The Past Lives of Joseph Mery – A French writer in the 19th century

joseph mery

Joseph Mery

According to Wikipedia, Joseph Mery was writer of stories, satires, and plays. He lived in France, and was born in 1797 and died in 1866.He was an acquaintance of Alexandre Dumas, who wrote the Count of Monte Cristo, and many other famous works.

As I read Spiritist books and encounter names, I always look them up. You never know where the search will take you. Once, I read a passage in one of Andre Luiz books and saw the name of Emanuel Swedenborg referenced in a speech by a spirit, who was lecturing about the difficultly of communicating from the spirit world to the us on earth. I then went on to read some of Swedenborg books, about his travels to the Spirit Realm.

Joseph Mery, was mentioned in a book by Leon Denis, Life and Destiny. Leon was providing examples on past lives and he talked about the past lives of Joseph Mery.

“He had singular theories which to him were convictions. He firmly believed he had lived several times and recalled small incidents of anterior existences. He said Virgil and Horace had been friends of his, and he had know Augustus and Germanicus, and had fought inMap-roman-empire Gaul and Germany,  He was a general, and commanded German troops. When they crossed the Rhine, he recognized places in the mountains where his name was Minius, and he gives an incident to substantiate his idea. One day Mery was visiting the Library of the Vatican in Rome; he was met by two young men in long brown robes, who spoke him in pure Latin. Mery was a Latin scholar, but he had never attempted to converse in the language of Juvenal. But as he listened to these young men, and admired their magnificent idiom, a veil seemed to fall from his eyes, and it seemed to him that it was thus he had conversed of old with his friends. Irreproachable phrases fell from his lips! Immediately he found elegant and correct expressions. He spoke in Latin as he spoke in French. This he could not have done without apprenticeship. HeBookCover-Reincarnation must have journeyed through a century of splendor to have acquired such language, which could not have been attained in an hour.” [Leon Denis, Live and Destiny, p. 168]

A detailed explanation of the process of reincarnation, where you will be able to better understand your past lives, is in my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.






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