YouTube -How the Spirit World Sends Us Dreams and How We Interpret Them

Discover how the spirit realm sends us prophetic  dreams and how our brain deciphers what is presented to us versus what we remember.  Click here to watch the YouTube video.

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Mediums have Replaced Prophets – The Spirit World wants to talk directly to us

psychic-power-of-8-300x288I heard a report from a medium, who used to sit with Chico Xavier, that Chico said, Jesus had talk to John, his disciple, and asked how was the earth advancing. John replied, not very well, in a sad way. The religious organizations weren’t serving the people, only themselves. Then Jesus told him that he will direct the spirits to talk to mediums who aren’t part of any religious organization. From that, came the plan for Allan Kardec to reveal the Third Revelation.

Hence, mediumship plays a vital part in Spiritism. Mediums are our communication link to the Spirit realm. They are used to help solve mental issues, promote physical health, teach, and even instruct discarnate spirits who come to the meetings. Whereas, in past times, the human race would be delivered instructions through prophecy, the domain of a select few, the proliferation of mediums in Brazil is a harbinger for the world at large.

Andre Luiz touches on this in the book he inspired, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, In the Domain of Mediumship, where he talks with his instructor Aulus;

“I considered:’Mediumship today is similar to the prophecies of the past.’

‘Yes.’ agreed Aulus quickly, ‘with the difference being that mediumship today is a concessionDomainOfMediumship of God to humanity that reflects the maturity of human understanding. Mediumistic phenomenon is not new, only the form in which it is disseminated. Different creeds existing for centuries were paralyzed with the spectacle of exterior demonstrations making celestial revelations incomprehensible.” [In the Domain of Mediumship, 2004, p.115]

We are being told, the same message for the timing of Allan Kardec’s The Spirits Book, that we are ready to listen.

Aulus expands on his explanation;

Angels-christ“Christianity in particular, which should be the simplest and most amplified school of faith, has long subscribed to the temple rituals. It is imperative to liberate its principles from these to be of value to the world. These principles benefit from today’s scientific findings. For this reason, the unseen government of the planet brought out in the open the notion of eternity, via the survival of the soul, to awaken the anesthetized minds of the public.

This is how we see Jesus now: not as a founder of rituals and dogma, but as the true redeemer of human souls. Being an instrument of God in excellence. He utilizes mediumship to enhance His doctrine of love.” [In the Domain of Mediumship, 2004, p.116]

Spiritism, through the messages of mediums, such as those who worked with Allan Kardec or the great Brazilian medium Francisco (Chico) Xavier, is causing us to see Jesus in a more complete light. Explore-Small-front-coverThe shadows that existed when reading the New Testament, are being removed by the knowledge that is brought to us via mediumship.

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Prophecies & Mediumship, a lecture by Geraldo

geraldo-with-chicoThere is another lecture, in English, at the Spiritist Society of Baltimore, about Prophecies and Mediumship by Geraldo Lemos Neto.

The lecture on YouTube is placed here.

It covers the prophecies concerning the future of the world and the United States. And goes into the transition time of the earth from a planet of atonement to a planet of regeneration.


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