Environmentalism – According to Spiritism

By Brian Foster


cedartreeThe spirit world is vitally interested in the state of earth. Whereas, they recognize that the human race would have to travel through a transition phase of industry, they are planning for us to start repairing the damage that we have done to the planet. The aim is to restore balance between our presence and our planet’s well-being.


The spirit world expects us to be good stewards of our land. In books written by Chico Xavier, there are references to how we should behave toward the natural beauty that has been bestowed upon us. There are even allusions to the task of maintaining the globe in The Spirits Book;

536. Are the great phenomena of nature, those, which we consider as perturbations of the elements, due to fortuitous causes, or have they all a providential aim? “There is a reason for everything; nothing takes place without the permission of God.” Have these phenomena always some reference to mankind?

“They have sometimes a direct reference to man; but they have often no other object than the re-establishment of the equilibrium and harmony of the physical forces of nature.”[1]

Hence, the earth, like all things under God, is managed by his representatives in the spirit world. The Laws of Nature handles most instances, but there are always situations, just like in our lives, where spirits must be present to guide situations onto the correct path.

An example of this is alluded to in The Messengers, inspired by the spirit Andre Luiz and psychographed by Chico Xavier. Andre Luiz is with his mentor, Aniceto, as they walk in the fields outside of Rio de Janeiro. Andre notices many spiritual entities around, he asks why and Aniceto tells him;

“Nature is an immense workshop for us too,” Aniceto remarked. Pointing to the other spirits, he added,nature-spirit “The plant kingdom has many cooperators. Perhaps you didn’t know that many individuals prepare themselves for their next reincarnation by working within these kingdoms of Nature. The work of the Creator is carried on everywhere, at every moment.”[2]

The work to sustain our world is never ending. Nature exists to work in harmony with mankind. We are on this planet to use what nature gives us and to use it wisely for the benefit of all and subsequent generations. This doesn’t mean that we should renounce all progress and live in primitive conditions like we did thousands of years ago.
For humans were put on the planet to progress and part of our upward climb from a planet of atonement to a planet of regeneration is the successful management of our natural resources. In The Spirits Book we are told that we must continue to advance and to not heed the call of Luddites who wish us to travel back into the dark ages;

781. Has man the power of arresting the march of progress?

“No; but he has sometimes that of hindering it.”

– What is to be thought of the men who attempt to arrest the march of progress, and to make the human race go backwards?

“They are wretched weaklings whom God will chastise; they will be overthrown by the torrent they have tried to arrest.”[3]

Those fanatical environmentalists who would like to return our civilization to the beginning of fire are misdirected. Yes, they are right we need to manage our resources better, but there is no turning back. We have to improve enough to learn how to sufficiently produce for the people who currently live on our globe, while sustaining the environment.

Plea for the Land

Aniceto, Andre’s mentor in the book The Messengers, speaks to a collection of spirits in a field outside of Rio de Janeiro, about the need to husband our resources;

mother_nature__s_garden_by_jesus_at_art-d5givmh“Nature has waited for humankind to offer its cooperation and understanding. She has not only waited in hope; but also in great expectation that human beings will offer comprehension and nurturing. However, the natural environment continues to suffer oppression from different manifestations of human self-interest. God expects humanity to look beyond self-interest and embrace nature as partner and thus attain its purpose in the glory of divine love.”[4]

Therefore, while the human race must produce for the good of all, we should pay back our debt to the earth. What we have taken, we should give back. Where we have disfigured, we should repair. And not literally, for we must extract minerals and other resources, but when we are finished do we need to abandon the land looking like a moon-scape? Do we need to pollute the water in the process of mining? Yes, these steps decrease profits, but at what costs in the long term. If a project that wishes to use the earth, can’t be profitable without maintaining the cleanliness of the area and restoring it to a decent state, then the development should not be undertaken.

Aniceto discusses the attitude of the land owner further;

“Most landowners exploit the land without giving anything in return. While you are working hard in order to maintain the natural equilibrium, human society acts as a destructive machine. Human beings have plunged into all kinds of excesses, whether from the heart or the stomach, giving little though to their debts to the natural environment.”[5]

Note that Aniceto is talking to a group of spirits. Spirits that have been entrusted to care for the surface of the earth. The spirit world is actively involved in all aspects, not just directing us individually, not just planning the course of nations, but also in picking up after us. As we pick up after the thoughtless destruction of our children, the spirit world is following us and cleaning our messes. All the while, we count up the material gain that we made.

Aniceto, finishes his discourse on the effect of humans on nature with this plea to his assembled group of spirit workers;

“Let’s teach our friends that life is not an unending robbery, where plants use up the soil, animals destroy plants, and humans kill animals. It is, however, an unending exchange, which we will never disturb without suffering serious consequences. Let’s not judge them, let’s help them!”[6]

caring-for-the-landAn “unending exchange” is the key phrase. Where we are able to gain the goods that we require in exchange for caring for nature. When we harvest, we plant, when we extract, we repair and create other uses for the land that we disturb. When we pollute, we clean and insure we leave the land in the manner where it can take care of itself.

A Hint at the Future

During Aniceto’s speech to the spirits who are managing the land, he talks about the cycle of land to plants to animals to humans in terms of our required nourishment. He points out the chemical process whereby the human race collects the daily energy to survive;

“As we all know, no living creature could survive on Earth without nitrogen. Although humans move around in an ocean of nitrogen and breathe in approximately one thousand liters per day, they cannot absorb it directly from the air. For the time being, Creation has not provided for the development of cells in the human body which are capable of removing nitrogen from the soil and fixing it, so that other being can be fed by it. Each grain of wheat is a blessing, and each fruit is a receptacle of sugar and albumin, loaded with indispensable nitrogen. All farming, and cattle ranches are nothing more than the organized and methodological search for this precious element. If humans could fix only a small part of the nitrogen that they take in daily, Earth would be transformed into a true spiritual paradise.”[7]

Could this mean that sometime in the future, we shall be genetically altered to directly absorb nitrogen? Thereby revolutionizing the entire food chain? First let determine what we know today about nitrogen and plant growth, from the Colorado State University garden notes;

“Nitrogen is the one nutrient most often limiting plant growth. The need for nitrogen varies from plant to plant. For example, tomatoes and vine crops (cucumbers, squash, and melons) will put on excessive vine growth at the expense of fruiting with excess nitrogen. Whereas potatoes, corn, and cole crops (cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower) are heavy feeders and benefit from high soil nitrogen levels. Bluegrass turf and many annuals also benefit from routine nitrogen applications. Trees and shrubs have a low relative need for soil nitrogen.”[8]

nitrogencycleHence, from nitrogen, and various other minerals and compounds, comes our basic food groups, of vegetables, fruits, and cereals. The nitrogen required by plants is the nitrogen found in the soil, except for clover which is able to process nitrogen directly from the atmosphere. Therefore, if we can’t adapt to gain nutrients from nitrogen in the air, then could plants be modified to do so?

All of this is to point out that the spirit world may certainly foresee genetic modifications in our and our food crops future. While people are rightly conservative about genetically modified food, it may be what is waiting for us all.

In The Spirits Book, there is mention of what is used for food in a more advanced world;

710. In worlds in which the corporeal organizations of living beings is of a purer nature than in the earth, do these need food?

“Yes; but their food is in keeping with their nature. Their aliments would not be substantial enough for your gross stomachs and, on the other hand, those beings could not digest your heavier food.”

It is not mentioned in the answer whether the more advanced beings have always consumed less dense food, or they evolved physically as well as spiritually to a superior position.

My guess is that the spirit world has a tired and tested formula to raise up races from primitive to atonement to more advanced worlds. With the advances in spirituality, come great technical progress which allows a partially physical transformation of the species of the planet.

human-chip-implantAlready we are talking about implants to boost our memory, plus other ideas which would have been considered to be impossible science fiction a little over fifty years ago.

As stated at the beginning of the book, no one can stop progress, it is the will of the spirit world. Therefore, it shall be done and we are along for the ride. Who knows what marvelous contraptions we will see in our next life?

Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at http://www.nwspiritism.com.

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Love the article, so agree. I do many shows on the connecting to our divine consciousness and understanding that spirit, ecology and humanity are one and we must vibrate at a higher frequency together. You might like some of them, here is one. https://selfdiscoveryradio.com/2017/04/12/eco-17-16-a-new-way-of-living-with-rennie-davies/


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