Tired of Your Life on Earth – Try and Cope – You are Immortal

I have received numerous e-mails and messages from people telling me they are tired of their life on Earth. And they don’t wish to believe in reincarnation, because they don’t wish to ever come back here. I understand; we all feel this way at some time or another.

Here is what we are facing:

  1. You are an immortal spirit
  2. You have been sent to Earth to learn, to improve yourself.
  3. This whole episode doesn’t last long, and will be over soon (at least in relation to how long it feels in the spirit world)
  4. In order to rise spiritually we must undergo trials on the campus called Earth (or other planets) to help us transform.

Hence, the better we try and comprehend the universe we live in, the better we can cope with the circumstances around us. If you leave this life, then you will just have to redo lessons in your next life. Better to get them over and done with.

Heaven is waiting for you, a place where love permeates the air. Where you are amongst friends and family and you work at what you love. There is no sickness, aging, or death. This is worth striving for.

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