The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection

You have lived multiple lives. At times you have been rich, poor, a servant and a slave. Maybe even a King or a Queen, at the least a member of the minor nobility.

Many famous people in the past have believed in reincarnation, such as Thomas Edison and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. They both believed in the spirit world and made attempts to communicate with the world beyond.

There is a realm, a universe greater than ours and it is filled with intelligences that we can only wonder at. There are spirits around the earth who are actively helping and guiding us in our planning and during our actual incarnations.

You are interested in this book and in the topic because you know, in your heart that we are not merely chemical elements that dissolve with death. There must be something more, you know this, because of your own intuition, experiences and beliefs.

There are too many unexplained phenomena for there to be nothing after death. How do some people have past life memories? Why do children remember past lives and then lose the ability after a certain age? How can some people know the future? And more importantly, why do you have premonitions that come true? How could you know what could happen with such certainty?

Reincarnation is a tenet in many religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, and is frequently mentioned as parts of varied sects of Christianity and Judaism. It is the concept whereby we have a spirit, in which we retain our central personalities and memories, while in the spirit world, but lose our memories while in a physical form.

This book is here to answer your questions;
1. Why do we reincarnate?
2. How does the process work?
3. How many reincarnations must we have?
4. What memories do we retain from our previous lives?
5. Do we have control over our reincarnations?
6. Why must we suffer?
7. How may I insure my next life is better?
8. How may I progress to being a perfected spirit?

These questions are answered through the Doctrine of Spiritism. When, in the 1850’s, the spirit world determine it was time for the human race to assimilate this knowledge in the hopes it would led us to understand the need to improve our spirituality and to achieve a better balance between our desire for material goods versus our desire to be a better person.

Explore what is your role and where you are in this journey. Determine your place and your future. Find out the reasons for your current tribulations and how to, not only survive your trials, but prosper through them.

Your journey in different bodies at different times in different circumstances is not without a purpose. You began as a primitive soul and through successive lives; you are being molded into a perfect spirit.

The Case for Reincarnation – Your path to perfection

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 – Reincarnation – Why is it important?
Who Believes
Why I believe
Chapter 2 – Why Believe in Reincarnation
Reincarnation According to Spiritism
The Need for Multiple Lives
Multiple Lives – Where?
Where are we heading?
Chapter 3 – How Do We Tie Our Spirit to Our Body?
Force Centers
What Happens in the Next Life, When One Center is Affected?
All Must be Brought into Harmony
Chapter 4 – Preparation for Birth
Entering the Womb
Exceptional Births
Starting Over Again
Chapter 5 – Childhood
Forgetfulness of the Past – Why?
Why We Must Endure Childhood?
When does the Phase of Childhood Innocence End?
What Happens When a Child Dies?
Chapter 6 – How You Map Out Your Trials on Earth
Reason for Reincarnation
Planning for the New Life
Planning for your Body
Planning for your Trials
Chapter 7 – Why We Must Go Through Multiple Trials
Design and Planning Pavilion
The Need for Balance
Chapter 8 – Interlude 1 – The Past Lives of Camilo Castelo Branco
Past Life – 33 A.D.
Past Life – 17th Century – Spain
Chapter 9 – Why are Some Burdened with Disabilities
Reincarnation of Suicides
Reincarnation of Criminal Suicides
“Pain” the Teacher
Chapter 10 – Interlude 2 – The Life of Amadeu Ferrari
Chapter 11 – Reincarnation and Families
Law of Affinity – Like associates with Like
Chapter 12 – Why are There Difficult People in Your Life
Love Triangle and Murder
A Crime for Money
Try to Come to an Understanding
Chapter 13 – Interlude 3 – The Past Life of Joseph Mery
Chapter 14 – How the Process of Reincarnation Improves Us
How Not to Create the Process of Improvement
The Process
Our Training
We Will Arrive Eventually
Chapter 15 – Introduction to Spiritism
Jesus Promised Us more Information
Allan Kardec
What is Spiritism?
What is Our Plan?
Chapter 16 – The Power of Thought
Thoughts are Mental Telegrams
How does Our Thoughts Transmit?
Chapter 17 – The Difference between Anger and Indignation
Chapter 18 – Interlude 4 – The Past Life of Alfred and Ismalia
The Plot by Ismalia’s Harasser
Example of True Understanding
Alfred’s Discovery
Chapter 19 – How to Ascend
The List
Keep Learning and Training
Chapter 20 – Types of Trials which are not due to Past Wrongs
Random Events – Synchronicity
Trials that we request
Rounding out our Training
Chapter 21 – Interlude 5 – Beggar Woman – found by Prince Galetzin
Chapter 22 – Trials of the Rich
What to do with your Wealth
Your wealth and you
The Transmission of Wealth
Chapter 23 – Trials of the Poor
Trials of the Underclass
Trial of Envy
Chapter 24 – Trials of the Middle Class
Living for Work, Not Work for a Living
Temptations of the Middle Class
Chapter 25 – Interlude 6 – Two Lives – Souria-Omar and Epaminondas de Vigo
Epaminondas de Vigo
Chapter 26 – Suicide – An Undesirable Method to escape your Trial
Memoirs of a Suicide
Chapter 27 – Reincarnation – What Have we learned
How do we internalize our new Knowledge?
How do we apply our Knowledge?
What should you do next? – Study
What should you do next? – Analyze
Chapter 28 – Last Words
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