Why are People Burdened with Disabilities?

By Brian Foster


Seeing poor souls in misshapen bodies, or those with other types of severe disabilities is one of the main reasons why many people question the existence of God. How could God be so cruel? Unfortunately, some spirits must go through these types of trials. Find out the reasons in this article.


Memoirs of a SuicideYvonne A. Pereira, psychographed the book, Memoirs of a Suicide, published in 1955, with the help of two Spirits, the first is Camilo Candido Botelho (his real name is Camilo Castelo Branco), a Portuguese writer who committed suicide on June 1, 1890. He wrote 58 books and was known as the Portuguese Balzac[1]. His eyesight was failing and he decided he didn’t want to live any longer without sight. The other Spirit is Leon Denis, who was one of the leading apostles of Spiritism after the passing of Allan Kardec[2].

The Spirit author, Camilo spent some time in the lower zones, a very unpleasant episode, and when his intended life span completed, he was picked up and taken to the Mary of Nazareth Hospital. The entire complex was controlled by the mother of Jesus and was dedicated to suicides. Camilo endured a lengthy process to recover from his desperate act. As part of his recovery he and the group he was recovering with, was able to speak with knowledgeable Spirits about the various aspects of the Spirit Hospital complex in which they spent their recovery. One of the areas of the Hospital contains the spirits who still live in a stupor, unable to function in the Spirit world. Camilo is told about this pitiful group;

“Be on the lookout for this new sort: the cocaine users, the lovers of opium and narcotics in general, addicts that succumbed to the ultimate state of decadence that a spirit, a creature of God, could fall into! They are in a lamentable state of vibrational depression. They are the true mental cases of the spirit world. They are morally, mentally and spiritually wretched because their monstrous vices not only drained and killed their physical body, but extended the dreadful consequences of their abominable intemperance to their astral body, contaminating it with impurities and pestiferous influences that polluted it atrociously.[3]”

Camino saw these spirits and described them as “Dazed, weepy, suffering, disheartened”[4]. He was told these misguided souls would be aided so they could at least understand their present situation and how they came to such a state. This is what Camino saw in the first part of the 1900’s, imagine the horde the Spirit World receives every day in our present age, more than 100 years later. We now have giant pharmaceutical companies pushing mind altering drugs at us, new forms of high invented annually, and with a culture that actively promotes such behavior as a desirable state.

Reincarnation of Suicides

Camino wanted to know what will happen to them. He was told, they will reincarnate as they appear;

“Amid the suffering of the gloomy corners of the earth, and in the most wretched levels of society. Others will be the cancer-stricken, the paralytics, the mentally impaired, the hysterics, the convulsives, the incurable diseased beset with complexes that will challenge the noble science of earthly medicine… They will be an unpleasant burden on human society because they are the offspring of it and its wrongs; hence it is only fair that this same society house them and keep them as long as necessary – until such a calamitous situation is diminished!”[5]

PayHereWe do have to pay for our wrongs, and not only us but the society that encouraged the behavior must also recompense. The message is for those who attempt to flee life, whether by inducing themselves into a temporary forgetfulness of their circumstances or by ending their life; you are not allowed to skip school. We are put here on earth for a reason and if we try to avoid that duty, we shall be reminded of the consequences eventually.

Camino is shaken by the prospect of a lifetime of punishment and asks, “If I understand correctly, is the punitive reincarnation that awaits these wretches simply forced on them by this section of our Department as a medical treatment? … Is it an antidote … a remedy?”[6] He receives an answer;

“Yes! It’s just a medical treatment! A type of treatment that the urgency and gravity of the illness imposes on the patient! A dolorous procedure, but one we do not hesitate to use, because we know that only afterward will their real convalescence begin. However, it will not be a punishment per se, because no one will have inflicted punishment or handed down a sentence; on the contrary, all of us here who serve the Law will have made every effort allowable to bring relief to their dreadful situation. What it really is – really! – is the effect of the cause that the patient himself created with the excesses he took pleasure in.”[7]

Thankfully, Camino is told that Mary’s hospital watches over each one and gives them constantMary-mother-of-jesus care. When the spirit is finished with their sojourn, the hospital takes them back and prepares the spirits for a normal life, a life where they will be able to improve themselves.

Reincarnation of Criminal Suicides

Next, Camino and his group, walk through another ward, full of more painful scenes, black terrible thoughts emanating from each of the patients. Camino wishes to know why such awful feelings from each of the bed ridden souls, his inquiry receives an immediate response;

“But how could it be otherwise? After all, they were the moral criminals; tormenters who, compelled by the turpitude of their own instincts, harmed and injured their neighbor; human monsters that satiated themselves with the misery they inflicted on the hearts and lives of others… How could rooms such as this one not be contaminated by darkness, when such darkness originated from inside these men; when they had taken pleasure in its folds, causing it and bringing it into their social and private lives, and then making it worse with the horrific blow of suicide?! … There they lay, in their sick beds, exactly as they had been while on earth: gallant men, seducers, deceivers, hypocrites, liars, corrupt, often occupying the highest positions in society.”[8]

Reading this, when we hear of some high level criminal escaping their crime by suicide, and think regretfully about how they adverted their just punishment, we now know differently. Their punishment is beyond what we could imagine, not just some time behind bars, where they will lose their freedom, but still get three square meals per day, but a lifetime to think about the possibilities of redemption. These criminals, whose last thought was that they were able to run away from all responsibilities, will be reincarnated as, “mentally-impaired, insane, epileptic, deaf and even blind individuals, … and in the degree equivalent to their crime.”[9]

Even the weight of the crime will not preclude these spirits from receiving help in the physical world. The Hospital administrators report that many will be reincarnated close to mediums who are able to assist them to restore balance in their lives. Plus, they will be watched over by the Spirit world to lend assistance to all who attempt to find the right path.

Camino, seeing the rows upon rows of the afflicted spirits, wonders why the punishment must be so harsh, after all people commit crimes every day. He is told, “Have you forgotten the tears these BookCover-Reincarnationwretches made their brothers and sisters shed by inflicting them with torments caused by their selfishness and other vile expressions of their criminal hearts?”[10]

A more detailed explanation of the process of reincarnation is in my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.

“Pain” the Teacher

The path to redemption is long and laborious. We all must pay for what we sowed. In The Spirits Book;

The one must read book in the series of book about Spiritism

The Spirits Book

999. Does sincere repentance during the earthly life suffice to efface the faults of that life, and to restore the wrong-doer to the favor of God?

“Repentance helps forward the amelioration of the spirit, but all wrongdoing has to be expiated.”[11]

Hence, there is no shortcut. No easy path for redemption. We can’t lie our way out, we can’t hire someone else to take the punishment and there is no one to bribe to let us off the hook. We must pay the bill with our own time and labor.

At the end of the long tour through the wards of the truly pitiful spirits, Camino is told that all will recover eventually. The method is described by those whose love and compassion will direct the care of the mournful spirits.

“Pain the Teacher will correct their anomalies and reconcile them with the Law! God is Infinite Mercy, my friends! He wants his people to live in harmony with the eternal beauty of his laws! And since we know that these laws are incorruptible, it is up to us to obey and respect them so that we don’t wind up having to drink the bitter gall of the consequences that we created for ourselves with our freewill when we left the natural and luminous pathway.” [12]

Does this seem harsh? That we have people with heart rendering disabilities around us, people who are wonderful friends suddenly die of an incurable disease, is a daily tragedy on this planet. This is why, we are living on a planet of atonement. A place where we are learning to become better spirits, a place where, I am sure, all of us, has in some distant past have committed a heinous crime, where we too, had to pay a lifetime of debt. Remember, that most spirits, once they realize the extent of their wrongs, sign up and ask for their penance. Knowing that we all are immortal, it is natural for the wiser ones to discharge their debt by a seemingly brief, in the scheme of things, horrendous stay on earth. With the aspiration, after the trial, to once more restart the ascent.

Explore-Small-front-coverYour life has more meaning and complexities than you realize. There are levels of the spirit world that helps us and hinders us. To understand how your individual fate is determined, tracked, and evaluated please read my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.

I will end with a message from the author, Yvonne Pereira, who in a footnote, made this plea directly to all of us; “You, who are reading these pages! When you come across brothers or sisters suffering such abnormalities, do not shy away from silently praying in their presence: your harmonious vibrations will also be an excellent therapy!” [13]

Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at http://www.nwspiritism.com.

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So the Karma court of nature’s “Cause-to-Effect” is in session. That is a good thing. But why is there such a time-lag between the time one does a “no no” … and the time the “Remedial Lesson Plan” is instituted?

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    Great point, the amount of time in-between lives is subjective (our human concept of time). Since we are immortal our span of time shrinks down to almost nothing as seen from a spirit point of view (no time in the spirit universe). Spirits who are in one of the levels of heaven, actively work with their spirit mentors to plan the episodes of their next life. Plus, when a person wished to commence their next life is up to them, as an example in the book Memoirs of a Suicide, Camilo Blanco killed himself, because he was going blind. When he was in the spiritual hospital he found out why he was destined to go blind. He knew when he came back to earth he would have to spend some time blind (in a previous life, he tortured and blinded a person). His friends in the hospital all came back to earth pretty quickly, but Camilo stalled going back, the exact time is unknown but he may have waited over forty years before returning to earth. So it all depends!


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