What is your Opinion? – Analyze the Communication of a High Order Spirit to Nosso Lar

By Brian Foster


workers-ofpthe-life-eternalIn the book, Workers of the Life Eternal, there is a chapter detailing the events when a guest speaker from a high order world, gave a lecture to spirits in Nosso Lar. Ordinarily, this is not a mystery, the speaker arrives and speaks, but this instance was different. Even for people who believe in Spiritism. I want to layout the occurrence and look for opinions on what did the exchange mean about the differences between the orders of the Spirit world.


As usual with the books inspired by Andre Luiz, there are nuggets of absolute revelations sprinkled around, at least for me. Usually, after much thought, I am able to grasp the context and meaning of what I read. In the book, Workers of the Life Eternal, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, there is a strange encounter in Chapter 3 – The Sublime Visitor. The strangeness does not lie in the topic, the speech, or the people involved. It lies in the limited communication between the high order spirit and those listening at Nosso Lar.

Basic Facts

The basic facts can be broken down into the following;

1. Location – Nosso Lar
2. Lecture arena – Small well-lit room. (Xavier, 2008, p. 47)
3. Area where speaker will address the audience – Small chamber made of a substance similar to clear, transparent glass (Xavier, 2008, p. 47).
4. Explanation for the need for the chamber – “In meeting with us, the Father’s messengers exercise sacrifice and self-denial; they endure the vibratory shocks of our lower planes; they retake the form they abandoned long ago; they humble themselves to be like us.” (Xavier, 2008, p. 48)
5. Explanation for the need for completely harmonious thoughts – “It is vital to abide by a steadfast attitude of serenity and respect. Such an environment provides the foundation for the emission of pure energies, and for that reason we will hold all fellow spirits present responsible for any unharmonious minutia in the work to be accomplished.” (Xavier, 2008, p. 48)

Yes, the basic facts sound reasonable, although a bit fussy for Nossa Lar. The audience was then instructed to fill the chamber with an artificial environment, with still waters, a robust tree, with vegetation and leaves on the tree. Andre Luiz describes the beautiful scene in the chamber. Then the Instructor addresses the group sternly;

“My friends, your task has not been fully completed. Pay close attention to the uncompleted details and give a more effective outward expression to your inner power! You still have fifteen minutes to finish your work.” (Xavier, 2008, p. 50)

The Speaker

The speaker’s name is Asclepios. He appeared wearing a lily-white cloak. He had an old-man’s face and a halo of light. Andre further describes Asclepios’ appearance;

“We could see only the upper portion of his body, giving me the impression that the lower part was naturally hidden in the abundant vegetation. His arms and hands, though, were revealed in all their anatomically minute detail because with his right hand he blessed us with a wide gesture while holding in his other hand a small roll of radiant parchments, allowing us to see a golden cord tied to his waist.” (Xavier, 2008, p. 54)

After the speech Andre wished to know more about Asclepios, he was told the following;

“Asclepios belongs to the redeemed communities of the Plane of the Immortals in the highest regions of earth’s spiritual realm. He lives far above our notions of form, and in conditions that are inconceivable to our current concept of life. He has already lost all direct contact with the earth per se, and could only make himself felt there through messengers and missionaries of great power. His sacrifice in coming to visit us is to be appreciated, despite our improved position in relation to incarnate humans. He rarely comes here. However, at times, other mentors of the same category visit us out of fraternal mercy.” (Xavier, 2008, p. 61)

Andre then finds out that a spirit like Asclepios will only reincarnate on earth every five to eight centuries. Then Andre asks if Asclepios is the highest spiritual form to be found in the universe; he receives the following answer;

“Not at all. Asclepios is associated with other self-denying mentors of terrestrial humankind; he is part of the highest echelon of the community to which he belongs, but in reality he is still a spirit of our planet, although working in the highest realms of life. We must travel for a long time in the evolutionary arena before we can follow in his footsteps. However, we believe that our sublime visitor longs to be part of the board of representatives of our orb in the glorious communities that inhabit Jupiter and Saturn, for example. In turn, the members of those orbs anxiously await the moment in which they will be summoned to the divine assemblies that govern our entire solar system. Among these latter are those who carefully and watchfully await the minute in which they will be called to work with those who maintain the constellation Hercules, to whose family we belong. Those who guide our group of stars naturally aspire one day to make up the crown of celestial spirits who support life and guide it in the galactic system through which we move. And did you know, my friend, that our Milky Way, a breeding ground and fount of millions of worlds, is just one single detail of the Divine Creation, a mere corner of the universe?!…” (Xavier, 2008, p. 63)

We now have established Asclepios hierarchy, he has a high position in our Solar System, but there are plenty of positions above him in command of our universe.

The Speech

The speech that Asclepios gave is not known to us, Andre Luiz declined to record it. Andre thus describes what he heard and why he would not translate it;

“In a clear, attractive voice, the emissary wished us the peace of Christ, and then spoke to us in a tone that could not be defined in human language (heeding the imperatives of my conscience, I will refrain from rendering any incomplete and imperfect translation).” (Xavier, 2008, p. 54)

All of this is interesting, but where is the mystery? It lies in the questions and answers after the speech. When one of the spectators raised a question, Asclepios brought out one of the parchments that contained a Bible verse to answer the question. When the questioner pressed for more, Asclepios would only enlarge on the verse that he had displayed. There was no real interaction with the assembly.
Here is one example;

“Sister Luciana, however, who was part of our small group, spoke up and asked;

“Enlightened mentor, this is the first time that I am going down to earth on a clearly defined spiritual aid mission. Could you perchance provide me with the guidance I need?”

The emissary, who seemed to have brought biblical answers that he had prepared beforehand, unfolded another sheet and, surprised, we read 1 Thessalonians 4:9 by the Apostle to the Gentiles:

“But as for fraternal charity. I have no need to write to you, since you have been taught by God that you are to love one another.”

Somewhat confused, Luciana respectfully remarked: “I see, I see…”

“Practically applied,” the messenger politely commented, “the Word teaches us to improvise resources of the good in the most difficult of situations.” (Xavier, 2008, p. 59)


The answers sounded pre-recorded, only marginally associated with the questions given. Why? The easy answer is that Asclepios is like our current politicians, give a stump speech and engage in a question and answer period afterwards, but only give prepared answers to whatever questions asked. Alas, I have never seen that type of attitude in any of the books I have read so far. I strongly doubt this possibility.

My impression, my theory, with nothing to back it up, is that Asclepios could not interact with the crowd, because he exists in a different dimension with a separate timescale. One that allowed him to “know” the questions beforehand, but not to interact on a spontaneous level.

In short, here are my questions:

1. Why didn’t Asclepios interact with the group?
2. Why did the group at Nosso Lar have to create such a detailed environment for Asclepios to appear?
3. What is the importance of having complete harmony within the group?

If you have any theories, or extra questions, please contact me at bfoster@nwspiritism.com, or leave a comment on the blog. I look forward to your ideas.

Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. He has a blog on Spiritism at http://www.nwspiritism.com.

Works Cited
Xavier, F. C. (2008). Workers of the Life Eternal. Brasilia (DF) – Brazil: International Spiritist Council.


“…only marginally associated with the questions given.” But aren’t we here to find our own answers? If you’re taking a test in school and someone gives you the answer key, you can pass that test. But did you learn anything? The course is eternity. The textbook is life itself.

1. It must be uncomfortable. I can imagine my own interaction with lower vibration spirits and think, “that’s not what I enjoy doing.” I can conceive of this being painful. Like infrasound can make people physically ill. For a higher being, our vibrations might be uncomfortable or perhaps even damaging. The dimensional idea is similar, and a good one. An interface between dimensions is something of which I may conceive but not something I could construct. At least, not with the intellectual mind. And when I think about it, the difference between “vibrational frequency” and “dimension” is possibly only semantic.

2. Perhaps the environment is intended to raise the vibrational frequencies of the group, to reduce the requirement for Asclepios to lower himself even further. I suppose the more differences in frequency, the more discomfort. Like we’re fine with light, but gamma rays kill us.

3. I would speculate that disharmony represents negative emotions, and emotions have vibrations. It could be thought of as a symphony of vibrations where the wrong chords ruin the whole effect. I find the same problem with die-hard materialists. I can’t do anything in their presence.


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