Energizing Passes – What, Why and How


guardianangel2The transfer of energy from one being to another is the essence of a pass, as it is known in Spiritism. Passes revitalize our Vital Fluids so we may be stronger to face our daily trials. For if we don’t place ourselves in a balanced state, we have less control over our emotions and our body is less able to heal itself.

What are Passes

Passes are given in Spiritual Centers. The object of the Pass is to resupply your Vital Fluids to improve the harmony of your body, which should result in better physical and mental health.

Your body utilizes Vital Fluids, which is a modification of the Universal Fluids that make up everything in the Universe, these are altered to fit your own spirit and body. Vital Fluid can be thought as an energy force that maintains the various Force centers, otherwise known as Chakras, which are responsible for keeping all of your bodily functions in harmony. The more Vital Fluids you have, the healthier and more vitality you will possess.

A benefactor spirit transfers their fluids that they direct from Universal Fluids, into their own spirit. Next the benefactor spirit directs the flow to the physical person applying the passes. The person’s perispirit and body transform the fluids from the spirit to Vital Fluids that conform to the patient’s requirements. Thereby, customizing the form of energy to help the patient into the exact type they need.

passes-applicationThis transfer of Vital Fluids is done with the assistance of two beings. One is the loving and caring spirit who uses the physical person giving the passes as a channel to supply you with energy. The person giving the passes must be in harmony and full of goodwill toward their fellow beings. As the picture below illustrates, the spirit stands behind the pass giver who stands in front of you to deliver the vital fluids.

PassesI have received passes and I have definitely felt better. Could this just be all in my own mind and I wanted to feel better? Yes, that could be one explanation, but with the other phenomena I have witnessed with Spiritism, I am a believer in ability of the spirit world to help us in every way possible so we may overcome our trials during our life.

Why are Passes Given

As covered above, Passes are given to help a person recover their balance, the harmony of their spirit, perispirit and physical body.

Andre Luiz, our spiritual friend of many books, asks what are the benefits of passes and receives an answer from the spirit leader of the group giving passes to incarnates and discarnates;

“Just as the physical body can ingest poisonous foods that intoxicate its tissues, the perispiritual body can also absorb degenerative elements that corrode its energy centers with repercussions on the material cells. If an incarnate person’s mind has not yet managed to discipline the emotions, if it nourishes passions that disharmonize it with reality, it can at any moment become poisoned with the mental emissions of those with whom it lives, and who are also in the same state of imbalance. Sometimes, these absorptions are simple phenomena of no major importance; however, in many cases they are susceptible of causing dangerous organic disasters. This happens particularly when the interested parties do not have a prayer life, the beneficial influence of which can annul many ills”[1]

The paragraph is eerily similar to my life before I discovered Spiritism. They could have replaced the word “person” with my name and been spot on. I wasn’t been able to control my emotions, I was in a situation with no support and my life was completely absence of prayer or even the acknowledgment of the love of God and Jesus.

Hence, I was fat, well I am still overweight, but before even worse, had high blood pressure, headaches, and when I caught any illness it lingered for quite a while. Even though, I still get sick occasionally, when I do I recover quickly, my blood pressure is normal and my stress levels are very manageable. I can’t remember my last headache.

Does my experience prove anything, no of course not, it could all be a coincidence. But since discovering Spiritism, I am less certain of anything that could be labelled a “coincidence”. Once you come to the realization that we exist in a glass cage, where we go about our business blind to the presence of our mentors, you start to notice the small and large effects that push and pull you like the rolling waves in the middle of the ocean.

Let’s see a pass in action and determine the benefits it gives you. There is a perfect example in the book, Missionaries of the Light, where Andre watches Anacleto manage the passes process. Andre asks if he could see a demonstration of the benefits of the procedure, and Anacleto points to a woman and tells him;

“This morning she had a bad argument with her husband and entered a serious state of inner disharmony. The small cloud surrounding her vital organ represents fulminating mental matter. The permanence of such residues in her heart could cause a dangerous illness. Let’s help her.”[2]

Andre then saw that Anacleto, with the help of an incarnate Spiritist, directed the energy of the Vital Fluids, in the form of a ray of light, toward the woman’s heart. Andre describes the healing that he witness;

“Besieged by these magnetic principles, the small amount of black matter enveloping the mitral valve slowly moved away, and as if attracted by Anacleto’s strong will, it reached the upper tissues, scattering under the radiating hand along the epidermis. Then the spirit magnetizer began the more active phase of the passes, discarding the evil influence. He made a double pass over the epigastric area by lifting both hands and immediately bringing them down very slowly past the hips down to the knees, repeating the same pass and operation over the area several times. In just a few moments the infirm woman’s body returned to normal.”[3]

Andre was amazed at the speed and completeness of the healing. Next he was curious to know, what would have happened to the woman, if she didn’t visit a Spiritist Center. Would she be able to heal herself? Andre is told anyone who is living the religion that follows the path of the good will receive spiritual assistance, as long as they ask for help in prayer and trust in God. Anacleto goes on to describe where their assistance reaches;

“Whether she was praying in a Roman Catholic Church or in a Buddhist temple, she would receive help from our sphere by means of this or that group of Christ’s worker. Of course, here in an organization that is free of the shadows of prejudice and dogma, our fraternal help can be more effective and purer, and the possibilities for her profiting are much greater. However, I need to point out that magnetic helpers go wherever there are requests of sincere faith, distributing the Divine Master’s assistance with their best efforts. Wherever sincere and uplifting sentiments vibrate, a pathway to God’s watch-care is opened.”[4]

There is no discrimination amongst the many religions of the earth, all who profess a belief in God and try to light a path of love and goodness shall receive care from the spiritual realm.

Next Andre wishes to know what would happen to her if she had no religious beliefs or any other spiritual activity. Anacleto replies;

“If she were a person with upright sentiments, although hostile toward religion, in her natural meditations she would receive help, albeit reduced due to her inability to more intensely receive our radiating energies. But if she were completely immersed in the darkness of ignorance or evil, she would be without help of a higher order and her physical energies would suffer violent and inevitable wear and tear due to continuous mental intoxication. Those who close themselves off to regenerative ideas and flee from the laws of cooperation will suffer the appropriate consequences.”[5]

Hence, anyone with any connection to their spiritual side will be noticed and aided by the spirit world. Only those who are completely trapped by their overwhelming materialistic thinking and behavior, or a glaring absence of love for their fellow beings are left to fend on their own. The rest of us are being supported on a frequent basis. When you wake up astonishingly refreshed after a hard day or find that one more bit of energy to survive your current trial that could be the spirit world, pushing you on with an invisible hand. A hand of warmth and love, a hand forged in the same trials which we have all been through.

How are Spirits and People Trained to Give Passes?

Incarnate and discarnates must be trained to be able to effectively aid others through the transfer of Vital Fluids. Andre inquires about any special training or qualifications that are prerequisites to providing passes. He receives an answer;

“As they do their work, goodwill alone is not enough, as is also the case in other areas of our work. They need to display certain qualities of a superior order and certain specialized knowledge. Even when discarnate, servants of the good cannot act satisfactorily in this type of service if they cannot yet maintain a higher standard of continuous mental elevation, an indispensable condition for the exteriorization of radiant faculties. Missionaries involved in magnetic assistance, either on the physical plane or here in our sphere, must have great self-control, naturally balanced sentiments, a purified love for their fellow beings, a higher understanding of life, strong faith and a deep trust in the Divine Power.”[6]

Therefore, the spirit workers undergo rigorous training to fulfill their mission. While incarnates must possess an understanding of the Doctrine of Spiritism and the required goodwill toward their fellow beings. To receive passes, requires only faith and openness to allow the refreshing waves to be absorbed into your body.

The Spiritist who is acting as the channel must also be prepared, in mind and body, as pointed out;

“Before anything else, they must balance their emotions. It isn’t possible to offer constructive energies to somebody else, even if acting as a useful instrument, if one systematically wastes one’s own vital radiations. A worn out and oppressed nervous system is a channel that does not respond to the interruptions that take place. Excessive bitterness, unbridled passion and obsessive anxiety are barriers that impede the passage of auxiliary energies. On the other hand, it is also necessary to examine physiological requirements as well as requisites of a psychic order. The monitoring of elements destined for the cellular reservoirs is indispensable for anyone interested in attending to the tasks of the good. Excessive eating produces fetid odors that emanate through the pores as well as through the outlets from the lungs and the stomach, harming the radiating faculties because it causes abnormal ejections and great disharmony in the gastrointestinal system, which in turn affects the inside of the cells. Alcohol and other toxic substances create disturbances in the nervous centers, altering certain psychic functions and annulling the best efforts for the transmissions of regenerative and salutary elements.”[7]

As one can see, our bodies are finely tuned instruments, which are capable of actions beyond our imagination. We don’t exist only to feed ourselves and procreate, but we are first and foremost devices for good, for not only by our thoughts and actions, but by maintaining the emotional and physical health of our physical covering while we are doing our time on earth. For this vehicle that our spirit presently resides can do more than move us around in space, but is also capable of transmissions of life altering rays, benefiting our fellow humans.

The old saying, our body is a temple, is accurate. We have been bequeathed this divine apparatus to use wisely, not to abuse in a thoughtless manner. When we are assigned our trial on earth, our body is also allocated to us, much like textbooks at the start of a class. As in the school room, we are expected to keep our materials in good shape and to use them sensibly.

The Tenth-Time Rule

Which brings us to the limit of patience extended to us by the spirit domain. As happens to us when we ignore repeated warnings, our friends give up and remain silent. Knowing in their hearts that it is a pity we are on the wrong path, but they realize that some people only learn by suffering the results of their actions. The spirit world does the same.

Andre is told when treatment is withheld;

“Our efforts are also educational and we cannot disregard the suffering that instructs and helps transform people for the good. Amongst the service rules we must follow in this center, it is crucial to determine the causes as we extirpate people’s ills. There are individuals who actually induce suffering, disturbance and imbalance, and it is only reasonable that they pay for the consequences of their actions. When we come across people in such conditions, we save them from the enveloping harmful fluids, produced by their own decisions, for up to ten consecutive times as a gesture of spiritual benevolence. However, if the ten opportunities fly past without any benefit to the interested parties, we have instructions from above to let them be so that they may learn by themselves. We can give them some relief, but never free them.”[8]

Andre is then given an example of a tenth-timer;

“Despite his sympathy toward our spiritual activities, this man has a difficult temperament in that he is extremely capricious. He likes to quarrel frequently, to engage in passionate arguments and to impose his points of view. He can’t control his rage and constantly awakens anger and resentment in those who share his company.”[9]

Hence the man is going to Spiritist lectures, reading the books and yet has not modified his behavior. He will be allowed time to come around, if he begins to take the messages of love, caring, and honesty to heart, he will once again be treated with healing passes.

We are supplied more help than we can imagine in our lives, but if we ignore the yellow flags that we have speedily passed by, then we shall be allowed the opportunity to learn the hard way. Hopefully, when we do ride down into that ditch, we will acknowledge our faults and work to better ourselves. Spirit-101-Front-smallOn the other hand, if we blindly travel on, oblivious of the multitude of ominous signs, we shall have the occasion to look back at our life and try to progress in our next reincarnation.

Learn more about Spiritism and how it can give your life meaning and spiritual health; read my introductory book Spiritism 101 – The 3rd Revelation.

Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at http://www.nwspiritism.com.
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May I request for a powerpoint presentation Re: Passes- Why, How, What. I intend to have it translated to the Filipino Language.

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Hi. I watched your lecture today. I found the article about passes but not the PowerPoint presentation. Could I get a copy please? Thank for the videos.


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