Who and What is God – According to Spiritism

The one must read book in the series of book about Spiritism

The Spirits Book

The first question in The Spirits Book is:

Question 1. What is God?
“God is the Supreme Intelligence – First Cause of all things.”

Allan Kardec lists six attributes about God:

1. God is eternal. If He had had a beginning, He must either have sprung from nothing, or have been created by some being anterior to Himself. It is thus that, step by step, we arrive at the idea of infinity and eternity.

2. God is unchangeable. If He were subject to change, the laws which rule the universe would have no stability.

3. God is immaterial, that is to say, that His nature differs from everything that we call matter, or otherwise, He would not be unchangeable, for He would be subject to the transformations of matter.

4. God is unique. If there were several Gods, there would be neither unity of plan nor unity of power in the ordaining of the universe.

5. God is all-powerful because He is unique. If He did not possess sovereign power, there greekgodswould be something more powerful, or no less powerful, than Himself. He would not have created all things and those which He had not created would be the work of another God.

6. God is sovereignty just and good. The providential wisdom of the Divine Laws is revealed as clearly in the smallest things as in the greatest and this wisdom renders it impossible to doubt either His justice or His goodness.

sistine-chapelThe Spiritist concept of God is not unlike others postulated by various religions. Given all of the above, we really still don’t understand God. Only that the concept of what God truly is, is beyond us.

Allan Kardec asks the same question:

Question 10. Can man comprehend the essential nature of God?
“No; he lacks the sense required for comprehending it.”

Next, he poses the question that we all ask after trying, but failing to understand the nature of God:

Question 11. Will man ever become able to comprehend the mystery of the Divinity?
“When his mind shall no longer be obscured by matter, and when, by his perfection, he shall have brought himself nearer to God, he will see and comprehend Him.”

Sometime in the far future we shall be able to understand the Divine Being that is responsible for our creation. Until that time we should be thankful we live in a universe built on love.

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I’m still confused as to why we see in “nature” its the woman, when compared to man that is the most nurturing, most sensitive, most compassionate and considerate and yes, the most creative of the two sexes. And then there’s the fact that it was the woman that was entrusted with the most creative feat of all, the seeding, nurturing, feeding and birthing of human life. So with this obvious set of facts, why do we still believe that God is a male entity? Was it because it has been the male species writing all of that … “biblical history?”


    I would suggest that the creativity we refer to in women is more in line with artistic endevours. For example child care, flower arranging, knitting and relationships.

    Men, on the other hand, have built the world; the designers, engineers, architects, physicists and mathematicians. Add to that the armies to protect each nation.

    So men have creativity too, but focused on different areas; areas that God would be most concerned with in creating reality.


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