The Force

Thoughts on the new Stars Wars movie

star-wars-the-force-awakens-2015First, I enjoyed the movie. More importantly, I find the use of the background theme of the “Force” intriguing.  The “Force” as presented in the film (and I know much has been written about it, but I want to focus on what the less dedicated person would take away from the experience), shows an invisible intelligence that conveys power to the mind of the person who is taught to utilize their connection with the “Force”.

Our modern culture tends to reject religion, a belief in a higher power that directs our existence, whereas a vocal mass of people, who wouldn’t join step foot into a Church, Temple, or Mosque, celebrates the idea of something bigger than themselves.

I believe this reveals a deep-seated desire to believe that life consists of more than a random birth to a biological mother, then a death of decay and total oblivion. People want to be part of something more than a reproductive imperative.

Spiritism tells us that we are all encoded with the complete set of Divine Laws, all interpreted by ourmother_nature__s_garden_by_jesus_at_art-d5givmh conscience. That and our instincts, which are part of us in each life, even though our memories of past lives are blocked, create a longing for a spiritual feeling. It runs deep and will find an outlet, even when all those around you reject any existing religious dogma.

I understand why following a religion has a bad connotation in some minds, due to the prejudices and practices which are non-inclusive and unforgiving. This is where Spiritism fills a void. Understanding and love, free of preconceptions, is the basis of the Doctrine.

The spirit world is moving us inexorably toward a universal acceptance of the Third Revelation. The inspiration for movies such as Star Wars, and other mystical science fiction and fantasy films, such as Avatar, comes from the spirit world to supply us with the foundation to accept the truth of the spirit realm and our place within it.

Make no mistake, I have seen no American  film, TV program, or mainstream book, that even comes Explore-Small-front-coverclose to how we actually interact with spirits (high, low, and indifferent) all around us. It will come, it may appear slow to us in a mortal body, but as immortal souls, that time is just around the corner.

If you would like to understand more about the spirit world and the plan for the future of earth and each one of us, read the book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined. You will find a “Force” that is more intrusive and involved than you could image.

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