The Spiritist Case for Reincarnation

By Brian Foster


reincarnation10Many religions believe in reincarnation, but why does Spiritism believe in it? Spiritism considers the early Christians also professed knowledge about our souls reincarnating, but this belief dissipated over the centuries after Christ. Spiritism renews the teachings of Christ and supplements them with the revelations promised to us.


“If you love me, keep my commands. And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Consoler to help you and be with you forever…the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you.” New Testament John 14: 15-17

“But the Consoler, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.“ New Testament John 14: 26

Spirit-of-Truth_200pxWhat did the Consoler actually do? What did the Spirit of Truth contribute? Spiritism states that Allan Kardec was the Codifier, who presented, via mediums throughout Europe, the Spirit of Truth (Consoler) and that in the five books that Allan Kardec assembled, he revealed the extent of the Spirit world, who is God and Jesus, why we are here on earth, how we should live and the doctrine to follow. That is all. Within those books are the reasons why we reincarnate.

If one looks at the vast literature written about reincarnation, covering our past lives, childhood memories of past lives, hypnosis revealing that some people lived on other planets, there seems to be many disjointed facets. While in truth, all are correct and all are exactly according to the Doctrine of Spiritism. To understand the sweeping field of literature out in the world today, one should review the concept of reincarnation presented by Spiritism, and then all becomes clear. Spiritism provides the context, the rules, the process and the endgame for our multiple lives.


The Doctrine of Spiritism maintains that the goal of God and Jesus for us is for all of their children toreincarnation1 become pure spirits. Each of us, through our own efforts, slowly advances toward the perfection of God. We will never reach the goal of absolute perfection, but we should come as close to pure love and harmony within the universe as possible. We are all immortal spirits; therefore we have until the end of time for our journey.

An example of a pure spirit is Jesus. One who truly loves us with all of his fiber, who understands thehumility trials we must endure, our failings, our weaknesses, our petty jealousies, yet even still radiantly smiles down upon us, knowing that someday we shall become wholly integrated within the loving universe and take our places as a force for good.

The central question is; how do we become pure? The answer lies within The Spirits Book;

166. How can the soul that has not attained to perfection during the corporeal life complete the work of purification?
“By undergoing the trial of a new existence”

– How does the soul accomplish this new existence? Is it through it transformation as a spirit?
“The soul, in purifying itself, undoubtedly undergoes a transformation; but, in order to effect this transformation, it needs the trial of corporeal life”

– The soul has then, many corporeal existences?
“Yes; we all have many such existences. Those who maintain the contrary wish to keep you in the same ignorance in which they are themselves.”

– It would seem to results from this statement that the soul, after having quitted one body, takes another one; in other words, that it reincarnates itself in a new body. Is it thus that this statement is to be understood?
“Evidently so.”[1]

Therefore, to ascend we must accept the task of being reborn in a physical body. There are lessons that only can be learned through a bodily existence. But why do we need to reincarnate multiple times?

The Need for Multiple Lives

Multiple lives are required, because one life doesn’t supply the lessons required for us to ascend. The spirit Andre Luiz, who wrote many books, which were psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, goes into great depth about many aspects of the spirit realm. In one book, he explores the need for us to be reborn over and over again. Andre Luiz was assigned to a group of spirits who assisted people leaving their earthly life in the book, Workers of the Life Eternal, where he underwent numerous experiences at people’s bedsides and witnessed the dramas that swirled around them. He weighs the frequent scenes and stories of people struggling to depart and comes to the conclusion;

“Studying cases of death had enriched my knowledge in the field of mental science. The spirit, (eternal in essence) makes use of matter (transitory in its associations) as didactic material that evolves more and more in the spirit’s never ending course of experience toward integration within the Supreme Divinity.”[2]

What does Andre mean by didactic material in this instance? One of the definitions of didactic is “Teaching or intended to teach a moral lesson.”[3] Therefore as we continue learning in the Spirit mind-reading2world and travel through various physical trials on earth we accumulate moral lessons that in turn influence our physical bodies and the structure of our brain, as we are reborn. Not only is our intellectual being as Spirits is important, but the physical makeup of our human form is vital for our involvement on our planet and to our eventual elevation as Spirits.

Given all that he had seen, Andre fully realizes the need for our multiple attempts at learning in our corporeal bodies, “Hence the reasons for the complex activities of the evolutionary road, the countless diversities, the multiplicity of social positions, the degrees of abilities and the levels of intelligence on the various planes of life.”[4] What a wonderful revelation! We all go through periods of high social positions, living life with riches, and being the smartest person in the room. Although, we also live in the opposite positions. Truly, this knowledge must cause us all to be humble.

Being trapped in a material body must afford us the opportunity to learn what is not possible to apprehend in the spirit world. While certainly, one can gather intellectual knowledge, the building of our emotions, of faith, charity, honor and love are rooted in the pain and suffering we are exposed to in the physical world. The Spirits Book backs up this thesis, in the secondary question to question 175;

– Would it not be happier to remain as a spirit?
“No, no! For we should remain stationary; and we want to advance towards God.”[5]

For those who believe we only need one physical life to be pure, it is as if we wanted to be the President of a large company without ever working any other job. Of course we must start in the mail room and work our way up in various positions to fully comprehend how things get done and how to survive within the culture of the organization. No matter how pious we could have started out as a new spirit, we would still need the required know-how to gain our elevation. Only through rigorous trials do we have the right mixture of beliefs and knowledge to reincarnate with good prospects of success and to be a valued worker in the Spirit realm.

Multiple Lives – Where?

Hence, we do need to accumulate a mountain of instances and encounters from all social, cultural, and physical environments. We are on task to build a strong foundation, upon which we can amass ever more knowledge and possess the wisdom to utilize it appropriately. So where do we begin to lay the base for our future? The answer, once again, lies in The Spirits Book;

172. Do we accomplish all our different corporeal existences upon this earth?
“Not all of them, for those existences take place in many different worlds. The world in which you now are is neither the first nor the last of these, but is one of those that are the most material, and the furthest removed from perfection.”

173. Does the soul, at each new corporeal existence pass from one world to another or can it accomplish several existences on the same globe?
“It may live many times on the same globe, if it be not sufficiently advanced to pass into a higher one.”

– We may, then, re-appear several times upon the earth?

– Can we come back to it after having lived in other worlds?”
“Assuredly you can; you may already have lived elsewhere as upon the earth.”[6]

The answers imply that we live on whatever worlds that we are required to do so, in order to gather the required curriculum. We are all interstellar travelers, but alas, our memories of our journeys are hidden from most of us. We regain those thoughts and remembrances when we return to the spirit BookCover-Reincarnationworld.

A more detailed explanation of the process of reincarnation is in my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.

Where are we heading?

Where does all of this lead to? Are we locked into paying for our wrongs and learning lessons the hard way forever? No, for at some time in our future existence, when we have built a wall of experiences that enable us to gather more knowledge and retain our humbleness and capacity to love, without any urge to act superior. Our next step is to be promoted to a world of regeneration.

The worlds of regeneration are described in Allan Kardec’s, The Gospel According to Spiritism”;

regenerativeWorld“Regenerative worlds serve as a transition between worlds of expiation and worlds of bliss. The repentant soul finds peace and repose on them, and ends up purifying itself. Of course, on such worlds humans are still subject to the laws that govern matter; their humanity still experiences your sensations and desires but is free of the muddled passions that enslave you; on regenerative worlds there is no longer the pride that renders your heart silent, the envy that tortures it and the hatred that suffocates it. The word love is written on every brow, a perfect equity governs social relationships, and all acknowledge God, endeavoring to evolve toward him by following his laws.”[7]

Regenerative worlds are but one stop, there are more advance worlds that await us as we climb up the ladder to perfection. Most certainly, the description of a regenerative world is one of an earthly paradise to us. Where, while we still must reincarnate, our lives are not as brutish, full of drama that tears away at our quest to be calm. A world where one can be happy and free to focus on the education that we agreed to before being reborn.

As one can see, there is no shortcut. No payment can be made to the right person to skip our trials. After all, a child can’t become an adult in an instant, even though that child may be an extraordinary genius, the child must still grow emotionally so they could focus their intellectual energies at the right target. To all of us here, reading, at this very moment, we are all the same. The variations that we perceive to be so great are but minuscule to the spirit world. We are but a mass of unruly students, learning how to behave in an adult’s world.

Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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thisfatkidthinksso January 4, 2015 at 8:38 pm

would you help us understand where spirits go while awaiting reincarnation and how do they appear and relate with other spirits?


    Spirits go where they fit with other spirits. It is called the Law of Affiliation. Hence good spirits ascend into one of the celestial cities (see my article on what is heaven like), spirits who have lead a bad life, descend into a type of temporary purgatory (see my article what is hell like). Others, who are materialistic, don’t believe in an afterlife, etc, stay in the Lower Zone (see my article what is the Lower Zone). Spirit helpers from the celestial cities try and help spirits in the Lower Zones realize that they need to improve and then guided to a better place.

    As spirits descend they are more dense and can only see objects of their density or more. Therefore, a high spirit can’t be seen by a spirit in the Lower Zone, but a High Spirit and attempt to communicate with them and even make himself more dense so he can be seen.

    Spirits in purgatory or the Lower Zone are sent to be reborn by the higher spirits. They have no control. While spirits in the celestial cities are part of the reincarnation planning process and plan out the major events in their life, their physical body, and even any diseases they may have later in life.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions. These are also all answered in my book “The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection”.


I like your sincerity but my initial investigation takes objection to the following to the following quote from the above passage. “The Doctrine of Spiritism maintains that the goal of God and Jesus for us is for all of their children to become pure spirits.”
I agree that being pure OF spirit is essential, but it is not the goal to be a spirit. We came from the Spirit of God, incarnated, sinned, were saved and have the goal of becoming the BODY of Christ, not the Spirit of Jesus Christ. We have the Spirit of God and Jesus in that we have the Holy Spirit. The BODY of CHRIST, which is a Resurrection Body, should be THE goal. I feel this principle has been neglected or omitted.


I want to know as much as possible about this topic. Please send information and references to material I can study


    Hi Shannon,

    I am excited to hear about your interest in exploring why you are here on earth and what is your purpose.

    The best place to start to learn about reincarnation is my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection, it is at Amazon Kindle here –

    The paperback will be out in a couple of weeks.

    To gain a quick overview on what is Spiritism, I have a book, Spiritism 101 – The Third Revelation, available in Kindle and paperback here –

    Then I would recommend you read about Spiritism, where it all started, with Allan Kardec’s book, “The Spirits Book”. The other books to explore are books by Francisco C. Xavier, the first one to read is Nosso Lar, dictated by the spirit Andre about his death, life in the Lower Zone and rescue by workers of the heavenly city Nosso Lar.

    Nosso Lar (The Astral City in English) was made into a movie and you can rent it on YouTube for $3.99 the link is here –

    Please let me know if I can assist you in any other manner.



I’m an adept of that wanderful doctrine in Brazil since I was a child. I’m twenty-one now and I already performe lectures about it at a few centers here, in order to contribute for the divulgation of it where it has been becoming stronger and estronger. I would also like to say I always saw the reencarnation as someting natural so that it was very easy accept that as a proof of God’s infinit goodness and wisdom. I feel very happy for your initiative of publishing your knowledge on Internet. Thanks for it and an embrace! !!


Gabriel Neves Cunha December 5, 2016 at 6:26 pm

I’m an adept of that wanderful doctrine in Brazil since I was a child. I’m twenty-one now and I already performe lectures about it at a few centers here, in order to contribute for the divulgation of it where it has been become stronger and estronger. I would also like to say I always saw the reencarnation as someting natural so that it was very easy accept that as a proof of God’s infinit goodness and wisdom. I feel very happy for your initiative of publishing your knowledge on Internet. Thanks for it and an embrace! !!


I have not found in your books anything related to the difference between one’s spiritual family and the one we are in while incarnated. Have I missed it?


Jennifer edwards May 2, 2021 at 3:33 pm

Hello Brian. Your podcast on Spotify save my life. Everything I’ve been searching for my whole life I found and spiritism. Things that I already knew were confirmed when I heard your podcast. I would love to talk to you I have so many questions and so many things I’ve seen and just know that I need answers about. Please.


    Hi Jennifer, Please use the “about me and contact me” on the right hand navigation bar, and send me your email address. I will send you mine and then we can arrange to talk via Skype, WhatApp or other. I look forward to hearing from you. Brian


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