Reincarnation – Stories of Past Lives

reincarnation10This is the section where past lives of people are explored and not just single individual’s journey through the ages, but groups of people. For, according to Spiritism, family groups and other affiliated people are reincarnated together. Why? To heal old scores, to fulfill a mission, to enable souls to learn to become better.

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Reincarnation Stories

1.Epaminondas de Vigo – Lived in Egypt, Rome, and in Spain during the Spanish Inquisition.

2. Souria-Omar – Lived in Alexandria and in Athens.

3. Amadeu Ferrari – Was a cruel slave owner.

4. Camilo Branco – Was a famous Portuguese writer in the the late 1800’s who committed suicide. He found out about his past lives while recuperating in a Spirit Hospital. He was a spectator in Jesus’ journey to be crucified.

5. Beggar woman – Found by Prince Galetzin – Story of a woman’s reincarnation due to a crime she committed in a past life.

6. Joseph Mery – A French writer from the 19th century who lived in Roman times.

7. Alfred and Ismalia – A couple that were separated by the impulsiveness of the husband and rescued by the love of the wife.

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