The Perfect Process to Weed out Imperfection

(The Spirit’s Realm Brilliant Method to make us Productive Spirits)

By Brian Foster


bureaucratWhat is the process to turn our raw souls into productive spirits? How are we molded, scolded, and cajoled into conformance, while retaining our personal identity? Well, God waits patiently for his natural laws to perform their magic. We are actually strapped in a ride that never stops and provides twists and turns, and enough g-force to transform our spirit into an intelligent and productive member of God’s children.


If you don’t believe in God, then examining the process to hatch a new spirit, quasi civilize them, train them over eons, and patiently keep circulating them through the process until they become a pure spirit, ready to follow the doctrine of Spiritism with élan, should convince you that a higher intelligence is at work in the universe. How does the Spirit Realm turn out intelligent and productive spirits, who are responsible for guiding planets like ours to a better sphere? By the way, even though I am neither intelligent nor productive hasn’t stopped me from writing this, thereby proving I am here on earth for a reason.

How Not to Create the Process

Let’s start with a thought experiment. Suppose you are the leader of a large corporation and wish to have the perfect work force, how would you go about creating the bodies to be able to perform all of the required functions, from janitor to accounting to management? Every one of them dedicated to your corporation. Not just dedicated, but every fiber committed to your cause. For added effect, you are also omnipotent and can pretty do anything you please. Here are some possibilities;

1. Find a perfect model, clone that and destroy the rest – This in a nutshell is how our modern-day manufacturing works for goods produced. It functions pretty well, as long as closeassemblyline inspection is paid to quality. The downside is that, as we detect in nature, a colony of exact or near exact copies are prone to extinction. One catastrophic event, a rogue virus for example, would topple over the edifice, since all of the parts are equal and there are no reinforcing pillars to hold steady against a once in a millennia occurrence.
2. Rigorously train and indoctrinate your work force, but when a defective model is spotted, eliminate it. – This is a model of how many dictatorships and communist states attempt to turndictator out their citizens. Unfortunately, for those harried executives in charge, the constant use of resources to discover mal-functioning people, is a heavy price and has the effect of de-moralizing the rest. Since, the constant images of fellow workers disappearing, seems to have a negative influence on the others.
3. Create a group of learning automatons who are genetically and intellectually diverse, wherefore each, depending on their environment attains varied levels of capabilities, while simultaneously weeding themselves out and maintaining a positive attitude. – But, and this is a big but, all would have to be absolutely dedicated and faithful to your corporation. What would be the rules to create such a force?

a. Each must grow their capabilities via training and attain the required certificates to demonstrate their readiness for the job.
b. For those who are failing, or even actually attempting to divert the productivity of others, isolate them, and retrain.
c. Create a learning process whereby each absorbs all that is required while retaining individual characteristics that are not damaging to others in the group, but actually self-reinforcing the group’s positive behavior.

Wouldn’t any modern corporation or government organization love to possess the capabilities listed above? A collection of employees, performing, from the lowest level of difficult functions to the highest, all with dedication, initiative, and absolute love for the highest authority.

The Process

Well, while option three above is well beyond any organization based on earth today, the Spirit world is using a variation of it and is filtering us through the process, turning out brilliant, competent, and loving souls. Creating a meritocracy beyond Plato’s vision of his Republic. In Plato’s Republic, the basis of training potential leaders, called guardians, is;

platos-republicGuardians should be educated on these four virtues: wisdom, courage, justice and temperance. They also suggested that the second part of the guardians education should be on gymnastics. With the physical training they will be able to live without getting medical attention often. In other words, the physical education or training will help prevent illness and weakness. In summary, Socrates asserts that both male and female guardians be given the same education, that all wives and children be shared and that ownership of private property ought to be prohibited amongst them. The following outlines stages that guardians should grow through before they are able to lead their people: Until 18, basic intellectual study and physical training. Followed by 2 years of military training. Followed by ten years of mathematics. At 30, five years of dialectic. Followed by 15 years as leaders, trying to ‘lead people from the cave’ (note, this is figurative, not literal). Upon reaching 50, they are fully aware of the form of the good and totally mature – ready to lead![1]

Socrates, who was a herald to the doctrines of Jesus, was influenced by his remembrances and communication with the Spirit world. He intuitively knew the eons spent in successive lives, learning, suffering, and preparation to purify each spirit.

God has set this process by his natural laws. Laws such as for every action there is a reaction, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and others. But the constant organizer, the filter, PROCESS-makes-PERFECTthe driver which is at the controls is the Law of Affinity. Like attracts like, a simple concept, but one which is indescribably powerful. For all who reach the various spiritual levels are tied to the Law. The Law of Affinity groups the dedicated and loving together, as well as the corrupt and rebellious. For the very thoughts and actions a spirit commits places that spirit in the correct category. When a good spirit commits a wrong act, or generally doesn’t fit in, that spirit will automatically descend to a retraining area, where they will determine, on their own, the course to take to re-ascend.

What could be more beautiful than the machine, controlled by the coded Laws, hurtling us into an ever contracting filter as we ascend, periodically re-working our imperfections, where each individual spirit eventually comes out, as separate characters, all with distinct personalities, but at a comparable level of overall goodness and capacity to love.


Each spirit must begin somewhere, and where better than to send them to a place in which they are exposed to the worse conditions imaginable, a primitive planet. Imagine, as a young child, landing in the midst of a tribe of headhunters. You would learn the most basic of survival skills, while also schooled in the rudimentary social abilities to function as a team member. Pain would instruct you about the results of putting your hand in fire, killing others without a good back-up plan to escape and other valuable lessons. Training to love your neighbor is minimal at this junction.

At some point in time, in the early adolescent of your spirit hood, you graduate to a semi-organized civilization. Written laws and informal codes of conduct assist you in controlling your basic instincts. The beauty of this period is the patience in which we are conducted through this phase. As we move forward and sometimes backwards, we may spend time in the lower regions, where other bad spirits subject us to what we did to others on earth. Thereby, indelibly absorbing the basic lesson of the golden rule. Upon exiting the lower realms, the lesson is reinforced by a life marked by suffering at critical milestones, again the tool that always works to focus our thoughts, pain, transforms our attitude, and so upon leaving the body, our perispirit, has realized new and valuable lessons. Thusly, setting us up nicely for our next leap forward.

Once, we have conformed to the basic decencies of life and are committed, while in the spirit world, to follow the Spiritist Doctrine, once again, we are thrust into life, to gain multiple levels of valuable experience. We may be rich in one life, poor in another, famous for just cause, or famous for being a passing fad, all valuable teachings. For in order to be whole, to remain calm in all environments, we must have our instincts prepared for every type of situation. Our instincts are with us during each life, guiding us, along with our conscience, along our intended path to purity. Hence, the reason for the many vicissitudes in our life, the bumpier the road, the more we learn that the up and downs equal themselves out, and in the end we are left with our sense of honor and the comforting feeling of the good that we have accomplished.

All with the expressed purpose to filter out our propensity for materialism, selfishness and pride. When we begin to demonstrate the first signs of real progress, we are given missions to accomplish positive influences on earth. A test, the vast majority of us fail, but as with our initialNossa-lar-lecture trials, we pick ourselves up, fortify our minds with greater determination and try again. Our gentle instructors attempt to give us tasks that we are able to accomplish, but like the children that we are, our capacity to make wrong choices is breathtaking. Eventually, as rookies everywhere learn, you BookCover-Reincarnationbecome a veteran, learn the system and begin to be worth the effort spent for your previous training.

The continual process of rebirth is one that we must all travel. For a more detailed explanation of the process of reincarnation is in my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.

As we rise, our capabilities increase, the Law of Affinity, places us amongst our precise set of peers, so our correct behavior will be reinforced at every turn. At each step, more blemishes are removed. There may be an infinite number to burn-out; don’t worry the process is perfect, all will be discovered, and plans to repair each deficiency have been drawn-up and made ready for further implementation.


The process that we must survive, for we will, since we are immortal, is similar to turning pig iron into steel. We don’t have the luxury of going into the furnace only once, but thousands of times, like the forging of ancient Samurai swords, ten thousand strikes of the hammer on the sword against the anvil and countless burnings into the near-heat of the sun. For only pain truly transforms our soul. Only pain makes us realize our fundamental errors and provides the motivation to unalterably change. Our training, our reincarnations, is a form of legalized torture to mold us into pure and powerful spirits. This may sound cruel, but given the authority and supremacy of an advanced spirit, would you have it any other way? What could an unrepentant, hateful and envious pure spirit do to the universe? The damage would be incalculable.

diamondFor a pure spirit, the mere spark of a thought causes action. Hence, these invincible tools, for good, can’t be permitted to have a single flaw. Like a diamond, whose formation may take millions of years, under the crushing weight of the earth, a spirit must emerge absolutely perfect.

For this is the reason, why we, as poor vessels of imperfection, are so loved by those higher. They understand, with the true empathy of walking in our shoes, the difficulties that lay ahead us, and what we went through. Therefore, while we may entertain our brief periods of rebelliousness, in the end we intuitively comprehend the requirement to learn and immolate ourselves into the fire, to rise once more just a little bit better than before.

Explore-Small-front-coverYour life has more meaning and complexities than you realize. There are levels of the spirit world that helps us and hinders us. To understand how your individual fate is determined, tracked, and evaluated please read my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.

Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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