How the Spirit World Communicates to Us


human-chip-implantThere is constant communication from the spirit realm to our earthly physical world. We are, for the most part, unaware, but there are people, who have been given certain talents, who have the ability to receive messages from a different dimension. These individuals have been amongst us throughout history, they are called by various names; witches, psychics, medicine women and men, priests, nuns, we shall call them by name given to them by Spiritism; mediums.

Mediums have been Brought to Us for a Purpose

The spirit realm has given our present time the gift of Mediumship for a purpose. In the book, In the Realms of Mediumship, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, a spirit tells us why more souls on earth are being given the gift of communication:

“The mediumistic phenomenon is not new. Only the way it manifests is new because the priesthood of various creeds has been stagnated for many centuries in the displays of outward worship. Most notably, Christianity, which should be the largest and simplest of the schools of faith, has long been crystallized in the superficiality of its churches. Thus, it was necessary to free its principles for benefits of the world, which nowadays, from a scientific point of view, is bathed in the light of a new era. That is why the planet’s unseen Government decided that mediumship should be brought from the clergy into the public square so that the notion of eternity, through the survival of the soul, would awaken the anesthetized mind of the populace.”[i]

Hence, the spirit world wishes to send us the information that we are immortal souls who are on a path to perfection. This realization that karma is real, means that no one escapes the damages they have done or doesn’t benefit from the good they have accomplished is the major lever that will be used to bring back in balance people’s materialistic tendencies with their spiritual needs.

What are the Different Types of Mediums

I have news for you, everyone is a medium of some sort. All of us receive thoughts from the spirit world. While we may not be conscious of these metal telegrams passing through our body, they are there. When a close guardian spirit wishes to convey a message to us, they speak directly to our brain. When they speak, we don’t hear words, but thoughts, and we interpret these ideas as our own.

Inspirational Mediums

According to Allan Kardec’s book, The Book on Mediums, we are all “Inspirational Mediums”[ii]. All of us are influenced by the good and bad spirits around us. Allan Kardec explains;

“Inspiration comes to us all, from Spirits who influence, for good or evil, in every circumstance of our lives, and in every resolution we make, and it may therefore be truly said that, in this respect,invocation every-one is a medium, for there is no one who has not about him his familiar spirits, who do their utmost to suggest salutary or pernicious counsels to those with whom they are connected; a truth which, were we duly penetrated with its reality and importance, would frequently lead us to oppose a more effectual resistance to the suggestions of evil, by seeking the inspiration of our guardian-angel in our moments of uncertainty as to what we should say or do. At such times, we should invoke that watchful guardian with fervor and confidence, as a Providentially-appointed friend; and, if we did so, we should often be astonished at the new ideas which would arise in our minds, as though by enchantment, whether for the taking of an important decision, or for the accomplishing of our special work.”[iii]

We all have had moments of inspiration, flashes of brilliance, which provides some key piece of knowledge that we have been searching for; these sparks are caused by spirits, who chose to influence us. Use the gems given to us, but first filter the idea through your conscience and instinct (see how your conscience and instinct are the accumulation of your past lives) to determine the validity of the suggestion.

Allan Kardec goes on to say that people of genius are mediums without being aware of it. These people have the innate sense to call superior spirits to provide the assistance they seek. Allan Kardec completes the section on inspirational mediums with this communication from the Spirit world:

What is the primal cause of inspiration?

“The communication of his thoughts by a spirit”

Is inspiration confined to the revelation of great things?

“No; it often has reference to the most commonplace circumstances of your daily life. For instance, you may have thought of going somewhere, but a secret voice tells you not to go, because there is danger in the way; or it tells you to do something which you have not thought of doing; this is inspiration. There are very few people who are not more or less ‘inspired’ in this way, at certain moments.” [iv]

Hence, we are all touched, we are all subtlety guided by the unseen hand of the spirit realm.

The Communication Portal
Rene Descartes

Rene Descartes

Rene Descartes, the French 17th century philosopher, who has been called the founder of modern philosophy, believed the pineal gland, located in the center of the brain, was our conduit to the spirit world.[v] Rene was the man who said, “I think therefore I am”.[vi]

Others seconded his theory, in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, we are told:

“Towards the end of the nineteenth century, Madame Blavatsky, the founder of theosophy, identified the “third eye” discovered by the comparative anatomists of her time with the “eye of Shiva” of “the Hindu mystics” and concluded that the pineal body of modern man is an atrophied vestige of this “organ of spiritual vision” (Blavatsky 1888, vol. 2, pp. 289–306). This theory is still immensely popular today.”[vii]

While modern science and current philosophy regulates the pineal gland to a mass which produces the melatonin hormone, literature produced by Spiritist mediums psychographing from knowledgeable spirits place the pineal gland at the apex in determining if a person has the ability to transfer messages from the spirit realm to us.

There are many detailed classifications of mediums, but I will cover the major areas only. Please look upon this list as an introduction only, for within each category there may exist different types and modifications of abilities.

  1. Sensitive or Impressionable Mediums – Ability to feel the presence of spirits. Other categories require this ability.[viii]
  2. Clairaudient Mediums – These mediums hear the voice of spirits.[ix]
  3. Trance Mediums – Only transmit what is said to them by spirits.[x]
  4. Clairvoyant Mediums – The ability to see spirits.[xi]
  5. Healing Mediums – Ability to heal by the laying on of hands.[xii]
  6. Automatic Writing Mediums – The ability to obtain direct writing from a spirit.[xiii]
  7. Inspirational Mediums – This was discussed in the previous section. We are all inspirational mediums.
  8. Presentiment Mediums – Ability to intuit the future.[xiv]
  9. I am sure other more knowledgeable people have better inclusive and exhaustive lists, but I believe the above is a fair introduction to the broad types of persons who have the ability to transmit the thoughts and actions from the spirit world to us. Many mediums have more than one of the above talents. The great Brazilian medium Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier had all of the above capabilities.
Sensitive or Impressionable Mediums

Have you ever talked or thought about someone who had passed away and then felt goosebumps or a tingly sensation in your arms and shoulders? You may have felt the presence of a spirit.

Be careful of what you say and your thoughts. They leave our minds and can draw in unwanted guests. Andre Luiz gives an example of this, in his book, Workers of the Life Eternal, where during a funeral, a group of people were talking about the deceased. One man started to reveal that the deceased knew of a man who committed murder, but never revealed the name, due to the high position of the murderer. Andre Luiz describes what happened next:

“At that moment, a horrendous figure followed by others no less monstrous, appeared unexpectedly. The figure approached the thoughtless commentator, and upon hearing his last words, shook him, crying out;

‘I’m the murderer! What do you want from me? Why have you called me? Are you a judge?’

The narrator was unable to see what I could, but his body was shaken by an involuntary shudder, which drew muffled laughter from all those present.”[xv]

Examples, such as this one, are a constant theme in literature inspired by Andre Luiz. Our thoughtscell-phone-transmitter-tower-thumb16351138 are radio waves, indiscriminately radiated in all directions. You never know what person or spirit will tune at what time.

I always tell everyone I have absolutely no mediumistic ability, but of course I am an inspirational medium, like all of us. But, I believe I have the ability to feel, sometimes, not always, the presence of good spirits.

When I first started going to Spiritist meetings, I wondered what that tingly feeling was in my arms, shoulders, and neck. At first I thought is was just how I was sitting, but when I left the meeting the feelings would disappear too. At home or at other places, I wasn’t able to replicate that sensation.

When I learned how to give passes, the transfer of energy from a spirit to a recipient, I felt again a wave of power flowing through my arms and hands. I soon learned to recognize that sensation. I have it during Spiritist meetings and sometimes when I speak about Spiritism.

I have also felt it in other circumstances. In my job, I was invited to hear a talk given by Tony Blair, who was once the Prime Minister of Great Britain. As he was being introduced, I felt normal, but when he walked on the stage, I felt a surge of power, as if there were many spirits around him. The impression left when he left the platform.

Clairaudient Mediums

According to The Book on Mediums, by Allan Kardec, the definition of a clairaudient mediums is:

“These mediums hear the voice of spirits: some times, … it is an inner voice that speaks to the interior consciousness; sometimes it is an exterior voice, clear and distinct as that of a person in the flesh. Clairaudient mediums are thus enabled to enter into conversation with the spirits.”[xvi]

One of the most famous clairaudient mediums in history is Joan of Arc. When she was about thirteen, she heard from Saint Michael, Saint Catherine, and Saint Margaret, who told her to drive out the English and bring the Dauphin to Reims for his coronation.[xvii]

Trance Medium

I have seen Trance mediums at work. They are Clairaudient mediums who only transmit what is said to them by spirits, they often hear nothing, while the spirit controls their voice.[xviii]

Disobsession v2I was a meeting to help discarnated spirits. The process is to help spirits living in a state of unbalance. This is not a type of medium meeting where spirits from deceased family members, etc are communicated with to ease the pain of still living family.

The meetings are all done by volunteers who mostly work during the day and then they meet at night to help our discarnated brothers and sisters, who need assistance to regain their facilities so they are able to get back on the path to improve themselves.

For those of you that have read Andre Luiz’s books, such as The Messengers or Workers of the Life workers-ofpthe-life-eternalEternal, what I witnessed at the meeting followed the pattern of disobsession medium meetings in the books quite closely.

The meeting started with one of the persons saying a prayer to start the meeting. Next, the mediums talked about their experiences since the last meeting. After the previous information was digested, one of the mediums read passages from one of the spiritist books. They kept their discussions and readings to a strict timetable.

At the appointed hour, the lights were dimmed and the mediums, heads bowed in silence, awaited the first contact. There were papers and pens ready at the table to receive any written messages. There are two types of mediums at the meeting. A trance medium, is the one the spirit connects with and speaks through their voice. The other type of medium is the counselor medium, who engages in conversation with the spirit.

A male trance medium started talking, all conversations were in Portuguese, in which I am not totally competent, therefore I may misrepresent some situations.

The trance medium started shaking and then he said, “Untie me! Untie me! Why am I restrained?”

A counselor medium came over to sit by the trance medium and put his hand on the trance medium’s arm and said,” Please calm down, calm down, everything will be fine.”

The spirit kept yelling to be free, finally the counselor medium told the spirit to go back to sleep and try to contact the group another day when he was able to communicate.

Another episode was when a women spirit talking through a female trance medium. Immediately she began complaining about her life in general.

“How could someone study, go to school, be educated, and wishing to be a good wife and yet spend a long time locked in her own house by her husband. And if that is not enough, her husband then marked her face with a red-hot iron. He burned all of my face.”

Then she cried and said she was sad. She seemed to believe her face was still disfigured, even though she has left her physical body.

Next her husband possessed another trance medium and he said, “I feel very terrible I did this, but you know during those times the husband totally owned his wife.”

I immediately thought; this must be a couple from many years ago, when women had no rights.

The counselor medium told him, “I understand your regret.”

The husband responded, “Yes, you are right. All I want is her forgiveness. I am very regretful.”

This is a very tragic situation, the wife lives in constant anger of what was done to her and the husband cannot move on due to his realization of his horrible behavior. Her absolute anger is understandable, but it reached a point that her negative thoughts are detrimental to her own health. Who knows how many decades both have been merely existing in this twilight zone. They seemed locked in the lower regions, unable to progress through forgiveness and love.

The last case I will try to summarize is a male spirit who came and told everyone at the meeting how hypocritical and stupid we all are. Then he said, “All of you are fools, you think you are superior to us?”

“No, we don’t think that, we just want to give you help and love”, the counselor medium replied.

“Who are you to give love. Only Jesus reached the high level of love, no one else.”, he said in a loud voice.

“We are here in empathy to learn, how about you?”, said the counselor medium, trying to find the key to start a constructive dialog.

He thought for a while and said, “Do you think we also don’t have empathy. I have love within my group”

“Are you happy with your life?” asked the medium.

“I accept my life the way it is.”, he replied

The counselor medium, sensing he was not open to any type of positive conversation, told him, “OK, so why are you here? If you don’t want to listen, then I will have to ask you to let others come.”

Then he laughed and left.

The meeting was like this for the entire two hours, short dialogs with spirits who required assistance. Some spirits, we were told, would come back many times. All spirits were directed to the meeting by spirits from the higher regions attempting to help those trapped by negative emotions or many other causes. Meetings such as these are just one way lost souls are comforted and guided to get back to the path of improvement.

Clairvoyant Mediums

I know a clairvoyant medium. He is a member of a Spiritist center in Rio de Janeiro. He can see spirits. He told of what he saw when passes are given after a Spiritist meeting.

In the Spiritist center in Rio de Janeiro, there is an hour-long talk on Spiritism, the subject of the speech changes, but always on teaching others more about the Spiritist Doctrine. After the discussion, people are led in groups of eight to ten to a room, where there are chairs for each person. Standing next to each chair is a person ready to give passes to the one who waited to receive a pass after the speech.

PassesDuring a pass, a spirit stands behind the person giving the pass, the spirit transmits Universal Fluid to the person standing giving the pass, which in their body to modified to the intended recipient’s own vital fluid. This transfer is intended to revitalize the balance and energy centers of the person receiving the passes.

My acquaintance told me that during this process that spirits appear to move like robots, with very fast and precise movements. As the line of people come into the room a spirit leads a person to the correct chair.

I can tell you that when I walked in the room, I had no conscious feeling of being told to walk to a certain chair. In fact, after I was told of this, the next time, I deliberately went to my second choice chair, just to see if I could be difficult! Of course, I probably ended up in the seat that was assigned to me.

I was also told of the story of a clairvoyant medium who works at a government office in Brazil. He is one of those people who assists individuals waiting in line for answers to different questions, forms, or other inquiries into complex bureaucracy. Sometimes when a person comes up to him and starting asking questions, he responds to what he sees. His fellow co-workers, upon detecting him speaking to thin air, will gently remind him that he must be speaking with a spirit.

Healing Mediums

These are mediums that can actually help heal or assist in the processing of healing. They don’t perform this by themselves, but with the guidance of a spirit or spirits.

One of the most famous healing mediums is John of God. He is a medium who has been shown on ABC, CNN, 60 Minutes, and the Oprah show. He tells no one to stop taking their medicine, or to refrain from going to a licensed physician. He says that all healing is from God and the spirits and not from him. He doesn’t guarantee that everyone will be cured.

I have not traveled to John of God in Brazil, but I have been to a different healing medium, in the city of Rio Novo, in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. It is a state that is next to the state of Rio de Janeiro, and is about a three hour drive from the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The center is called, the Para-scientific Organization of Adolfo Fritz. Para-scientific; it means an accessory to science, hence not yet a science but hopes to be one someday. The medium who applies, or channels the energy of Dr. Fritz is Chico Monteiro.

I arrived at an old industrial building. There was an efficient check-in line staffed by volunteers. I gave

Rio Novo

Rio Novo

my name and a sheet of paper with my ailments and basic data was printed out. I was directed to wait on some wooden benches to wait until my name was called.

The building was aged but clean. Inside was spacious and full of places to sit. Outside, people were selling snacks and other small items. There must have been around two hundred people in attendance and around fifteen volunteers.

Periodically, people would be called by an attendant, who by the way was very professional. He had the perfect balance of directing people while simultaneously appearing extremely caring. I waited myRio-Novo-Healing3 turn. The people around me were a various group, old, young, male and female. Most simply dressed. Talking to some, I found out they were here to help with a pregnancy, vision problems, assist in healing various wounds, which did not seem to want to repair themselves, even with modern medical methods. All of the problems that people have.

Suddenly I was called. I walked into a room, constructed as a stand-alone hall inside the old warehouse building. In the hall, there were many hospital-like gurneys, no wheels, lined up two in each row, with about six to eight rows. On each gurney sat two people. We sat sitting up facing a desk where volunteers were working. There were probably thirty people on the gurneys. Older people who had trouble walking sat in chairs along the side of the walls. The hall was filled with blue light. It had a very calming atmosphere. Everything was perfectly clean.

In front of us, for everyone was facing the same direction, were Chico Monteiro and his staff of volunteers. First they collected the pieces of paper that we carried with us. Next, I saw them look at the pieces of papers one by one, and then a volunteer would staple something to each paper. On and on it went as they discussed each form. After the stapling noise subsided, Chico looked at us and he proceeded directly to the back of the room.

As I was facing forward, I could hear muffled talking, but nothing that I could understand. Finally, Chico appeared in front of me. He looked at me and then held my hand with one of his hands and with his other hand touched his fingers to the inside of my elbow. I felt a small electrical shock. Next, we waved his hands over my entire head and made, what seemed a sign of the cross directly in front of my face. He then moved his hands over my head and around my chest. All the while, another assistant, standing behind me, slightly pulled down my collar.

Suddenly, he put his hand on my chest and I felt a small bit of pressure. He squeezed my arm and said, “Be with God.” Then he moved on to the next person. Not performing the same motions, but always working fast and seemingly he concentrated on the areas where people had described their aliments.

When he finished with the entire group, the volunteers handed out our original pieces of paper with the names of suggested medicine we should consider purchasing from any pharmacy, or talk with our doctor about the suggestions, to help with our complaints. Also stapled to the paper was the name of a book Essencia Vibracional, translated to Vibrational Essence, which we could buy on the premise. Sales of the book and the donation box that I saw close to the check-in were the only visible means of supporting the work of the center.

Rio-Novo-Healing5The entire process took about 30-40 minutes to complete. When I left the room, the people who exited with me, noticed small scratch marks on their skin. A person next to me pointed at my chest and said I had blood on my chest. I looked down and I had a small circle of congealed blood exactly where Chico placed his hands on my chest. I had not felt any pain whatsoever.

And yes, I felt better. I went in hoping for relief from back pain and it lasted for about nine months, until I did something stupid in the yard, like trying to shovel dirt without my back brace. Before I went to the healing center, I would experience pain in more frequent episodes.

Was it psychosomatic or actual improvement? I believe that my faith, the power of my mind, helped my body heal, with added assistance from spirits who directed energy to where it would be useful.

Automatic Writing Mediums

Automatic writing is also described as psychographing, whereby, a medium either writes down the words the spirit transmits to her or his mind or allows a spirit to control the muscles in their hand to let the spirit actually write the words.

ChicoXavierThe most famous and prolific psychographing medium was Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier. He was born in 1910 in Brazil and started automatic writing at the age of twenty-one.

Wikipedia describes the beginning of his early writing:

In 1931, In Pedro Leopoldo, (Francisco’s hometown) he started to psychograph the book Parnaso de Além-Túmulo. That year was marked by the medium’s “adulthood”, it was the year the medium met his spiritual mentor Emmanuel, “Under a tree, near a water reservoir…” (SOUTO MAIOR, 1995:31). His mentor informs him on his mission to psychograph a sequence of thirty books and the spirit explains to him that, to achieve such a task, it would be demanded three very important conditions: ‘discipline, discipline and discipline’.

Severe and demanding, the mentor instructed him to be loyal to Jesus and Kardec, even if it was against his religious basis. Later on, the medium found out that Emmanuel had been the Roman senator Publius Lentulus, further reborn as a slave who sympathized with Christianity, still in another reincarnation, had been a Jesuit priest Manuel da Nóbrega, involved with the evangelization of Brazil.[xix]

Chico was attacked by many as being one of a large legion of imposters, whose only aim was to increase his personal wealth. Chico said that he could never fall down, since he never stood up, meaning that he couldn’t be charged as a money seeking person because he never took money. All proceeds from his books were donated to charity. As a Spiritist, he knew that selling his services that he received as a gift from God is immoral.

The range of books written by Chico was enormous. From books by deceased poets, suicides, a young man describing learning at a school in heaven, to books by Emmanuel, which were past lives of people he knew while he was on earth. Including, Emmanuel’s first encounter with Jesus Christ, in which he at first completely rejected Jesus.

An interesting string of books, were by the physician Dr. Andre Luiz, who wrote about his own death and experiences in the lower zones and his entrance into Nosso Lar (the Spirit City above Rio de Janeiro) and subsequently his experiences with assisting various departments and their work in heaven, on the earth, and one below the earth.

Chico was the first person to tell the world, that he never wrote anything, he only wrote what was communicated to him by the Spirit Realm. He wrote a total of 469 books before he died, on June 30, 2002. His death occurred right after Brazil won the World Cup. He has wished that he would die on day that wouldn’t make the Brazilian too unhappy.

Presentiment Mediums

Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier wasn’t only a medium who psychographed, he possessed every type of talent that a medium could possibly contain.

Chico was able to know the future. As an example, there was a time in the mid-1980’s when Chico told a group that Brazil would be a major oil exporter and that the oil would be found over 5000 meters under the sea. Everyone silently laughed, they had had plenty of experience of the Brazilian government trying to find oil and nothing ever was successful.[xx] Now, of course, Brazil is a major oil producer from fields of oil found out in the deep ocean.

Everyone wants to know the future, except when they realize what will really happen. Starting from one of the earliest mentions of a presentiment medium, Cassandra during the time of the Trojan War, when she prophesied the destruction of Troy, the life of an individual who actually foresees events ismedium-crystalball not an easy one.

A medium is only able to tell the future based on the information given to them by their familiar spirit. According to the Doctrine of Spiritism, the higher the spirit the greater the distance in the future they will be able to see. Lower spirits are only able to detect a limited range and lower spirits will often tell untruths just to play games.

High spirits won’t give you any information that does not assist you in your quest to become a better spirit. Prophecies are usually given to us to provide motivation to achieve a goal or a warning that we are not on the right path.

Mediumship is Important to Spiritism

Mediumship plays a vital part in Spiritism. Mediums are our communication link to the spirit realm. They are used to help solve mental issues, promote physical health, teach, and even instruct discarnate spirits who come to the meetings. Whereas, in past times, the human race would be delivered instructions through prophecy, the domain of a select few, the proliferation of mediums in Brazil is a harbinger for the world at large.

Andre Luiz touches on this in the book he inspired, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, In the Domain of Mediumship, where he talks with his instructor Aulus;

“I considered:’Mediumship today is similar to the prophecies of the past.’

‘Yes.’ agreed Aulus quickly, ‘with the difference being that mediumship today is a concession of God to humanity that reflects the maturity of human understanding. Mediumistic phenomenon is not new, only the form in which it is disseminated. Different creeds existing for centuries were paralyzed with the spectacle of exterior demonstrations making celestial revelations incomprehensible.”[xxi]

We are being told, the same message for the timing of Allan Kardec’s The Spirits Book, that we are ready to listen.

Spiritism, through the messages of mediums, such as those who worked with Allan Kardec or the great Brazilian medium Francisco (Chico) Xavier, is causing us to see Jesus in a more complete light. The shadows that existed when reading the New Testament, are being removed by the knowledge that is brought to us via mediumship.

Explore-Small-front-coverIf you desire to learn more about the spirit world, from where we come from, how we ascend to how we are guided on during our trials on earth, read my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined. It will inform you of what the Doctrine of Spiritism has revealed to us through the works of many mediums.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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