Why Children and Childhood? – The answer from a Spirit


An anonymous spirit communicated the reason for children and childhood, which appeared in The Spiritist Review magazine of 1859. The magazine was published and edited by Allan Kardec. The message lays out why the time of childhood is important.


The explanation for the precise reason for the years of childhood is stark in its overall logic and frankness. Never have I read a more thorough analysis for the requirement of the period of infancy than what this unknown spirit presents.

The time required and the ability to mold character during childhood is well documented in books psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier and mentioned in the volumes produced by Allan Kardec.

What we have here is pertinent for the comprehension of the absolute necessity for infancy when one is being incarnated on a planet. The spirit tells us:

“Children are beings that God sends into new existences. God gives them the looks of total innocence so that they cannot complain of excessive severity. Even in a naturally malicious child the defects are covered by the unconsciousness of their acts. Such innocence is not a sigh of real superiority with respect to what they were before; No: it is the image of what they should be; and if they are not, they will be the ones to blame.”[1]

We have heard this before, in most cases, children are provided parents so they will be able to impart good qualities, thusly molding the character of the child. Imparting to him or her the tools to perform better in their current life than their pervious life.

Further on in the message comes a perspective that I had not thought of before.

“In fact, imagine that the spirits of the children born from you may come from a world whereJESUS NASCEU completely different habits were acquired. How would you like to have such a creature around you, with passions that are completely different from yours, with inclinations, with tastes totally opposed to yours? Would you like to have them joining your ranks in a different way, different from the one that God wished, that is through the winnow of childhood?”[2]

When I think of reincarnation I invariably assume a person being reborn who lived previously on earth. But of course, this may not be the case. Souls can be given the gift of a physical life on a multitudes of planets. Each one tailored to their specific needs.

When you are questioned, why we can’t have memories of our past life, you have one more reason in your arsenal, besides the fact of being born into a family where you and they may have been antagonists and the need to be molded by the new life.

The message ends with:

“It is here that all thoughts, all characters, all varieties of beings come to blend, engineered by that multitude of worlds where the creatures improve. And you yourselves, after death, will face another kind of infancy, among new brothers and sisters. In your new non-Earthly existence you ignore the habits, the customs, culture and the relationships in the world new to you. With difficultly you will handle a language that you are not used to speak, a language even more lively than your current thought. Infancy has another utility. The spirit only gets into the corporeal life for their improvement, their betterment; the weakness of childhood makes them flexible, accessible to the advices of experience, from those in charge of their advancement. It is in that period that their character may be reformed, by the repression of their bad inclinations. Such is the duty that God has conferred he parents with, a sacred mission for which they will respond.

Thus, childhood is not only useful; it is necessary and indispensable, but also a natural consequence of the laws established by God, laws that govern the Universe!”[3]

The unknown spirit reminds us of the lessons we must learn when we travel to another world to begin our courses that, by the grace of God, will uplift us to a new level. Our work is never done.

Once again we are reminded that the entire reincarnation process is well thought out and each facet has a purpose. We are in the hands of the Divine Intelligence that knows how to effectively and efficiently remove our imperfections.

Our plan for improvement is well laid out, the speed of our ascent is up to us. By our free will, we BookCover-Reincarnationdetermine what lessons are taken to heart and what is ignored at our peril.

If you desire to learn more about the process of reincarnation, from planning in the spirit world, implanting the spirit into the fetus, the trials we are assigned and the active assistance we are provided, read my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at www.nwspiritism.com.

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Hi Brain,
My name is Valmir and I live in Vancouver, Canada.
I have read all your articles in this Blog. Their are brilliant. So concise and clear, you managed to extract the essence of the subjects you are writing about.
Since you mentioned in the article about childhood the Spirit Review Magazine of 1859 I wonder if you could tell me where I can find the Spirit Review Magazine from 1864 until 1868, lest year that was published if I am not mistaken.
I have read from 1858 till 1863.
God bless you.


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