“And God Wrought Special Miracles” – How the Spirit Realm Implements the Word of God

creationlordWe think of God and heaven as a place where our Supreme Lord has everything ordered. Perfectly ordered. A machine with gears and cogs that run for infinity without any required maintenance. A utopia, where there is no need for improvement.

According to Spiritism, earth is an imperfect representation of heaven. From this, we are to understand that there are organizations, learning centers, work, architecture, etc., all of the required components that we need on earth to run a large city or a nation which also play a role in heaven.

Hence, nothing is static, like a time-lapsed video of a busy city center, the higher celestial spheres are constantly in motion. This motion must be orchestrated by a sophisticated organization. A command and control structure is a requirement in order to accomplish the directives of management. In other terms, the Word of God.

I have written about the organization of certain sections of the higher planes, but I have not detected a good explanation of the process of decisions being turned into actions through multiple layers of management in the spirit world. The nuts and bolts of the structure to lay out general guidelines and the method of control of an army of spirits to act upon a set of orders has, until now, been a mystery, at least to me.

There are many gems of knowledge exposed in the book Beyond the Veil. In one section where the spirit Zabdiel is expounding on the theme of unity and diversity, he succinctly lays out the process whereby orders from above flow down the chain of command and presents the width of freedom to interpret general directions.  Additionally, he notifies us of the rules of engagement, when the actions of one group overlaps another.

When Zabdiel discusses a souls power, whether a spirit or in a physical body, he states that a person’s attunement to Divine Will enables an individual enhanced capabilities to accomplish great deeds. Zabdiel illustrates his point with the following:

“For instance, there are here such as have charge of the elements which condition the earth and those things which grow upon the earth. Let us take one example which will serve to illustrate the others: Those who have charge of vegetation.

These are under one Mighty Prince; and are divided and subdivided into departments, all in perfect order. Under these again are others of lower estate who carry out their work under direction, and in conformity to certain unalterable laws laid down in higher spheres.”[1]

In the paragraphs above, we aren’t told anything new. In Spiritist literature there are numerous examples of the structure of directors of certain functions and their support organizations. In fact, the

On the Way to the Light

On the Way to the Light

spirit Emmanuel, in the book On the Way to the Light, reveals that Jesus was a member of the “Community of Pure Spirits” who decided to establish our entire solar system:

“The first meeting took place when the terrestrial orb detached from the solar nebula so that the demarcations of our cosmogonic system and the prototypes of life in the fiery matter of the planet could be set in space and time. The second occurred when the Lord’s coming to the earth was determined in order to bring the immortal lesson of his Gospel of love and redemption to the human family.”[2]

Therefore, we on earth, incarnates and discarnates alike, are directed by Christ. The earth was created under his direction, the billions of years of evolution it took to form mankind in a vessel for Jesus-greatLordspirits to inhabit and who need to learn by multiple trials, and the building and destiny of nations and whole societies, have all been directed by Jesus.

Given all this, exactly how did Jesus give commands and have them followed in order to produce the flora and fauna we live with today? Zabdiel supplies the details through an example of the group of spirits which guides the evolution of plant life on earth:

“It would seem, then, that one rule they must observe in their work is that, having planned out any scheme of development for a family of plants, that scheme must be pursued, in its main elements and essentials, to its natural consummation. All their armies of subordinates are kept within the limits of that unalterable law of evolution. If an oak family is planned, then an oak family that must remain. It may evolve into subdivisions, but these must be subdivisions of the oak. It must not be allowed to branch off into the fern family, or seaweed. These also will be developed along their own line.”[3]

From the example above we see that a path is planned, there are definite guide rails in place to keep the workers moving forward. The main objective must be held in sight and no wild tangents are permitted. While the road is set the exact lane within both curbs is up to the spirits toiling toward the goal mandated by the higher powers.

Next Zabdiel discloses what happens if two teams work at cross purposes:

“Another law is that no department of spiritual workers shall be able to negate the operations of another. They may not, and often do not, work in conformity; but their operations must be along lines of modifications, rather than absolute negation, which would mean destruction.

Thus we find that if the seed of two plants of the same family be mixed the result will be a mule plant, or a blend, or a modification. But the seed of one family being mixed with that of another is without effect. And in neither case is effect annihilation.

A parasite may entwine itself around a tree. But then ensues a fight. In the end the tree is usually worsted and pays the penalty of defeat. But it is not suddenly laid low. That fight proceeds, and indeed sometimes the tree wins. But it is recognized here that those who invented and carried out the parasitic idea have in the main won the battle of forces.”[4]

The Supreme Intelligence has set up a system of positive conflict between teams. Whereby, different groups could be in competition with one another, on the other hand they both serve to improve theDNA quality of the products they created. No group is allowed to utterly destroy what the other developed. If a defect is found, then time is granted to modify the affected creation to strengthen it.

Darwin was right about the Theory of Evolution, what he didn’t know is there are spirit teams subtlety influencing modifications to DNA to achieve their desired result. Each group has a plan and sometimes they work in concert and at other periods they are in competition. No matter what, they always work follow Divine Will.

Positive Competition Creates Diversity

Disparate teams working for an overall goal, but with freedom of action to advance to their target, while in a friendly rivalry with others create a myriad of ways to reach a common destination. The genius of the Supreme Intelligence has created a machine to never fail to reach whatever is desired; and to arrive at the goal via the optimally efficient and beautiful path.

Zabdiel explains how unity of purpose, orders from on high, facilitate diversity in execution and results:

“And now I must tell you something which I have hinted already, and which you may find difficult of acceptance. All these main principles, even when diverse in action, are planned in spheres higher than my own by high and powerful Princes who hold their commission secure under others still, who hold theirs from others above them.

I use the word ‘diverse’ in preference to ‘antagonistic,’ for among those High Ones antagonism does not find a place, but diversity of quality in wisdom does, and is the cause of the wonderful diversity in nature as it works out in its procession from those higher heavens outward through the lower spheres into that what is visible to you on earth.”[5]

We, in our current time on earth, believe wholly in science without spirituality. Science is correct, there are natural laws, there are mathematical models of how the universe operates, and yes there is Spiritismevolution. Yet, behind all of it, is a foundation of Divine Laws upon all that we see, hear, and touch is based upon. While species compete and fight with each other, there are spiritual teams that sit above, determining when a branch of a family tree should be allowed to fall or to impose a slight transformation to carry on the experiment.

The Spirituality guides the earth and we are here for a purpose. We are part of a larger plan. We live on a planet made for us, so we can acquire the wisdom we so sorely need. There are spirit teams who plan our lives and evolution, just like the teams which plan the arc of all vegetation on earth.

Analyze what Zabdiel communicates to us about our globe:

“And yet, when you consider the stars of different size and complement, and the waters of the sea, naturally still but by the motion of the earth and the gravitation of bodies at a distance allowed to have no rest; and then the more rarified atmosphere which, also responding to the pulls and pushes of the forces which impinge upon the earth, whips into motion the heavier liquid; and all the diversity of form and color of grass and plant and tree and flower and insect life, and life more evolved, the birds and animals, and of the continuous movement among them all; and the way in which they are permitted one to prey upon another, and yet not to annihilate wholly, but every species must run its race before it pass away – all this and more; then will you not, my ward and friend, confess that God is indeed most wonderful in the manner of His working, and that the wonder justifies most fully the measures He has permitted His higher servants to adopt and use, and the manner also of their using?”[6]

The spirit realm works according to the set of rules laid done by God, while we think that He works in mysterious ways, He really doesn’t. He works in ways which allows us free-will. Not perfect freedom to perform dangerous acts of destruction on a cosmic level, but on a level suited to maintain our interest and self-satisfaction. On a level which entices us to want more and more responsibility. To plant the seed within each person the desire to complete our training, on earth, on other worlds, on Explore-Small-front-covermultiple levels of heaven, so we may take part in the excitement of creation. Creation of beautiful objects, tangible living things that reflect back on us the love that we gave in their construction.

Understand where we are taken after we pass on from our physical life and what are the places on the spirit world where we have been and are going to by reading my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at www.nwspiritism.com.

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