Beggar Woman – found by Prince Galetzin

beggar-womanIn Leon Denis’ book, Life and Destiny, he relates different stories about reincarnations. In one intriguing anecdote, which occurred in the summer of 1862, he tells us that Prince Galetzin and Count R were together in Hamburg;

“One evening during a stroll they found a poor woman lying on a bench. Finding she was hungry and penniless, they took her to the hotel and fed her. After she had satisfied a ravenous appetite, the Prince, who possessed magnetic powers (meaning he knew how to hypnotize people), desired to experiment with her.” (Denis, 2012, p. 165)

The woman was put into a trance. Whereas, when they found her, she only spoke a poor, uneducated version of German, she began to speak in perfect French. She told the Prince and the Count, that she was living her present life due to a terrible crime she committed in a past life.

This statement fits perfectly with the doctrine of Spiritism. If we commit a wrong, it must be paid in the present or a future life. This woman must have perpetrated a major crime to be part of such a difficult trial.

After more questioning, the Prince found out;

“She lived in a chateau in Brittany on the border of the sea. Having a lover, she desired to be rid of her husband, and pushed him over a precipice into the sea. She described the crime and place minutely; and thanks to this description, Prince Galetzin and Count R later went to Brittany separately, and each made inquiries and investigation with identically the same results. After careful questioning of many people, they found some old peasants who had been told by their parents that history of a beautiful woman who had thrown her husband into the sea.” (Denis, 2012, p. 166)

Later, the Prince visited the Chief of Police of Hamburg and found out the woman was uneducated, spoke a poor version of German, and lived the life of a common beggar.

Again, according to how the process of reincarnation operates, not remembering the past, while you are in your physical body is a requirement. How else will you learn what has been assigned to you? If you had complete memories, you would not give the current situation your full attention; you would know this is a passing moment. But, in the middle of a life, where you believe that you are only here one time, each trial seems to be a dramatic event. Only by this, do you modify your inner-most attitudes and retain that which you have been tasked to absorb.

A detailed explanation of the process of reincarnation, where you will be able to better understand your past lives, is in my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.

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