Reincarnation – Trials of the Middle Class

By Brian Foster


HappyFamilyThe spirit world promoted the rise and spread of Western Civilization for many reasons, but one of them was the creation of the middle class. Those warriors, who willingly show up to work every day, fulfill their tasks, attempting to live a decent life, not complaining and contributing their all, treating each other honestly and participating in the civil and spiritual lives of their community is a significant example presented to us by the spirit world. Why is this important? Because this is the future. When humanity is a collection of more good than evil, social divisions will gradually fade. Leaders will be in their position for merit only and nations will be at peace. We shall all be middle class.

Middle class life is a reflection of life in the heavenly cities, it may be at times a poor reflection, but at its core, a society that goes about its business, tackling problems, serving those who require it, growing toward scientific, philosophy, and religious advancements is the goal. All eternal values that spirits who wish to rise to perfection must strive for. Perfected spirits are elements that exist to help others become perfected. Therefore we must transform ourselves into vehicles for dedicated service. No, not a life of dreary paper pushing, but an exciting career of discovery and the pursuit of knowledge. Where, at the day’s end we feel we have made a difference, not just a dollar.

Because you may be born middle class, still doesn’t protect you from the trials you must suffer to repair any damages from your past lives. Hence, you may experience, disease, divorce, poverty due to unforeseen circumstances, etc. All of the vicissitudes that life can deliver to you and in which you are expected to learn the lessons presented.

Living for Work, Not Work for a Living

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being middle class? The disadvantages are, to many of us in this present position, numerous and most of them have to do with the need to live hand to mouth. Not in the391041-gay-family same manner of those poor people who utilize the weekly paycheck loan establishment that robs them with enormous interest rates. But in the sense that we are not able to stop working. Yes, we could survive on our assets for a while between jobs, but we would be forced to look for gainful employment during the time of idleness. Which as any unemployed person knows, is not idleness, but a daily struggle to procure new work. Where we must strive hard to motivate ourselves to keep up the search and maintain a good attitude in the face of repetitive and sometimes downright ignorant questions from prospective employers.

We find ourselves on the outside looking in and longing to be part of a group that securely enables us to work and regain self-pride. For isn’t this the crux of the middle class life, we measure our stature by what we do, not by who we are. The two are intertwined in our minds and the minds of others.

We are constantly told, we should focus on us the person, not what we accomplish or not accomplish, but on our character and our self-worth. True, we do need to be introspective and correctly gauge who we are and what we need to improve upon. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough for the spirit world.

gay-familyTherefore, the disadvantage of having to work for a living is actually an advantage. Would you train combat soldiers for battle by having them sit around on a couch watching TV? How would they perform when first thrust into battle? Most likely, retreat as humanly possible, for they had never known the discipline required to survive and triumph under fire.

How well will you be prepared for life in the spirit world? Do you think they sit around all day contemplating beauty? No, the higher level of the spirit world, those above the earth, the heavenly cities are beehives of activity. One can’t visualize the amount of effort put forth to guide us by the spirit world. We are similar to pre-school children who constantly need to be watched or they would do something self-destructive.

The types of work found in the higher planes are beyond our imagination. One aspect is certain; everyone would find a passion for something. A career where the work is the reward. Where every day is another challenge to be met and a joy to partake, one in which your intellect is stimulated and your desires are rewarded.

You may ask, this isn’t the case here on earth, I have to work in a nine to five job, which I force myself to wake up every morning to go fulfill my duty. There are two responses to this state of affairs. First, through your choices, you selected the type of career you are now in. Quite logically, you probably ensured that your choice was able to provide you with a decent living. A decent living meaning the minimum level in which you wished to live your life. There may have been other choices that were your passion, but you knew choices would have to be made in order to live within your means if you embarked on the other path. Again, the decision to sacrifice your passion for better material living was yours.

As you ascend in the spiritual hierarchy, the material restraints are loosened, and the lure of your living your calling is stronger. You will be more than comfortable with sacrificing monetary gain for intellectual stimulation. We see this all attitude all of the time. Teachers who work with children, knowing they will never drive a new car. Social workers helping others, giving up living in the neighborhood they were raised, in order that others may have a path for a successful life. Artists and writers living in dire poverty, so they could pursue their dreams.

The second response to the question of why you are locked in a unfulfilling career is that take heart; you arefamily learning the routine of contributing every day. You are training for the afterlife, where participating in constructive activity on a regular basis is expected and the only method of advancement. The added bonus is that now, you shall be able to follow your passion and decide your mode of study. Plus, the greater the breadth of experience, the wider the choices of tasks.

Temptations of the Middle Class

As in any life here on earth, temptations are as numerous as the number of people around us. There are always “friends” ready to lead us into all sorts of trouble. Whither it could be excessive drinking, drugs, questionable adventures, vicious gossip, or other actions that are not conducive to our well-being. All that needs to be said is to follow your conscience, that device which has untold number of centuries of experience under its belt. Listen for the voice that says you have gone too far or stop immediately. Then heed it and make a course correction.

For it is this type of self-destructive behavior that usually precedes a fall from a middle or higher class existence. Where the effect of a self-destructive habit slowly breaks down your innate moral character and shuts off the pathway for you to correctly heed the warnings of your own soul.

Where does our weakness originate when we allow ourselves to fall behind in our lessons? There are numerous causes, but boredom, is the great virus of destruction for many of us. When bored, we seek stimulation, any outside influence to carry us out of our current routine. We become bored because we are constantly bombarded by propaganda telling us we should be doing something else. Doing anything that entails spending money to purchase a good or a service. Commercials that demonstrate, via TV, internet, and billboards, hour after hour that only through the purchase of an item, that our life will be improved.

When we lack the means to buy ourselves out of our predicament, we take the less expensive way out and alter our minds through artificial methods. The better decision would be to meditate upon our life and determine why we are at a moment where we have nothing fulfilling to perform. The best answer is to discover spiritual work, for ourselves or others. For in this materialistic culture that we reside in, we need to fight to balance our ties to the physical world with our real connections to the spiritual world, where the majority of our existence will occur.

In conclusion, to be able to survive and thrive in a middle class environment is a blessing not a curse. For via our immersion into a class of society that encourages honesty and justice, combined with BookCover-Reincarnationhard work and a civic obligation is valuable training to impart habits that will take us forward in good standing when we pass over to the spirit world.

A more detailed explanation of the process of reincarnation is in my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.

Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at


Hello Brian! I’ve been following you for about a year now and I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there is a new movie on Netflix now called “Kardec”! So glad that Spiritism is now making its way to the masses now! I’ve read so many of your books and I enjoy them so much they have changed my entire life! So much thanks for you spreading your knowledge!!


    Hi Cami,

    Yes, I have seen the “Kardec” movie and it is very good, well acted, and interesting. There are a couple of episodes that I wasn’t aware of in Kardec’s life that was brought out in the movie. I am so glad you are finding my books useful in your spiritual journey!


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