Recommended Book – Changing Lives with Spiritism

changinglivesThere is a recent book, Changing Lives with Spiritism, written by Heather Bollech-Fonseca, that is the first survey of what Spiritism can mean to you originally written in English.

Heather begins by relating her own spiritual journey and how she arrived at her belief in Spiritism. The author takes us through from the beginning of Spiritism, with Allan Kardec, to the Brazilian influences we have today, with the books psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier.

Heather introduces to us our state of life after our physical death in a chapter called; Life After Death and The Spirit World: Wow!. Where she brings to the forefront the information revealed to us by the spirit author Andre Luiz, who has allowed humanity a glimpse of what exactly is life after death like. Heather tells us;

“Once we do make the transition, those defining aspects of our personality will shape our experience as we re-encounter the spiritual world. Think, for a moment, about the great variety of characters we find among those living on Earth. Even more diverse are the discarnate beings living throughout creation. According to Spiritism, the environments of the spiritual realm reflect the quality of thoughts cultivated by their inhabitants. Therefore, Spiritist teachings reveal an extensive degree of diversity among the many dwelling places of the spiritual world.” [p. 63]

Whereas, most of us have only learned vague concepts about Heaven, Heather tells us of the daily routines and opportunities of our spirit life;

“In such places, life continues, and the spirits remain active. In general, there is an organized way of living with enjoyable surroundings. In some cases, there are pleasant elements of nature, music, art, and technology still unknown to us on Earth. There are opportunities to grow through study, worship, and numerous forms of work carried out to benefit others. Spirits in such places live in the company of loved one and others with whom they share an affinity.” [p. 63]

How do we become pure spirits? Heather explains the process and tells us precisely why we must experience reincarnation. For as we travel through multiple lives, committing wrongful deeds in our early learning phases, we must atone for those wrongs (the concept of Karma), and gather the required wisdom to grow through painful times. Heather gives us examples of why we must suffer trying episodes in our life;

“There are yet other reasons why an incarnating spirit will willingly agree to face some particularly difficult circumstances. For example, the spirit may wish to help a loved one endure a painful trial. On other occasions, the spirit’s goal may be to serve in some way as a positive example for others. Similarly, there are spirits who’ve already made significant moral progress but willingly reincarnate among the suffering where they will labor anonymously in service to such communities. By demonstrating heroic self-denial and sacrifice in their fulfillment of such commitments, these souls acquire new degrees of spiritual purification. Consequently, they gain access to more advanced worlds in both spiritual and material realms.” [p. 94]

And yet, Heather tells us that we don’t travel through our physical journey without assistance. The existence of what most of us call a guardian angel, but is in actuality a spirit guide, is presented to us. Heather writes;

“Picture yourself in one of those moments, whether it be a passing challenge or a time filled with great anguish. Now imagine right by your side a friend like no other. This loyal friend is always there when needed, never judges you, and always has your best interest in mind. This friend hears your cries for help and knows the indecisions that trouble you. In fact, aside from knowing what you are feeling inside, this friend often knows more about your situation that you do. This amazing, truly God-sent companion is your spirit guide, unseen in most cases but there nevertheless.” [p. 99]

I believe this type of knowledge, that we can use for comfort in our daily routine, is exactly what Heather meant by her title of “Changing Lives with Spiritism”.

There is not only your spirit guide that is with you, but your friends and loved ones from the spirit world are also entwined in your life, for most likely they too have reincarnated along with you to somehow be involved in your life. Heather tells us;

“When it comes to reuniting spirits with a common past, the relationships established in the home are often the means of facilitating these opportunities, thus adding another layer of special importance to our family constellation, as aptly described by the spirit author Joanna de Angelis. Outside our families, there are innumerable other circumstances through which we can and do become intentionally reunited with individuals from our former lives.” [p. 149]

For those of you, wishing to seek comfort or find a source to introduce you to the concepts of Spiritism, this is a fine start. Throughout the book, Heather guides you where to find more information on the covered topics. So you too, using this book as your foundation, can discover Spiritism and determine how your life can be changed for the better.

If you wish more information about Spiritism or the author, please visit her website:


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