psychographed by Chico Xavier. A spirit is talking with Andre about what he saw one day when he was in the Lower Zone helping save souls who have left their bodies but not yet realized the need for love in order to ascend into heaven;

“Angelic beings were swiftly descending from their radiant pinnacles on high and wereangel1 settling in the lowest regions in obedience to the blessed light’s power of attraction.

‘What is happening?’ I dared to ask one of the celestial heralds.

‘Today, our Lord Jesus is visiting those who are wandering in the darkness of the world and he is setting enslaved consciences free.’

Not one more word. The messenger from the divine plane could not grant me any more time. He urgently needed to descend to work along with the Master of Love to lessen the disasters of moral downfalls, mitigate hardships, dress wounds, dry tears, attenuate evil, and above all, open new horizons to science and religion so as to undo the multi-millenary night of ignorance.”[5]

As if one need any more proof than his time on earth, Jesus isn’t a leader hiding in his office on high. His time on our planet two thousands year ago, was just one small moment of his time in caring for our souls and our future.



What’s more, his ministers have come to earth to play their part too. According to a lecture by Haroldo Dutra Dias, given on the Apocalypse, such illustrious souls, such as Socrates, Buddha and Zoroaster are all ministers who came to earth to prepare the way for Christianity and to teach us the methods to become better spirits.[6] Hence, this is why the messages from different parts and cultures of the world are similar.

Haroldo said in his lecture, that Chico told us in 1974 that the Ministers of Jesus are the grand instructors of humanity. That one of Jesus’ ministers, Antulio, is one of the grand instructors for the physical and spiritual evolution of the planet. Another minister, who was not named, is in charge of the biological evolution of the planet. While a separate minister is the head of the geography of the planet.[7]

When a mission must be undertaken with no room for errors, one of Jesus’ ministers is sent to be reincarnated on earth. For the highest missions are reserved for the most accomplished and pure spirits.[8] Their cumulative effect on the history of our world is incalculable. We may still be living in thatched huts and living to the ripe old age of forty if it wasn’t for their divine assistance.

Haroldo goes on to refer to the book, Brasil, Coracao do Mundo, Patria do Evangelho (Brazil, the Heart of the World, Patron of the Gospel) written in Portuguese and not yet translated into English, that the spirit Humberto de Campos, told Chico that minister for sociological progress is Hilel.[9] In the book, there is a dialogue between Jesus and Hilel; they are discussing where to put the pioneers from the west into the new world where they can establish a new location to build Spiritism for the future. Jesus asks Hilel where in the new world would he suggest and Hilel answered that South America is wonderful and charming and that the place which later would be known as Brazil is an ideal spot. A perfect country from which to evangelize the rest of the world with piety and faith.[10]

This conversation must have occurred before 1394 AD, because the book, Brazil, Heart of the World, tells us that the son of the King and Queen of Portugal, was sent to begin the process to establish colonies in the new world. His name was Henry the Navigator, born March 4, 1394 and died on November 13, 1460.

Discoveries led by Henry’s genius provided the foundation for subsequent explorations. Wikipedia reports that;

“During Prince Henry`s time and after, the Portuguese navigators discovered and perfected the North Atlantic “Volta do Mar” (the turn of the sea or return from the sea). This was a major step in the history of navigation, when an understanding of winds in the age of sailhenry_the_navigator was crucial to Atlantic navigation, from Africa and the open ocean to Europe, and enabling the main route between the New World and Europe in the North Atlantic, in future voyages of discovery. Understanding the Atlantic gyre and the volta do mar enabled them to beat upwind to the Strait of Gibraltar and home, after navigating favorably to the south and southwest, towards the Canary Islands or the southwest. The pilots first had to sail far to the west — counter-intuitively, in the wrong direction, that is, farther from continental Portugal, then for northeast, to the area around the Azores islands, and to east — in order to catch usable following winds, and return to Europe. Christopher Columbus would use it on his transatlantic voyages.”[11]

As stated in the beginning, a large organization must plan and the detailed strategies and tactics utilized by the spirit realm makes our attempt to plan ahead and create a list of tasks to achieve our goal seem like a child’s attempt to draw a house.

One may only gaze in wonder the overwhelming degree of effort and preparation to move billions of Explore-Small-front-coversouls from a primitive level understanding to a plateau where we learn to balance our spirituality with our material and emotional desires.

There is more information on how the spirit world guides us and by what methods in my book; Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.

Structure of a Heavenly City

The book - Nossa Lar

Nossa Lar

From Andre Luiz’s first book, Nosso Lar, we get much more information about the inner workings of a celestial city. Nosso Lar is a must read for those interested in Spiritism. Andre Luiz tells of his death, time in the Lower Zones and rescue from his horrible existence by the benevolent helpers from the celestial city Nosso Lar. The city is located just above the Lower Zone and is the first step of heaven. There are many levels of heavenly cities, each one home to increasingly perfected spirits.

You may ask, why the name Nosso Lar, am I going to a place where I must speak Portuguese? No, for the cities that represent the first level of heaven are located above numerous geographical areas on earth. If you live in London, for instance, you would probably rise up to a celestial city somewhere above England. Nosso Lar wasn’t founded until the sixteen century, after the first Portuguese settlers arrived in the Rio de Janeiro area. Once there, they found the spirits of the native inhabitants and worked building the city as it stands today.[12]

For a description of one of the higher levels of heaven, we can go to the book, Renunciation, written by the spirit Emmanuel and psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier in Brazil in 1944, it is a story set in the 17th century earth, but in the beginning pages the high level spirit Alcyone is planning on returning to earth to help her love. The passage describes a high level heaven;

“Soon thereafter, she was in a wonderful sphere, indescribable in its magnificence and grandeur. The splendorous sight of it exceeded anything that could ever characterize beauty in the human sense. The sacred vision of its entirety was far beyond the famous city of the saints as idealized by the thinkers of Christianity. Three blazing suns poured oceans of magnificent light onto the ermine ground in unique changes of color, like celestial lamps lighted for the paradisiacal feast of immortal spirits. Exquisite building, surrounded with indescribable flowers, took the form of castles carved with golden filigree, radiating multi-color effects. Winged beings came and went in pursuits of sanctified purposes, in an endeavor of a superior nature, inaccessible to the understanding of earthlings.

Dominated by inexpressible thoughts, Alcyone entered a temple of majestic proportions. High above the radiant sanctuary rose a translucent tower made of a solid, transparent substance similar to crystal. Harmonious melodies pointed forth from within it.

The majestic shrine was a colossal hive of work and prayer.”[13]

Hence, the higher levels are beyond our comprehension. As if a tribesman from the interior of New Guinea stumbled onto New York City. Andre Luiz, in all of his books, never describes a higher level than Nosso Lar, but he does provide us a description of his adopted celestial city;

“The spectacle of the streets impressed me. Wide avenues bordered with trees. Pure air – an atmosphere of profound spiritual tranquility. However, there was no sign of inactivity or idleness, for the city streets were crowded. Countless individuals were coming and going. Some seemed to be thinking of far-off places, but others looked at me warmly.”[14]

Nosso Lar was a place he could understand immediately. Which makes perfect sense, for howNossa-lar-topview could we prosper if upon death we are deposited in a world we couldn’t grasp. It has also been said that the cities like Nosso Lar are somewhere between fifty and a hundred years technologically more advanced than we are on earth.

I have heard in lectures that as early as the 1930’s when Chico was communicating with his deceased mother, his mother talked about personal communication devices, which we would recognize as cell phones today. Andre Luiz tells about riding in an “Airbus”, from a book published in 1944. The “Airbus” was propelled by manipulating electromagnetic energy. Which is our maglev (magnetic levitation) trains of today.

Which shows you the wisdom of the spirit realm; as spirits are trained and made ready to return to pay for their past wrongs, learn valuable lessons and perform missions, the familiarity with the next generation of progress serves to spur on those who invent and create what they have seen in heaven.

With the organization of the city, the advanced technology, now comes the question of how does all of this get accomplished? The first level of heaven has a system of governance. Andre Luiz enquires about how the civil structure is controlled, he is told by one of his new found friends;

“During our collective prayers, haven’t you seen our spirit Governor, surrounded by his seventy-two assistants? Well they are the Ministers of Nossa Lar. The colony’s purpose is essentially labor and production, and is divided into six Ministries, each under the direction of twelve Ministers. There are the Ministries of Regeneration, Assistance, Communication, Elucidation, Elevation and Divine Union. The first four connect us with the terrestrial spheres, the remaining two link us with the higher planes; thus, our spirit city is a transition zone. The Ministry of Regeneration carries out the most ordinary services, whereas the most sublime ones belong to the Ministry of Divine Union.”[15]

Here is a summary of what we know about Nosso Lar;
1. Has over one million residents.
2. Thirty thousand people are employed in defense service.
3. The Governor of Nosso Lar has seventy-two ministers.
4. There are six Ministries, each has twelve ministers.
a. Regeneration – associated with work on earth
b. Assistance – associated with work on earth
c. Communication – associated with work on earth
d. Elucidation – associated with work on earth
e. Elevation – connected with the higher sphere
f. Divine Union – connected with the higher sphere
5. The Governor has a staff of three thousand.
6. The Governor, since 1944, has been in charge for one hundred and forty years.
7. The Department of Supply is under the control of the Central Administration.

What do these factoids mean?

The rough average of city workers per population living in the city, in the United States, is about fifty residents to each city employee.[16] Therefore, the expected number of people working for the celestial city is 20,000, if our earthly cites are an approximate reflection. The city leader having a direct staff of three thousand or fifteen percent doesn’t seem unreasonable.

The figure of 30,000 employed in defense work does appear surprising at first. Is there crime in Nosso Lar? No, for the work is truly defense. Nosso Lar is at the border with the Lower Zone, lost souls, who don’t have the capacity to be a celestial city, are barred from entering. There are also stories of groups of undesirable spirit attempting to enter the city gates. What is of more importance, is that as teams from Nosso Lar descend into the Lower Zone to seek out and assist lost souls, the teams require defense from the aggressive spirits who wish to keep weaker souls in bondage. You can learn more about the Lower Zone here.

To compare with the average city, within the United States, of police per resident, I see averages from a low of 11.5 to 65 police per 10,000 residents. The ratio of defense staff in Nosso Lar is 30 per 10,000 inhabitants. Somewhere in the middle.

NossaLar-cityIs even comparing heaven to our ragtag collection of buildings and people even relevant? Only marginally, the purpose is to demonstrate similarities. There are workers in heaven for most of the jobs we also have here. There are departments in heaven with expressed work functions, just like on earth.


Let’s take one example of what we consider a normal duty for any city; water. The supply of clean water is one we take for granted, but this is actually a luxury which is only common in recent history. Only Rome, two thousand years ago gave as much effort in insuring clean water as modern cities do today.

Andre Luiz travels to a beautiful park within Nosso Lar and comments on the “luxuriant grassy banks sprinkled with blue flowers. The water ran by so peacefully, so crystalline that it seemed tinted in the sky blue, mirroring the color of the firmament.”[17] His companion Lisias, notices his admiration and tells Andre about the purpose for the river.

“That is the colony’s great water works. All of the water of the Blue River, which we see over there, is absorbed into huge compartments for distribution. The water needed for all of the activities of the colony departs from here. Then, it converges below the Ministry of Regeneration as a fiver once again and flows along its ordinary course towards the great ocean of substances invisible to the earth.”[18]

Andre finds out that water is the responsibility of the Ministry of Divine Union. Which appears a puzzle as to why water is owned by a Ministry which is primarily concerned with the higher spheres. Lisias explains the importance of water in the spirit world;

“On earth, almost no one really gives the importance of water a second thought. In Nosso Lar, however, we know much more about it. In religious circles of the planet, people are taught that the Lord created water. Well, it is logical that every service that has been created needs effort and work to keep it in good order. In this spirit city, we have learned to be thankful to the Father and his divine collaborators for such a gift. Our better understanding of water enables us to know that it is one of the most powerful vehicles for fluids of any nature. Here, it is used especially as medicine or as food. In the Ministry of Assistance, there are departments entirely devoted to mixing pure water with certain elements derived from sunlight and from spiritual magnetism. In most of the areas of our extensive colony, our diet is based on such a system. But since only the Ministers of Divine Union hold the highest standard of spiritualization among us, they have been allotted the task of magnetizing the waters of the Blue River for use by all the inhabitants of Nosso Lar. After they perform this initial purification process, various departments carry out the specialized work of endowing the water with nutritive and healing substances. When the waters join together again far on the other side of this Forest, the river flows away from our region, bearing our spiritual qualities in its depths.”[19]

One can see the complexity of maintaining a spiritual colony from the passage above. All of the tasks that we encounter in any large organization, planning, production, human resources, accounting, operations, supply and various other departments are present in the spiritual realm. Life after death must go on, for we really don’t die, we transform, out of our dense cocoon and into the spiritual form. Less dense, less affected by the vicissitudes of earth, but still requiring shelter, sustenance, and other sundries. All of which must be provided by something. And that something is the governing structure of the spirit world.

We have only touched upon a very slim portion of what must lie beyond our sight and comprehension. One can only guess what is actually up there. But what we do know, is that a dedicated and professional organization is waiting for us. Desiring our participation as long as we BookCover-Reincarnationcomplete the prerequisites of finishing our course of love, charity, fraternity and a life of honor on earth.

To learn more about how each of us are guided to be able to ascend to a celestial city, please read my book The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.

Other Organizations

As on earth, there aren’t just government organizations. There are organizations which are comparable to NGO’s, non-government organizations. These are associations with a purpose. All of the ones that I have read about are groups which are dedicated to helping us here on earth.

One example of a group created to assist souls on earth is found in the book, Action and Reaction, inspired by our friend Andre Luiz and psychographed by Chico Xavier. Andre Luiz, was part of a team giving aid to people on earth and he notices a woman prying to Dr. Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes for help.

Bezerra de Menezes2Bezerra de Menezes was known as the Brazilian Kardec and as the doctor to the poor.[20] He was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1831 and died in 1900. He was a medical doctor and a person who was fervently against slavery. He wrote articles promoting the freedom and the granting of education in order to bring them into society and be successful citizens. At the age of 55, after reading The Spirits Book, by Allan Kardec, he announced to an astounded audience of between 1,500 and 2,000 people that he was a Spiritist and would live as such. He was instrumental in encouraging Spiritism throughout Brazil. He constantly took care of the poor for free and died almost penniless.[21]

Given Bezarra’s selfless dedication, it was explained to Andre that;

“Upon discarnating after more than fifty years of service to the Spiritist cause, Adolfo Bezarra de Menezes had the right to assemble a large team of collaborators who serve under his banner of charity. Hundreds of studious and benevolent spirits follow his directives in the sowing of the good, which he performs in the name of Christ.”[22]

Hence, he was given the opportunity to create his own group to conform to his direction in the service of needy souls. A colleague of Andre told him the span of Bezarra’s authority.

“In that sense he has his own field of activity, just like persons in command of human work have administrative headquarters from which they forward the organization’s directives to their subordinates.”[23]

Independent of any one colony, Bezarra commands an organization. A group which responds to his broad directives. The spirit realm, like governments on earth, understand they can’t be all things to all people. Therefore, they enable organizations to spawn that target more finite objectives. Knowing full-well that smaller, more focused collectives can sometimes achieve what larger groups can’t.

There is also an organization led by Mary, the mother of Jesus. In the book, Memoirs of aCamilo Candido Botelho Suicide, written by the medium Yvonne A. Pereira, inspired by Camilo Branco to write his life after physical death biography. In the book, Memoirs of a Suicide, we are taken from the moment Camilo kills himself to years later to when he is preparing to re-enter our physical world to subject himself to the required trials to pay for his wrongs and to learn the lessons so he may improve his immortal spirit.

The first paragraph of the book takes you to the place reserved for suicides;

“It was the month of January, 1891, when I found myself being held in an area of the Invisible World. Its desolate landscape was comprised of deep valleys that were continuously enveloped in shadowy darkness. Within its winding gorges and sinister caves, spirits that used to be men and women on the earth howled like hordes of infuriated demons, demented by the absolutely unconceivable intensity and strangeness of the sufferings that tormented them.”[24]

From that horrid landscape, Camilo is taken, only when his natural years of living would have ended, up to the “Mary of Nazareth” Hospital. A spirit colony reserved for suicides, men and women, to recuperate after their ordeal and to learn about their sacred mission to fully live out the life they had chosen beforehand. Running in cowardice from your assigned tribulations in your physical life, results in severe penalties. As part of his rehabilitation, Camilo must learn what brought him to his decision to escape his ailments and why he was given the sufferings that he should have endured with dignity.

Camilo describes the Hospital of being the size of a city, a large campus, containing buildings to care for recent arrivals to a college campus to continue their education. A virtual city with thousands of patients, students and staff, all dedicated to the unfortunates who decided to take their own life.

The spirit world not only helps those who are close to ascending, but their organizations extend far into the Lower Zone and to the Abyss, which is the spirit realm’s term for what we would consider purgatory. A temporary location for souls who upon death are naturally associated with their kind. The Law of Affinity groups spirits with other spirits who share the same philosophy, attitudes, pleasures, and characteristics. Hence, when those who are of a criminal or an excessively material nature, they are attracted to others like them and remain close or under the surface of the earth. Their sentence lasts only as long as they retain the beliefs and attitudes that originally brought them to this undesirable location.

In the Greater WorldIn the book, In the Greater World, dictated by Andre Luiz and psychographed by Chico Xavier, Andre descends to the beginning of the Abyss, an area called the Caverns. There he discovers an oasis in the desolation. A college campus, but one in which low order spirits who wish to improve themselves have voluntarily entered so they may receive an education on how to escape their present circumstances. Andre makes the following observations;

“It seemed like a large center of an essentially earthly endeavor.

Most of the spirits working there were not of an elevated order, but were normal human personalities in the process of regeneration. With the exception of Cipriana and the advisors in her group, the large community consisted of obviously little evolved individuals: men and women similar in aspect to those who populate the corporeal circles.”[25]

Andre finds out that Cipriana, an angelic woman from the higher levels has toiled ceaselessly to carve out a sanctuary to support individuals in the Lower Zone who desire to improve their condition. It is a transitory school to condition the truly dedicated to reforming to ascend.

Andre tells us how the center was created;

“Sister Cipriana visualized this loving shelter of spiritual restoration and made it real by using the actual suffering and disturbed brothers and sisters roaming the surrounding area.”[26]

Since Cipriana is a high level spirit, she is less dense and is unable to spend all of her time at such a low level, therefore she and a group of spirits who work with her organized the center to be mostly managed by other low level spirits who have shown improvement. In other words, the inmates who have demonstrated good behavior are in charge of the other inmates. A time honored tradition used on earth for centuries.

As one can discern, there are a variety of cities, colonies, organizations, campuses and other types of outposts that are part of the spirit world. All with the vital purpose to help us advance ourselves while toiling away on earth.

Visit from a Very High Level Spirit

We have talked about Cipriana who could only stay in the Lower Zone for short periods of time, but what about a spirit who has ascended beyond the grasp of the earthly sphere? How does the earthly spirit realm receive them?

As we become pure spirits, our life energy transforms into beings of less and less density. Therefore, colonies like Nosso Lar need to create special reception areas in order for beings who have a lighter composition to come and communicate with spirits around the earth.

Andre Luiz, in the book, Workers of the Life Eternal, tells us of an enclosed chamber made of a transparent material, similar to glass that serves as the vehicle to allow the higher spirit to materialize and talk with spirits at the level of Nosso Lar.

Andre tells us exactly why the chamber is required; “In meeting with us, the Father’s messengers exercise sacrifice and self-denial; they endure the vibratory shocks of our lower planes; they retake the form they abandoned long ago; they humble themselves to be like us.”[27]

In fact, Andre and the group surrounding the chamber are directed to create a small serene environment inside the chamber. Andre is given the reason why this is necessary; “It is vital to abide by a steadfast attitude of serenity and respect. Such an environment provides the foundation for the emission of pure energies, and for that reason we will hold all fellow spirits present responsible for any unharmonious minutia in the work to be accomplished.”[28]

After the chamber is made ready a man appears to address the group. The speakers name is Asclepios. He appeared wearing a lily-white cloak. He had an old-man’s face and a halo of light. Andre further describes Asclepios’ appearance;

“We could see only the upper portion of his body, giving me the impression that the lower part was naturally hidden in the abundant vegetation. His arms and hands, though, were revealed in all their anatomically minute detail because with his right hand he blessed us with a wide gesture while holding in his other hand a small roll of radiant parchments, allowing us to see a golden cord tied to his waist.”[29]

After the speech Andre wished to know more about Asclepios, he was told the following;

“Asclepios belongs to the redeemed communities of the Plane of the Immortals in the highest regions of earth’s spiritual realm. He lives far above our notions of form, and in conditions that are inconceivable to our current concept of life. He has already lost all direct contact with the earth per se, and could only make himself felt there through messengers and missionaries of great power. His sacrifice in coming to visit us is to be appreciated, despite our improved position in relation to incarnate humans. He rarely comes here. However, at times, other mentors of the same category visit us out of fraternal mercy.”[30]

Andre then finds out that a spirit like Asclepios will only reincarnate on earth every five to eight centuries. Then Andre asks if Asclepios is the highest spiritual form to be found in the universe; he receives the following answer;

“Not at all. Asclepios is associated with other self-denying mentors of terrestrial humankind; he is part of the highest echelon of the community to which he belongs, but in reality he is still a spirit of our planet, although working in the highest realms of life. We must travel for a long time in the evolutionary arena before we can follow in his footsteps. However, we believe that our sublime visitor longs to be part of the board of representatives of our orb in the glorious communities that inhabit Jupiter and Saturn, for example. In turn, the members of those orbs anxiously await the moment in which they will be summoned to the divine assemblies that govern our entire solar system. Among these latter are those who carefully and watchfully await the minute in which they will be called to work with those who maintain the constellation Hercules, to whose family we belong. Those who guide our group of stars naturally aspire one day to make up the crown of celestial spirits who support life and guide it in the galactic system through which we move. And did you know, my friend, that our Milky Way, a breeding ground and fount of millions of worlds, is just one single detail of the Divine Creation, a mere corner of the universe?!…”[31]

We now have established Asclepios hierarchy, he has a high position in our Solar System, but there are plenty of positions above him in command of our universe.

LadderToSkyWe have also added one more level above the control of our solar system, that of the constellation Hercules. The layers of councils and governing organizations are beyond our limited imagination while we inhabit four earthly dense bodies. But, at least, we can recognize they exist and that we are at the bottom of the totem pole. Lowly plebs, being hazed, and slowly molded into material to7Tenets-small3D make a responsible spirit.

Learn how to live your life under the guidance and love of the spirit world by reading my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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