Even Angels of Darkness Become Good Eventually

constantineIn our culture, our mythology so to speak, when one thinks of the powerful Lords of Hell, a vision of a twisted devil emerges who personifies evil. Eternal evil. According to Spiritism, no spirit ignores the light forever, it may just seem so.

In the Reverend Owen’s book, which is a collection of four of his books, Life Beyond the Veil, in The Lowlands of Heaven section, his mother recounts a story about a woman in her level who experiences problems because she is not reunited with her husband.

Vale Owen’s mother was part of a small group when they meditated how to assist the woman. They were given a vision of a smaller man bowing down to a larger man. After a time, the larger man lifted the lesser man up and let him go on his way.

The group didn’t know how to interpret this vision, so they enlisted the help of a higher spirit. She told them to let the woman know to proceed to the bridge, where spirits who are residing in the Umbra, or Lower Zone, come to pass over to the first level of heaven.

The high spirit explained that the larger figure was an Angel of Darkness, a powerful Lord in the Underworld, who had allowed the woman’s husband to leave and journey to heaven to meet his wife. The group was astounded, they asked how such an evil person could be capable of good.

The high spirit answered them:

“My dear friends, the kingdom of God our Father is a very much more wonderful place than you seem to imagine. You never yet have met with a realm or sphere which was complete in itself, and independent and separate from all other spheres. Nor are there any such. That dark angelhell blends within his nature many spheres of knowledge and goodness and badness. He remains where he is first because of the badness remaining in him and which unfits him for the regions of light. He remains also because, while he could progress if he would, yet he does not wish to do so at present, partly because of his obstinacy, and partly because he still hates the light, and thinks those who set out upon the awful uphill way fools because the pains and agonies are sharper then, by reason of the contrast which they see between the light and the darkness.”[1]

We are being told that everyone, at all times, can exercise their free-will. No one is forced to ascend. Whatever notion a person holds, however delusional or self-destructive, is their own business. This is remarkable because higher spirits could, if they so choose, manipulate the mind of a lower spirit to any direction they wished. Even though a new perspective would actually make life easier for the misguided spirit.

This proves the spirit realm doesn’t work to manufacture robots, even robots who do well. They wish all souls to retain their idiosyncrasies and to bring to the higher levels their particular strengths.

When the high spirit talked about the “pains and agonies” of those who strive to go uphill in the light, she was referring to the fact that as a spirit ascends, their mind becomes clearer and more able to focus. This results in a more careful analysis of their past wrong deeds and a bitter feeling of the harm they had done to others.

The high spirit continues to explain what went on in the dark Angel’s mind:

“He had tortured and ill-treated the same man whom you saw with him from time to time, and that with the cruelty of a cowardly bully, But, as you saw, that wore itself out, and, when the man pleaded this last time, some soft chord in the heart of the other vibrated just a little, and, on the impulse, fearing a reversal of his intention, he liberated the victim who wished to make the journey, and pointed out to him the way, no doubt thinking in his heart that he was a fool and yet, perhaps, a wiser fool than he, after all.”[2]

Hence, a small flame of kindness survives in a dark heart. No one is all bad, there is good in everyone. Then comes an enlightening statement about the potential of this mal-intentioned spirit in the land of darkness. The high spirit tells us:

“There are, as we know, many ‘angels of darkness’ who are in the darkness because of some twist in their natures, some obstinate trait which prevents the good in them having its effect. And these one day may pass us on the road of ages, and become greater in the Kingdom of the Heavens than we who now are more blessed than they.”[3]

The very same characteristics which made the poor soul an effective lord of evil, when turned to the good, could conceivably make this same person an effective angel of mercy. For instead of focusing his energy and intellect on cruel machinations, he could someday harness his considerable leadership qualities on benevolent acts.

In short, there is never a dead-end for any soul in the universe. The person who you revile today, has the capacity to generate goodness in the future. Understanding, caring, and forgiveness is the KindleCovermessage sent to us by Jesus and is part and parcel of the Divine Law which guides us all.

There are many more revelations to learn about that are presented to us by the Doctrine of Spiritism. If you wish to discover the extent of the invisible world for yourself, read my book, 51 Disclosures from Spiritism – The 3rd Revelation.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at www.nwspiritism.com.

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