The Triple Aspect of Spiritism

Doctrine-SpiritismSpiritism does not ask you to possess blind faith. In fact it discourages it. According to Spiritism, miracles don’t occur. All phenomena has an explanation.

Do we have absolute proof that God or spirits exist? As of yet no, but Spiritism tells us that one day it shall occur. For Spiritism is not meant to be a fossilized dogma but an ever-expanding pool of knowledge.

Knowledge that will be brought to us by our scientists and by the spirit world. As we grow morally and technically, more will be presented to us.

Spiritism is a dynamic doctrine. It has three aspects that work together to provide the scaffolding which encompass the ever-growing pool of knowledge.

First is philosophy. The Spirits’ Book laid the foundation for the relationship between the spirit

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The Spirits Book

world and the physical world. The eternal questions of our creation, our creator, our destiny and our soul are all covered within Spiritism.

Second is science. This is the area which certainly would have the most doubters. Rightly so, for nothing has been proven to date. Modern society accepts people’s belief in God, but only as a nod to those that need it.

What is not in question is the ground swell of studies about Near Death Experiences (NDE) and the retention of thought after all physical brain activity has ceased. The internet now allows people to compare their stories of premonition, talking with spirits and mediums who have knowledge about personal facts which would be improbable for them to know.

All of these, many of us are aware of and comfortable that there is a world beyond our senses. While others scoff as nonsense any unexplainable event, we mark it down to one more data point that promotes our feeling that our knowledge is limited and there are many things that are still unfathomable by science.

For now, Spiritism leans on the information provided by mediums throughout the world. Books, such as the ones psychographed by Chico Xavier, are continually being created, with the help of the spirit world. Books which little by little reveal more about the earth, our destiny and the complex workings of the spirit realm which looks over us.

Third is religion. To be clear, Spiritism does not consider itself to be a religion. Spiritism is a Doctrine. A way of life. There are no rites, no churches or temples, and no one who would function as a priest.

Kardec-JesusThere is a moral code. A set of Divine Laws that is implanted into each us so we may instinctively sense the right path. Whereas, our desire for material goods often masks our good intentions, we do realize what we should or should not have done. And this is precisely the basis for our struggle on earth.

Once we are able to follow the road of love, charity, and selflessness we shall leave this period of our education and begin the next.

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