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Difficult People

By Geraldo Goulart

Let your light so shine before men… (Mt, 5:16)

green-eyes-red-hairUsually we classify as “difficult people” those who, as a rule, do not share our values, desires and expectations. Would that constitute what would really characterize a “difficult person”? Maybe not. Most of us know people, intimate or not, that seem to “run in the same pack” with us or with others who we also know, that’s, are partners in almost all occasions, they tread on the same ground, they go together, they have the same hankerings and desires and … even so, they are hard in personal relationship, yet!

In fact, the parameter used to classify such creatures is the reflections of their temperaments, which we seldom understand, together with their motivations and inconsistencies. These people generally have a highly variable mood. With the same ease with which they smile, frown the brows; sometimes kind, sometimes irritable. They leave us disconcerted because we do not know what we did or what we fail to do, to sow their ever threatening discontent.

Living together with that kind of person whether at home or in a religious or professional environment, in the club, in the gym, requires patience and tolerance. In short, for such companionship we need to have and offer LOVE. When there is love in any relationship, everything is indeed easier.

We need to understand these people who life puts around us with the magnifying glass of spiritualinspiration knowledge. Why do they treated us like this? Why are they like piles of stones in our evolutionary path? Do they cross paths with us in life just to test us? On the other hand, are they people from who we became debtors at some point in the past? The ability to respond with a “yes” or “no” to any of the questions confuses us more than it helps, because there would be valid answers to all of them questions.

“Bad temper” so much suggests a diseased liver as well as an afflicted soul, confused, lacking in enlightenment and protection. Understanding that the Lord of Life always sends us the help in the most unusual ways, we are the “persecuted”, the “tormented”, holders of the medicine for those needy others, as we have overcome these needs and we are living with an elevated sense.

familyproblemsIt behooves us to take the first step and embark on the search for understanding. We are never randomly placed in critical situations with people like that. We must not turn our back on them, relegating them to oblivion because we are “wounded” by what they did or said.

Through repeated examples of fraternal conversation, the temperamental will concede. So, friend reader, if you have someone like that in your day-by-day living, “let your light shine” because it alone, “your light” fueled by clarification oil and unquestioned love, will enable difficult people around you to find the path of well-being and inner peace that will soften their feeling, transmuting them into fraternal brothers who encourage also others “difficult people” to change themselves through the understanding that we need to love one another.


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Love your Neighbor – What does this actually mean?

According to Emanuel Swedenborg, author of True Christianity, published in the 18th century, it goes beyond the common definition of one human helping another. He writes;

charity2“Surely everyone understands that loving many people in a group involves more love for our neighbor than loving an individual member of the group. Therefore smaller and larger communities are also our neighbor, because they are a plurality of people. It follows that someone who loves a community loves the individuals who are part of that community; someone who wishes a community well and gives benefit to it cares for its individuals.” [Emanuel Swedenborg, A Swedenborg Sampler, 2011, p. 201]

Emanuel was allowed to visit the spirit world as a medium and write about his experiences, oneemanuel-Swedenborg hundred years before Allan Kardec codified the Spiritist doctrine. He wished to juxtaposed the love of earthly leaders for their communities to the spirits in position of power in the spirit world. He contrasts the true love of a community versus the love of form and power.

“But in this day and age, leaders may be useful and care for a community and still not love their neighbor. They perform functions and show concern for the sake of the world or themselves in order to deserve, or look as if they deserve, promotion to higher positions. Although these people may not be identified as such in the world, they are identified as such in heaven.” [p. 202]

Swedenborg is saying that politicians may fool us, but they don’t fool God. As one can see, the falsity of politicians hasn’t changed in hundred of years. We still get the same facade of caring, while pockets are being conveniently lined with our hard-earned money.

Whereas, in heaven, the story is altogether different;

“People who have performed useful services out of love for their neighbor are put in leadership positions over a heavenly community as well; there they have splendor and honor. Yet still they do not take that splendor or honor to heart, just the usefulness. The rest, however, who were useful because they loved the world or themselves, are rejected.” [p. 202]

Nossa-lar-topviewHere on earth, our leaders are still flawed humans, who have not yet learned the road to happiness is to serve. While we, must do what we can for our communities and country, to keep us on a path to assist the truly needy, give guidance to the lost, and continue to encourage honest government, which allows its citizens the freedoms we need to give and assist those more unfortunate than us without coercion.

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