Spiritist Knowledge

 Spiritist Knowledge: Explanation of the basic doctrine of Spiritism and other topics concerning Spiritism. For information on Your Destiny, NDE and Reincarnation, please check out the top menu.

The series of three books I have written; analyzing and expanding the communications from various groups of spirits to the Rev. G. Vale Owen, are for the express purpose of explaining the reality – the organization,  the process, the environment, the progression of spirits, the work, the daily life – of Heaven and the realms below to provide for those interested an understanding of why we are on earth, in our present physical form, and what is waiting for us when our dense shell is cast off and we return to the real world … the spirit world.

Heaven and Below – Book 1 of Spiritism – The Spirit World as Revealed to an Anglican Vicar – Covers communications that pertain to three main themes:

  • Life in heaven
  • Lower regions
  • Appearances of Jesus in the spirit realm

Many religions offer pictures of life after our spirit leaves our physical body. Most descriptions are hazy and prone to numerous interpretations. Spiritism, via communication from spirits who have been selected by high-level spirits, supplies us will real and actionable knowledge. Revelations in Spiritist literature presents an exciting picture of the bands of heaven and life therein. While a fuller explanation is extended about aspects of life and the organization of the regions below heaven.

Explore the next two books in the series:



I. Spiritist Books – ReviewsClick here

II. Spiritist Live Programs – Spiritism and the Spirit World Around Us, every Sunday and Tuesday night at 5 pm est. on my YouTube ChannelList of past recorded programs

III. Study Spiritism – I now have The Spirits’ Book in audio format. Click here to download the audio book.  I have a free PDF book – Spiritism 101 – The 3rd Revelation, download it and share it with your friends! Also, thanks to a wonderful reader of this blog, I have a French translation of Spiritism 101  named,  Spiritisme 101 – La Troisieme Revelation. Please download it and share with your friends who speak and read French.

IV. Spiritism

A. About

1. Spiritism 101 – A quick introduction to Spiritism.

2. Introduction to Spiritism – An explanation of what is Spiritism and how it affects you.

3. The Difference between Anger and  Indignation. – Learn how to get things done without losing your control.

4. The Power of Thought – What we think has consequences, not just for us, but for others too.

5.  Energizing Passes – What, Why and How – How are Passes given to you and how do they help you. Learn all about these valuable methods of restoring your balance.

6. Presentation on How to Give Passes – A Power Point, which was used in Rio de Janeiro, to teach potential mediums how to give passes.Learn how Universal Fluids are transformed to restore our inner harmony.

7. Places to find information about Mediumship – A person wrote a list questions about being and setting up sessions. I have the questions and the list of books one should read to answer all inquires (or almost all).

8. The Triple Aspect of Spiritism – Spiritism is a doctrine, not a religion. It is built upon Philosophy, Science and Religion.

9. Who and What is God – According to Spiritism – Understand the Spiritist concept of God.

10. What is a Spirit – According to Spiritism – We are spirits. The vast majority of our existence will be as a spirit. Our time in physical bodies are meant as periods of training or missions to help other spirits. Learn what we really are when we live in the other world.

11. The Spirit Realm – What is the spirit world? How did it begin and what is our little corner like. Find out our place in the vast universe(s).

12. Psychometric – The ability to see past events, how it works according to Spiritism.

13. 8 Things to Keep in Mind Concerning Spirits – According to Allan Kardec – He wrote about signs from spirits to detect when you may be dealing with spirits of an unknown level.

14. Communications from the Spirit World – Are They Real? – Are all of these communications just a manifestation of our collective imagination or is there something really out there? I believe there is and there is a growing mound of research that points in that direction.

15. How the Spirit World Communicates to Us – How are messages transmitted from one dimension to another, from one type of life, spirits, to our dense bodies here on earth? Find out the various methods in this article.

16. The College of Colors – What awaits us in the spirit world? Will we keep learning and improving ourselves? Read about one college which pursues research on the effects of colors.

17. Higher Level of Spirits have a Wider Range of Travel and Sight in the Spirit World – How do the levels of spirits differ in capabilities? Find out the rules of where you will live after you are finished with your educational plan on earth.

18. Our Physical World is Actually Created by Thought – We don’t live in a world only determined by natural laws and forces that operate as envisioned by our current science. There is more, our lives and environment is managed by the will of superior spirits.

19. Transmission of Spiritual Power – Spirits create by thought. God created the spirit and physical universes by thought. High spirits carried on the work of God, by forming solar systems, planets, and life on earth. How does thought transform into concrete action? How does an idea guide a planet or change the destiny of a single human?

20. The Law of Affinity – It places you where you belong, with others similar to you. Whether that means your are with kind and loving spirits, or placed in the midst of vengeful and hateful souls. It all depends on your character.

B. Founders & Major Contributors to Spiritism

1. Chico Xavier – He re-energized Spiritism, first in Brazil and now the world.

2. Allan Kardec – The Great Codifier – The man who created the Spiritist doctrine.

2.1 How Allan Kardec Organized his Books – Understand how Allan Kardec took great care to make sure the Doctrine was true and verifiable.

3. Emanuel Swedenborg – Advance Man for Allan Kardec – One hundred years before Allan Kardec, the Spirit World was revealed to us.

4. Socrates – Preparing the Way for Jesus and Spiritism – More than 400 years before Christ, there was a man in the cradle of Western civilization preaching the basic Doctrine of Christ and Spiritism.

5. Rev. G. Vale Owen – Life Beyond the Veil – Revelations about the Spirit World – In the 1920’s the Rev. G. Vale Owen psychographed messages from the other side. His books presented to England and the English speaking world marvelous information about the many levels of heaven and how we fit into the process to raise all of us up.

6. Who and What is Jesus? – That is a question that has been asked for over two thousand years. But, more importantly, the question should be – What is Jesus? For He is a very high spirit, who is not only in charge of our small planet … He was responsible for the formation of our entire solar system. And more.

C. Opinions/ Discussions

1. Discussion – What is your Opinion? – Analyze the Communication of a High Order Spirit to Nosso Lar

2. Opinion – Why did the Romans Hate the Christians? – The Romans were relatively tolerant of other religions, so why did they try to eradicate the Christians?

3. Discussion – My Visit to a Spiritual Healing Center – Rio Novo, Brazil – August 2014 I visited a Spiritist healing center to determine their process and what they actually provide.

 Article Summaries:

A. About

The one must read book in the series of book about Spiritism

The Spirits Book

Spirit-101-Front-small1. Spiritism 101 – The basic doctrine

A short e-book which introduces the basic Doctrine of Spiritism. Available on Amazon Kindle for $.99



victory2. An introduction to Spiritism. What you should know about the beginnings and the doctrine of Spiritism before you decide to become a Spiritist. Next, determine what Spiritism means to you and how it can help you survive your trials, the rough parts and the good ones. Read More

You can also view the YouTube version – Here

3. The Difference between Anger and Indignation

angerIn the Spirit realm, it is taught to control emotions, for emotions cause actions. When we succumb to anger, the effects are not beneficial to anyone. But there are methods to use your thoughts and mental force to cause actions for the benefit of all. Read More

4. The Power of Thought

thinkingAccording to Spiritism, thought has power, it has consequences. How is this possible? In the book, In the Domain of Mediumship (Life in the Spirit World), inspired by Andre Luiz, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, there are some explanations.

Read More

5. Energizing Passes – What, Why and How
The transfer of energy from one being to another is the essence of a pass, as it is known in Spiritism. Passes revitalize our Vital Fluids so we may be stronger to face our daily trials. For if we don’t place ourselves in a balanced state, we have less control over our emotions and our body is less able to heal itself. Read More.

B. Founders & Major Contributors to Spiritism


160px-Chico_Xavier_19681. Chico Xavier – The Most Important Man in the 20th Century

Many people do not know about Chico Xavier, full name of Francisco C. Xavier. He revived the pursuit of the Spiritist doctrine by the world, after organized religion did their best to squash it. Through Chico, the Spirit Realm has fully revealed what life is actually like after death and precisely how the process of multiple lives functions. You may not hear his name on every street corner, but later in the 21st century you will. Read More


AllanKardec-younger2. Allan Kardec – The Great Codifier

The arrival of Allan Kardec was heralded in the New Testament John 14: 15-17 and 26. The Consoler, advocate, and other translations were made describing the person who would come to earth and teach us all things. Allan Kardec fulfilled his mission and left five books that tell us the answers to age-old questions. Questions that at some time or another each of us has asked. The answers have arrived, and all you have to do to open the cover, all because of Allan Kardec.

Read More

Kardec-Jesus 2.1 How Allan Kardec Organized his books
Allan Kardec was the codifier and the Spirit of Truth supplied the initiative for the third revelation, but do you wish to know how exactly Allan Kardec worked with the Spirit world and published his books? The process he used is explained in this article. Read More.

emanuel-Swedenborg3. Emanuel Swedenborg – Advance Man for Allan Kardec

Many know about Allan Kardec and his The Spirits Book, which started the Spiritist movement and laid out the doctrine of Spiritism. But, did you know the Spirit World prepared the way for Allan Kardec? Just as Socrates and John the Baptist led the way for Jesus Christ. The same process was implemented for Kardec, and his name was Emmanuel Swedenborg and what he wrote at the time caused a major scandal. Read More.

Socratesv14. Socrates – Preparing the Way for Jesus and Spiritism
Allan Kardec in the book, The Gospel According to Spiritism, lays out the philosophy of Socrates as recorded by Plato. The basic doctrine of Socrates is very similar to what Jesus preached and Spiritism codified. Which should not be surprising, since all had their headwaters in the same place; the spirit world. Read More.

GVOwen5. Rev. G. Vale Owen – Spiritism as told to an English Vicar

The Rev. G. Vale Owen, or G.V.O. to his friends and congregation was a Church of England minister who psychographed messages from spirit world, in the 1920s. His works correspond with previous Spiritist writings by Allan Kardec and the future works by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier. His books revealed many levels of heaven and the life of the spirits around us. Read More.


 C. Opinions/ Discussions

1. What is Your Opinion? Analyze the Communication of a High Order Spirit to Nossa Lar
workers-ofpthe-life-eternalIn the book, Workers of the Life Eternal, there is a chapter detailing the events when a guest speaker from a high order world, gave a lecture to spirits in Nosso Lar. Ordinarily, this is not a mystery, the speaker arrives and speaks, but this instance was different. Even for people who believe in Spiritism. I want to layout the occurrence and look for opinions on what did the exchange mean about the differences between the orders of the Spirit world. Read More

2. Why Did the Romans Hate the Christians?
PersecutionofChristiansWe learn as children that the Romans fed the Christians to the lions. This seemed normal to us, after all the Christians were good and the Romans bad. We thought they must have not wanted to be good. The truth is more complicated. Why would the Romans try to stamp out the Christians? After all, they absorbed many religions, and were quite tolerant of almost every sect. But the Christians, along with the Druids, were different, for both they engaged in a centuries long struggle of extermination. Read More.


3. My Visit to a Spiritual Healing Center – Rio Novo, Brazil – August 2014
Rio-Novo-Healing7Like many others, I am extremely suspicious when I hear of religious healing. I think of naive people receiving faith healing with tragic consequences if they stop taking their medicine, or even worse, never see a doctor. Therefore, I wanted to visit a Spiritist healing center to determine their process and what they actually provide. Read More.


Please make the correction on C 1. is NOSSO LAR and not NOSSA LAR. I saw this in many other places.


Leviticus 19:31 ““Do not defile yourselves by turning to mediums or to those who consult the spirits of the dead. I am the LORD your God.


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